Friday, July 27, 2012

Healthy Go: Inner Health

I love being a female, yet if I were to envy guys one thing, it would be their athletic ability. I want a chance to be a ninja. I’ve been watching too much American Ninja Warrior and seeing what those guys can do. I am amazed.

Plus, if I were a guy, it’d be a bit easier to lose the excess fat but I won’t complain. It just means I have a tougher challenge and I’m not one to balk from a challenge, usually. I am on my specific journey for a reason.

What is also exciting and inspiring are the Summer Olympics, coming up! I will definitely be watching the swimming and the gymnastics competitions. I might also watch soccer and some of the lesser-hyped events. I haven’t looked up the programming schedules yet.

I watched the swimming trials and if I could be an Olympian, I would’ve wanted to be like Dara Torres, fit and going strong at 40. So what if she didn’t make a team this year? She gave these young people a good scare!

We still get to see Natalie Coughlin this year, and I’m excited to see how Cammile Adams does in the 200 fly- she uses a side-breathing technique that is hardly done with the fly and she was one of the fastest at the trials. And I’ll be watching Lochte.

However, I am not a male Olympic Ninja. I am who I am.

They do help to motivate me to move more though. Just to think that is what a ninja or an Olympian can do, that is the athletic best of the human physique, I can do a few more pushups or mountain climbers, etc. I can drink more water, I can eat more vegetables.

Inner health is so important to outer health.

It feels like I’m struggling just to stay at level and so easily knocked down low. It’s frustrating because I wasn’t always like this. I think I used to be able to control my emotions better. Not that I think I was ever a happy-go-lucky kind of person, but I don’t remember struggling as much as I am now.

I used to be a fighter; maybe not physically, but in spirit definitely. I miss being a fighter.

So Wednesday saw me in tears again. I was having an okay day, feeling a little good about something I was able to do when I met some unknowing criticism that shut me down. Sigh. It wasn’t as bad of a cry as last week. Yet, I kept to myself the rest of the day.

I don’t want people thinking I can’t handle criticism. I’m just… struggling for now. It won’t always be like this, right?

I have been reading Lisa Bevere’s “Be Angry but Don’t Blow It.” I don’t think I’m an angry person either, I don’t think anyone would suggest that I need anger management, but there is still specific pain from the last few years that I am dealing with, and it seems I am to figure out how to deal with it on my own.

I have been the listening ear and leaning shoulder for a friend though he/she was hesitant at first. I told my friend that I would rather be the one my friend can talk to than to have my friend feel like he/she has no one to talk to, to feel like he/she is all alone in whatever is painful to him/her.

If it were up to me, I would have no one feel like they’re all alone.

I’m going to cut that off there for now or this will become a whole different post. I will move on to say that I tabbed so many passages in “Be Angry ---.” I was on chapter 13 on Wednesday; it was on “Letting It Go.” Reading that chapter, I started to cry, but it was a good cry this time.

So the whole day wasn’t all bad. I didn’t exercise on Wednesday- wasn’t motivated, as one can imagine, and my stomach was upset about something too. My stomach was still a little iffy on Thursday.

It’s something to work on: more constancy, even through adversity and pain. If I used to be like that, I should be able to get there again, right?

I did two set workouts this week. Otherwise, I tried to keep moving when I could- I pushed the cart at Sam’s Club, I “danced” with my cat, etc. My left leg is still achy though and I had a few shocks that felt like it’s getting worse. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign.

Here are the set workouts I did-

Saturday- Insane Home Fat Loss: International Love Workout
3 rounds of 4 exercises, 10 reps each exercise
#: 10, 3s, 10, 10
Notes- They didn’t say the names of the exercises but it was mainly focused on shoulders, back, and glutes, I think. The 3s was on the exercise that I wasn’t so familiar with so I did lower weights and concentrated on having good form. It was a good workout, I could feel it in my movement.

Monday- BodyRock.Tv: Hard and Strong Workout
2 rounds of 4 exercises, as many reps as able in 50 second intervals
Sumo squats, plank knee touch, sandbag swing, plank hops
#: 20, na, 10, na
Notes- Another good workout. The video shows one round, and then repeat video for consecutive rounds. I was tired after 2 rounds.

Thursday, I started another IHFL workout but that’s when my stomach felt iffy, so I stopped after the first exercise.

This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Size: easier 10
Activity:  starting to move more, looking to increase
Food: maintaining calorie goal; looking to eat healthier foods in general
Liquids: H2O 48+ oz. (looking to increase); 1 soda

Current Goal----
To fit into the size 10 dress comfortably. [no dress fitting this week]

I probably fit the dress already; it’s hard to tell when I’m trying to zip it up myself but the zipping is getting easier. I don’t have a scale at home anymore and I haven’t gone anywhere to weigh myself.

I’m going to see how it is with no sodas this week and try to have less juices/more water as well.

This coming week, I also want to see if I can push myself a little more, get in more of those workouts… and put in gym time.

Sigh. Wish me luck in the comment section below!

Mahalo for reading.

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