Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Christian Kane- Thinking of You


No excuses- I didn’t post the regularly scheduled Monday post for this week. I am current with my Bible reading though.

It’s usually this “I Like Wednesdays” post that I am relaxed in posting.

Well, here is a song to help you through the remainder of the week. I hope that you enjoy it!

My first remembrance of Christian Kane was seeing him play Angelina Jolie’s boyfriend in “Life or Something Like It.” The movie was okay. I thought Kane was good-looking. Someone on the commentary mentioned that Kane was singing his own song (in the movie, when he’s walking down the hallway and singing under his breath). Kane’s band is called “Kane.”

More recently, Kane played Eliot Spencer, “The Hitter” on TNT’s show, “Leverage.”

“Thinking of You” was featured on “Leverage” in the episode called “The Studio Job.” Kane co-wrote it with Blair Daly.

Here's a live version of it. 

Here's a studio version of it, in case you prefer not to have the intro he gives, and all the screaming fans.

I like Kane’s voice, I enjoy this song. It has me think of that person who’s not physically around but you still think of them. If there was a strong connection between two people while they were together, it sometimes feels like it carries on even in a separation.

One can find this song in the iTunes store.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think of “Thinking of You.”

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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