Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haruyo Moon Logo

 It’s been awhile since the last update on the yet potential business of mine.

So, I believe I am set on naming it “Haruyo Moon,” after my grandmothers.

I’ve done some work on the logo, but I’ve also slacked a bit on it. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn anything by hand, or have had to practice my critical aesthetic sense, so I’m a little nervous about my creative skills. I've been practicing just drawing for fun.

While looking up logo designs and advice, I came across this article [] which added to my sense of caution as I continue on with this, at this point, on my own.


I’m a bit in between the hands-on and the technological or digital age; I still like going back and forth between paper and screen.

In order to have a hint of personal touch to the logo, I decided to try out my handwriting. For this pass, I wanted to try out having a smooth writing flow from the H to the M. The two versions I practiced were having the M come off of the H’s crossbar and having the M come off of the H’s down-stroke. Did that make sense? Here’s the illustration.

It felt smoother and looks better, I think, with the M coming off of the crossbar. I then traced it in pencil- yes, I still like yellow trace more than white, for my old studio buddies. And traced it again with a green felt pen to try and smooth out the edges more. I filled it in with black on Photoshop Elements.

The wrinkling is from the trace paper; I didn't bother to
smooth it out for the scan this time.
Then I added on the moon image.

I don’t know if this will definitely be the direction I’ll ultimately go for the logo. This is as far as I want to go for this pass for now.

Next, I’m considering other ideas for the logo. I just want to make sure I’m exploring all I want to before I make a final decision. After that, I will probably ask some of my graphics/ architecture friends for more help/ advice on how to polish up the final choice.

Until then, feel free to comment on this logo pass, or to suggest other designs. I would appreciate it! I personally tend to like simple, easy to read designs. Definitely let me know if you’re seeing some kind of inappropriate message in the design!

Thank you for reading!