Friday, July 6, 2012

Healthy Go : Food & Drink

In these Healthy Go updates, I know I’ve been talking mostly about food and drink.

I don’t know exactly why, if it’s that I’m sharing my progress with you, or because I’m old now, or whatever else, but I feel like I’m being more real and serious about this particular weight loss journey.

Food and drink has always been my weak spot in past healthy endeavors. I would pretty much always eat what I want and drink what I want. Sometimes what I wanted was something healthy, but others times it’s not.

Even when I got off of soda for that year and some, I still drank juice more than I would water. I always had it in my mind that I had to have really ice cold water or flavored water for me to enjoy it. I definitely drink a lot of my empty extra calories.

Before, exercise was my friend. When I get into it, I really get into it; as far as the exercises I know and am comfortable with, I can get pretty intense about it.

In high school, my mom once worried that I had an eating disorder because I was skinny and she never saw me eat. But in high school, I was active- marching band, walking distances if I needed to, volleyball in the summers, etc.

My weight really started gaining on me during my last relationship years ago. That was when I was going to the gym regularly in the mornings. Then I met that boyfriend and he was into keeping fit as well. I remember him joking that he would be very sad if I were to get nicer abs than him.

And because I was exercising a lot, he would feed me a lot. Whenever he cooked, he would give me the same portions as he was eating …and I ate it all. He was a good cook.

After the break up, I just kept eating. The exercise portion would come and go, and come and go, and so on.

I don’t mean to blame my past relationship; it was more than that. That’s just when I started really losing control of what I ate. I think that’s when I started to emotionally eat; before then, I was more likely to emotionally starve myself.

I’ve noticed now, on this journey, that what I intake is just as important as exercise, maybe more so. What you eat really makes a difference, and I don’t think I understood that as well as I am getting to this time.

It's not that I didn't know that food made a difference; I just didn't follow it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I feel better right off the bat for having had healthier foods. Mainly, I think it has to do with not having to deal with any of the guilt of “oh, I can’t believe I just ate that!” and such. Then secondly, it’s that healthy food is just good for our bodies.

Also, I don’t know if I’ll be able to be physically active until the day I die, but I will most likely be eating long past the moment when my body gives out. If I can manage eating healthy now, I will be setting a better future for myself.

With that being said, I did have a bit of craving this week for… BACON. I just wanted it! I had to wake up early one day to take Dad in to work, so on the way back home I picked up a supreme croissant breakfast from Jack-in-the-Box, with orange juice. It was so good!

I ate healthier the rest of the day.

I have started to like drinking water- plain, unflavored, slightly chilled water! I have to thank my friend Holla for that. Her encouragement did the trick, I think! MAHALO HOLLA!

So, I have gotten in 2 bottles everyday, which is 48 ounces using my pink Intak Hydration Bottle by Thermos (recommended by Aya, and now me; comes in other colors ). I know that 48 ounces isn’t much, but it’s 48 ounces more than I was getting before. I think I might get another Intak bottle to have one at home and one to travel with me.

For honesty sake, I only had 24 ounces yesterday. It was a weirdly short day for me, due to allergies and other goof-ities. I woke up late and slept early, so I wasn’t awake enough to drink more water. I also wasn’t awake enough to eat much.

I am down to two sodas in the last week. I’m still enjoying salads every so often. I also like the spinach and cheese wrap that they have at Jamba Juice; I think I will figure out how to make it at home. The past three weeks, I’ve made Wednesday my Jamba Juice for one meal day. I still enjoy the Snapea Crisps- the local store has had them on sale for the past couple weeks so I’ve bought bags and bags of them!

And half a brownie this week for a little sweet treat. I also slowly ate up the M&Ms from Shelly’s wedding favor.

So, I am feeling quite GOOD about what I’ve been eating and drinking. I think I will be able to sustain the healthiness of it and just look into changing it up a little with other healthy stuff. I ought to have a little more lean protein in my diet. I’m looking forward to having more fruits and veggies as well.

Just imagine what’s going to happen when I gear up the exercise portion of this journey! … Which I am about to do this week!
This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Height: Still short
Size: tight 10
Activity: (looking to increase)
Food: healthier! +
Liquids: H2O + 48 oz/day (looking to increase); 2 sodas

Current Goal----
To fit into the size 10 dress comfortably: I tried it on today and it’s getting more comfortable but it’s still tight, especially in the bust.

Very little embarrasses me, so here’s to getting more real… see picture, adopted from “24 Hour Fitness Solutions: The Journal (2005)” [Click on picture for a larger view]

What is your current Healthy Go endeavor?

Mahalo for reading and LET’S GET HEALTHY!

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