Friday, June 1, 2012

Shaka Manicure

Sometimes there is a method to the madness; this simply translates to “I think too much.” Can one over-think nails? Yes. I don’t even do nail art, like little designs on a nail- it would be rare.

I over-think how to color my nails.

I’ve written before how I like to use 2 or more colors on my nails (one may read about that here). I don’t have a lot of colors so I like to change things up with different combination schemes. Here’s how I can over-think it…

I stay away from painting an accent color on just my middle finger. I don’t want someone thinking I’m passive-aggressively flipping people off.

It’s rude to point at people, so my pointer never has the sole accent nail.

Aesthetically, I like the accent to be on the ring finger… and then I wonder if someone will think that I’m trying to send someone a message, like “put a ring on it” kind of message. Hey, maybe I am… no. No, I am not.

Along with the ring finger accent looking good to my senses, I also like the accent nail to be shiny, like either a foil or a glitter nail. Even more so, that makes me think that someone will think I’m trying to send a message.

You’re getting my meaning.

Anyways, I think I’ve found a combination which I like more than the ring finger accent nail. Since I think I’m pretty clever, I’m going to name this the “Shaka Manicure.”

I painted my thumbnail and pinkie nail one color and the ring, middle, and pointer nails another color (another way to see it: A-B-B-B-A scheme). For today, I used:

Essie’s A Crewed Interest (light peach color)
Petite’s Passion Orange (bright coral)

I like it. Originally, I had painted my right hand the opposite of what I had on my left hand, but I didn’t think it looked good so I changed it to match my left hand.

essie A Crewed Interest
and petite Passion Orange
A-B-B-B-A, or...


What do you think about the scheme?

This next part I’m mentioning because I was amazed with the stay-power of what I had on before the Shaka nails. Last Saturday, I used Fast Track (China Glaze) and Rage (Orly) on my nails. I did the ring finger accent nail but thought it wouldn’t be so noticeable with both colors having sparkle and shine.

Left hand, May 26th
Right hand, May 26th

Left hand, June 1st
Minimal chipping

Right hand, June 1st.
Crazy chipped (and out of focus)

My left hand looked rather fantastic and fresh until today (Friday)! My right hand… not so much.

Well, that was almost a full week of my nails looking fresh without any touching up at all. Amazing.

It could be the polishes themselves; China Glaze and Orly are popular brands used by salons. I don’t think it is the case of higher end brands though. I think one needs a good base coat and a good top coat to have lasting color. We’ll see how the Passion Orange holds up this week because Petite is a very cheap brand (but I love the color).

Sealing the edge of the nail
It could also have been a little trick I tried, that is to “seal” the nail edge with a swipe of clear top coat. This is a step that is done for gel manicures and I wanted to see if it would work for regular polishes. What this does is to help prevent the edges from peeling off or chipping, which is usually the first thing that happens to manicures. The only drawback, for me, is that some polish will be under the nail, and sometimes I’m thinking that my nails are dirty when it’s just extra polish, so I just have to remind myself of it.

I did the edges for the Shaka manicure so we’ll see again if it lasts awhile.

Mahalo for reading and “shaka braddah & sistah!”

Shaka! Have a good weekend!
...and please excuse the ghost face ...

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