Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tracie’s Wedding

Back in January, my friend Tracie got married!

And I’m only writing about it now. Bad Jenn.

Good Tracie! I know Tracie from way back in the old church days. We both went away for college and then Tracie stayed away, so we lost touch for a bit. I am so glad that we really reconnected several years ago. She’s kind of a nerd, a little goofy, very thoughtful and generous- all things I require in a very good friend!

The wedding was held in a hotel gardens here in Hawaii. The ceremony was intimate and beautiful. Tracie and her dress were gorgeous. I overheard other guests talk about how it was probably the first time Eric (the groom) had seen her in a dress.

The bridesmaids wore the same color dress in individual styles; I think that’s a nice touch. The guys wore tuxes with blue ties that matched the bridesmaids. 

My friend Zac was kind enough to loan me his wife, my very sweet friend Rachel, to be my date for the wedding. I had sent in the rsvp for myself only but Tracie allowed me a +1 anyway- love her! I wasn’t likely to know anyone else at the reception, and while I’ve attended weddings by myself before, I usually knew other guests whom would be there. Rachel and I always have a good time together.

And Rachel loves weddings.

The reception was beautiful as well. The favors were nicely done up in bento boxes- the first I’ve seen like it and quite cute! They had a mixed CD of the couple’s chosen songs, a cocoa or coffee mix personalized to the couple, and two tickets for complimentary drinks (oh yeah).

The food was delicious! I’m trying to remember what I had by looking at the picture I took to help me, but I’m not quite sure what it all is. It looks like I had a salad, some tako  (octopus), kalua pork and cabbage, Okinawan sweet potato, mahimahi with a caviar topper, a strawberry, I THINK. I just remember it being all good! Then the desserts- ahhhh! Red velvet cake, cheesecakes, tiramisu, flan, tarts, and more that I can’t remember. It was all so good too!

They had a lion dance with three lions. I think it was the red one that Rachel wanted to “feed” but it never came by us. The couple was toasted in Chinese, Japanese, and Irish- that was the first time I heard an Irish toast. The cake was a cute tiered square white with little blue hearts and blue flower adornments. There was a slide show of the couple- one can spot out Tracie in each of her photos no matter how early it was taken or how many people were in it with her! She was adorable as a baby.

I met the groom for the first time as we went to congratulate the couple before leaving. He seems like a really good guy who genuinely loves Tracie- just the kind of guy she deserves. The way he looks at her is exactly how it should be.

I snagged a picture with the bride to send to Julie for standing me up! (Joke. Hi Julie!)


Tracie, I was honored to be invited to your wedding. Rachel and I had a wonderful time! I wish we had more time for visiting but it will come.

All my best wishes for you and Eric!

Mahalo for reading.

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