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JewelMint- All Wrapped Up and Paradise Plume

I believe that I heard about JewelMint from Elle on AllThatGlitters21 [Elle on YouTube]

JewelMint is a $29.99 monthly subscription service for jewelry. One may skip the month by the 5th of the month and not be charged, so one doesn’t have to pay the fee every month if nothing in the collection is interesting.

Each piece is designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter.

For years, I was only subscribed to about 7 YouTube channels; in the past few months, my subscriptions are in the hundreds [because of Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge] so I have been hearing more and more about JewelMint.

I became interested in the company from watching Hollyannaree [Hollyannaeree on YouTube]because I remember her talking about the quality of the pieces that she’s bought. She showed a piece and how the connector rings in the piece were soldered, making the link secure. 

Signing up for JewelMint is free; one isn’t charged the monthly fee until after the first purchase. I signed up to check out the showroom. I’ll say that a lot of the pieces are rather unique and interesting designs. At first, I didn’t see anything that was “my style” so I just kept checking back.

I purchased my first piece in March of this year. I found a code for 60% off of a first purchase, so the total was ~$12. It arrived quickly, in about 4 days.
Before I tell you what it is, I’ll say some about the packaging because I think they’ve done a good job of it. My item came in a black padded envelope with “JewelMint” on it. Inside was the packing slip and a rather sturdy mint green box. The black bow ribbon has elastic on the back, so it can come off and be put back on easily. The box has a magnetic closure; it flips open to reveal a black velvet pouch, which holds the item and is embroidered with “JewelMint,” and a card which describes the item.

[Click on pictures for a larger view]

My first JewelMint item was the “All Wrapped Up Bracelet.” Crystals and brass studs adorn a black leather strip with a belt buckle closure. It is 15 inches in length. It’s not really “my style (hard to define what it is)” but I thought that it was something I could possibly pull off wearing.

I rarely wear bracelets though I’m trying to wear them more often now to show off the few that I have. I thought the AWU bracelet would be a good addition to my collection. It’s a bit edgy with a hint of femininity. Bangles are my least favorite type of arm pieces and I think the wrap style bracelet is going to be my favorite; this is my first one. To me, it looks well-made but again, my bracelets don’t get a lot of wear and so they tend to stay in great shape anyway.

I have worn it once so far and I liked it. I just have to get used to wearing something on my arms again.


I have a lot of earrings already, including ones that I make myself, so I was telling myself to limit the amount of earrings that I get from JewelMint. I should go for more bracelets and necklaces instead.

However, in the April showroom were these feather earrings that I thought were beautiful. They were the Plume Paradise earrings. I have not worn them yet but I plan to at some time.

They are post-back earrings with a milky white crystal in a gold plated setting, a circle and a rectangle gold plated connectors, and two feathers at the bottom. A small fluffy light golden feather hangs in front of a long milky white feather. They fall about 6 inches in length.

I adore them. I attempted to make feather earrings several years ago. I still have them but they are nowhere near the quality of the Plume Paradise.

Shipping is free. The company is located in California, so both pieces arrived within about 3 or 4 days (to Hawaii).

If one forgets to skip the month, one will be charged the $29.99, the price for one piece, and given one credit which can be redeemed at any time. One may purchase more than one piece a month as well.

At this point so far, I had smooth dealings with JewelMint. I enjoy my pieces.

The next two orders of mine got a bit snagged in the processing of them. I did have good customer service to remedy the situations, so I am yet a fan of the company and I will explain all of that in my next JewelMint post.

If you decide to try out JewelMint, please use my referral link [Here]. This is my first time posting about the referral; supposedly I can earn free jewelry if someone uses it so we’ll see what happens.

The All Wrapped Up bracelet and the Plume Paradise earrings are both sold out at the moment, but sometimes they bring back the popular pieces, so there is still a chance to get these if you’re interested in them in particular. For now, there are quite a few pieces in the current (July) showroom that I think are worth it, though I have skipped June and July in order to save money for an upcoming trip. Check out July’s showroom; something might catch your eye!

Please leave a comment below just to say hello, ask a question, or give feedback- it would be appreciated and I will respond as soon as I am able.

Have you purchased any JewelMint pieces? Which ones have you been wearing a lot?

Mahalo for reading!

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