Monday, June 4, 2012

Updates: June 4, 2012

Ugh. Roaches. Last night had the perfect conditions where they come out in force. I had one in my room, thought I had killed it, only to see either the same one or another one just before I decided it might be safe to sleep. I can’t sleep not knowing if the roach is dying or not and I am only brave enough to get within spraying shot of them. Sigh. I shudder to have to touch their dead bodies for disposal.

So I was up very late last night. Of all creatures, I cannot fathom a reason why God created them.

I was doing so much better at keeping a sleep routine schedule. Hoping for sleep tonight.

And no roaches.

Every so often I think about how I can do regular posts here, so that I don’t go another month with only one post, and then maybe there’ll be something for people to read when they check in here. We’ll see how this works out.

I’m thinking I will do a Bible reading reflection post every Monday, to start off the week well and to keep me accountable with reading. I had chosen a Bible reading plan, using YouVersion on my Kindle Fire- I am reading the Old Testament and New Testament plan in a year. I just finished through April last night and starting on May today. Listed for May 1st are 1 Kings, chapters 12 and 13. Since I am in catch-up mode (not good), it will be difficult to get into the reflections yet.

YouVersion has several plans to choose from, from yearly plans, devotional plans, topical plans, etc. It has several Bible translations, some for internet connection only and some to download. I heard about it through Grounded with Ryan Dobson which had an interview with the app creators. Then I saw my friend had it on his then-new phone so I was able to check it out a bit- this was before I had a Kindle but also when I eventually get a smart-phone, I’m going to have the app on there also. I don’t know much about apps though YouVersion has been quite a handy one to have so check it out.

Caesar Salad, with a smidge of
Caesar Salad Dressing
Might as well talk about my health now, as I am eating a salad while typing out this section of the post.

At the moment, I am at my heaviest ever. I’ve been steadily gaining weight, about 3 pounds each over the last 2 or 3 years. I was already about 15 pounds above my comfortable weight. That may not sound like much but I am not very tall, so just 1 or 2 pounds makes a difference on me. And these pounds have in no way been muscle gain.

I had a salad last week and then today. It’s just the Caesar from McDonalds for now. My dad said that the order-taker asked him what kind of dressing he wanted; ummm… Caesar dressing? For the Caesar salad? Haha, come on McDonald's employee. Anyways, Dad said “none,” because I don’t like dressings and sauces much anymore. It’s okay because I have lots of dressing leftover from the previous salad. I only use a few drops at a time.

So, again for accountability and for trying to post something regularly, I think I will do a health update post every Friday, see how I did in the week. Even if the post is short and boring but hopefully it will keep me going and posting.

And last note on this for now: please don’t say that I’m not fat or that I’m fine just the way I am- it will not likely alter how I am thinking/ feeling about my overall health and comfort. I am going by standard charts for height-to-weight ratios and such, as well as what my numbers were for back when I was at my most comfortable weight and health, not by how I am feeling. I have not always been fat and I do not always think that I am fat.

I’ve been missing being able to fit my favorite clothes for far too long and how I used to be more active and daring. Those are the main things.

For helping to get through the week, I thought I would start doing fun posts on Wednesdays. For now, I’m thinking music posts because I have been neglecting the write ups on music that I enjoy and would like to share with you.

I’ve already started a few entries waiting to be posted, so that should be a good start.

I found out that my Sephora BI points didn’t expire. The last thing I bought was about a year or two ago! 

It’s annoying when those things expire. I had filled up a Coffee Bean card, using the gift card that my Bro gave for Christmas the year before, but I forgot and it expired that September or something. I was close, like a week late or so. I mean, why couldn’t they start a new card for me? $50 is a lot to spend to fill up a card only to have the perk expire. I love Coffee Bean, but that is annoying.

Ranting. Sorry.

I guess that is enough for now. For a recap, I am planning to post Bible reading reflections on Mondays, to feature things that I am enjoying on Wednesdays, and health updates on Fridays. If I can stick to this at least somewhat, there should be at least one post a week! I will work on it. I think this will be a good balance of personal posts and sharing what I’ve been into lately, somewhat intimate things and more casual topics.

And of course, sometimes life will take me on a different journey so I might be writing about something else on those days. For now I am aiming for at least a post a week, see how it goes and then keep building it up.

This will be good for practicing and sharpening up my posting/ writing/ picture-taking abilities.

In any case, I will rarely post on a Sunday. When I was going to church, I gave priority (after God) to building up relationships with people, to be a support for others. And for me, this site is fun for me to do, I enjoy it. I guess I consider this as part of my tithing to the Lord to not post on Sundays, as part of treating Sunday as the Sabbath.

I might take pictures on a Sunday that could end up in a post here later, but I won’t post, and just at this moment I’m thinking that I will not write anything for this blog on Sunday either. If needed, just photos and jotting down notes on a Sunday, to be used on another day when I will write towards a more official entry.

If there are any suggestions for other things to write about or if you'd like to ask a question, I welcome that- leave it in the comment area below. And please say “Hello!”

Mahalo for reading and I hope that you have a good week!

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