Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What’s In My Ears?

The Shirelles

If you were really excited to find out what is actually in my ears, I am sorry to disappoint you. It's really not that interesting anyway, weirdo (I say that affectionately). 

This is about what’s in my music collection. More like, what’s on my iPod.

I’ve been neglecting the sharing of music here which I enjoy!

I feel like I should be good at writing about music but that I’m probably not. Mostly, I just like what I like and can’t always explain why I like it.

Sometimes it’s the music, which for me could mean the orchestration, the sound or melody, the beat, the sense I get from it as in melancholy or bright. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, how I interpret them, what they say to me personally, etc. Then I might also take into consideration the person(s) behind the music, their story, their performance style, and the like. It’s so wonderful when it all comes together for something that I enjoy.

I can be critical about lyrics and such, but not always. I don’t always catch innuendos and such within lyrics, so if I talk about a song that I like and it has another layer that is questionable, I might be unaware. Was Puff really a dragon? How would I know? Sometimes I’m aware and I try to ignore it.


I saw the musical in person-
it was fantastic!
My music taste runs a bit wild. I suppose I mostly have pop? I’m not always quite sure of where the genre lines are; that is one reason why I’m not a professional music writer or even a good music blogger (ugh, I still don’t like the sound of the word “blaaah-guh”).

I do enjoy a good Rock song! If I do watch American Idol, I’m usually rooting for The Rocker. 

According to iTunes, I currently have on my iPod (2GB): Christian & Gospel, Pop, Alternative, Rock, Latin, Vocal, World (which is mostly Hawaiian), Religious, Electronica/ Dance, Korean Pop, R&B, Folk, Classical, Easy Listening, Holiday, Singer/ Songwriter, Metal, Comedy, Reggae, Blues, and Country. I also have “Alternative & Punk,” which I don’t know how that is different than simply Alternative, or “Gospel & Religious” and “Religious,” and “General Pop.”

Hmm, I should have some that are Jazz; Jazz is a music genre, right? What would Billie Holiday be under? I used to have Scott Joplin on the iPod too, so that would have been Ragtime?

Then there is the Soundtrack music which comes from: Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, My Fair Lady, Smash, Carmen, Aladdin (listed as “Children’s Music”), Flower Drum Song, The Notebook, Thoroughly Modern Millie (the musical), Can’t Hardly Wait, Wayne’s World, August Rush, Dirty Dancing, and a few others. I have “The Touch” from “The Transformers: The Movie” Soundtrack, on my iPod, right now.  

I might have missed a few, but I think you can get the picture.

Adele, of course
Artist-wise, I enjoy (to name a few): Adele, Mozart, Foo Fighters, Benny Goodman, Aerosmith, Jeremy Camp, Elvis, The Shirelles, Mute Math, Beastie boys, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Eat World, Amy Hanai‘ali‘i, Martina McBride, Pink, Marc Anthony, and Finger Eleven.

Some of what I have are probably not good for my soul. I’m not quite sure what to do about that yet.

Is Taylor Swift on my iPod? What about Britney? The Gaga? The Minaj? I’ll answer that another time. For now I’m trying to convince myself that I am indeed “cool.”

If you can think of anyone else you’d be surprised or not to find that I have/ enjoy, please leave it in the comment area at the bottom of this post!

I haven’t listened to radio much in years. I mostly listen to the radio when in the car, and then it’s usually Christian Contemporary or Oldies, the stations that my parents listen to.

I enjoy finding new music; “new” as in “new to me.” It could be 5 years out and I've just come across it. I can be influenced by friend’s suggestions, media (though not radio really), I will occasionally browse the iTunes suggestions, etc.

I came across John Mark McMillan from an LCC friend, by FB post. Shelly shared Apocalyptica with me. I heard Sara Melson’s “Feel It Coming” on the very last episode of “Lipstick Jungle.” I found The Civil Wars from listening to Grounded with RyanDobson; it was mentioned in a “Staff Picks” episode. I think I got Meg & Dia off of an iTunes suggestion.

Please make a music suggestion in the comment area!

That’s a good enough introduction to what might be featured in upcoming Music posts, yes? I went mainly by my iPod because it usually contains favorites and then some new music that I’m testing for how much I will enjoy it or not. Whatever music I post about will probably come from my iPod list.

And 2GB? What?! How do I survive? I tell you, editing my list can make me crazy at times so I don’t do it very often.

Here’s a little trivia about me and music (probably for the very bored): What is the one song guaranteed to be on my iPod at all times? 

Leave your guess in the comment area below and I’ll be your friend for ever ONLY if you get it right! Also leave music suggestions or ask questions, etc. Any “Hello!” is always welcomed!

Thank you for reading!

 *All pictures taken from their Wikipedia pages. 

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