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Little Black Bag- May 2012


Much to discuss and many pictures to see…

It’s mid-June already but this is for my Little Black Bag purchase in May. I opened my bag near the end of May because there was only one left of…

The Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Heart necklace! I adore Betsey’s designs and with the closures, I took the chance to snatch up the necklace at an affordable price.

I also redeemed a Klout perk for LBB. My score was only 27 at the time, because I had just learned about Klout and needed to figure out what was going on; my score is currently at 50, I believe. Well, the Klout LBB perk was for an extra item in my bag, an item to be around a retail price matching my Klout score.

I chose the Betsey necklace for my first item. For my second and third items, the site surprised me with the RJ Graziano Two Stone Drop earrings and a Michael Marcus Rich eyeshadow in my bag. My Klout perk item was an R&Em nylon laptop case. My bag total began with:

$45- Betsey Johnson necklace
$45- RJ Graziano earrings
$23- Michael marcus eyeshadow
+$44- R&Em case [for a Klout score of 27]
$157 original retail value of the items, for which I agreed to pay [$49.95 +$4.95 (s&h)=] $54.90. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Then the trading began. I used the full 7 days allowed for trading; I kept it open down to the last second! The site had many items that I would have been happy or at least okay with, since I’d be getting the Betsey necklace, so I put out a lot of trades for the other 3 items in my bag. The laptop case would’ve been nice if I had a laptop, and I couldn’t think of anyone I could give it to since some people might be particular about their cases, I don’t know. I probably could’ve gotten a higher-priced item if I had waited to connect all my Klout things together- oh my!

The first few days of trading, I tried to slowly trade up in value, so that I might have a better chance of receiving the matching Betsey double heart earrings. It was not looking good. I won’t go through every single trade I did; I will just mention a “heartattack” trade, and that at one point I did have 5 items in my bag because someone traded me 2 of their items for my 1 item, but the trade was comparable in value. I just wanted to point out that one could do multiple item trades.

The “heartattack” trade for me was THE NECKLACE! I don’t know what happened, if my computer was loading slowly or an inadvertent click, I don’t know- the Betsey necklace got traded for the matching single-heart earrings. I about panicked! I called the LBB customer service right away and Emily handled it for me quickly- thank you Emily! She was able to put the necklace back into my bag. Other than that, trading went rather smoothly. I was so careful up until and after that mistaken trade.

LBB is still a growing and improving company- they began around January of 2012. They are very good about listening to customer feedback and such. I’m sure others have already suggested some way of lessening the chances of an unintentional trade- like mine- of happening, so I’ll not talk longer about that.

As I mentioned before, I tried to trade up in the value of my items. I also traded sideways, like if I had the pink bangle but someone wanted to trade the exact same bangle in yellow, I usually accepted it. I traded down a few times as well, so the total value of my bag stayed rather steady throughout. The highest total value of my bag was $179 at the end of my 5th day of trading.

I still didn’t have the matching Betsey earrings, the single- or the double-heart earrings; I really wanted the double-heart because it’s a bit quirkier. At one point, I think I had all necklaces in my bag.

On the 7th day, my last allowed day of trading, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that someone had accepted my trade! I now got the matching double-heart earrings!

The chain necklace didn't have a tag;
I took the price off of the LBB site.
At the end of trading, I had:
$45- Betsey necklace
$50- Betsey double-heart earrings
$26- All the Rage Half-Dipped Multi Chain necklace
$42- Marc New York Basic Clubmaster sunglasses
$163 total retail value for the price of $54.90- a savings of 66%. It comes out to having paid (roughly) $15 for the necklace, $17 for the earrings, $9 for the chain necklace, and $14 for the sunglasses.

Still difficult to believe
that I got them both!
The May bag was actually my 2nd Little Black Bag experience. I opened a bag in April in which I ended up with 2 items. I was happy with my April bag as well; I just haven’t written it up yet and I was so excited about this May bag.

It seemed to take forever to arrive, much longer than my April bag had taken. My bag closed on May 29th, it shipped the next day, and then I kept tracking it every day. Between June 1st and June 11th, tracking went silent- no updates. On the 12th, it said in transit to [my town]. Now, from the main post office to my town’s post office, things usually take just a day. It didn’t get to my town’s post office until the 16th! I was starting to think it wouldn’t arrive. I checked the mail each day. Waited for the doorbell to ring (because I didn’t know what size the box would be and our usual mailman is good and brings our boxes to our door).

Saturday the 16th, it said “out for delivery.” I had to leave for a friend’s Shower and it still hadn’t arrived yet. So I checked the mailbox before I left- there it was! The box was stuffed into our box, just barely fitting in with the regular mail. I took the mail with me and opened the box before stepping into my friend’s Shower.

So count that up- it was little over 2 weeks for shipping, plus the 7 days I took for the trading. I had been in anticipation for quite awhile- especially because of the trade mishap! Ahhh, I feel so much better now that the items are in my hands!

I will hopefully write up a better description of the Little Black Bag site & service soon, as well as what I got in my April bag. I skipped the bag for the month of June, although there are still Betsey items on the site that I would love to have- I will have to let the necklace and earrings satisfy me for now.

Even my ear is smiling!
If this post has made anyone too curious to wait for my write ups and would like to check out the site already, please use my referral link to sign up? Signing up is free and there is no obligation unless and until you purchase your first bag, which one may purchase as a one-time deal for $59.95 or as a monthly subscription for $49.95 a month. The monthly subscription may also be skipped within the first 5 days of the month and you won’t be charged. The description links, FAQ links, and other helpful links will be listed at the end of this post.

LBB does not ship internationally yet but sounds like they're working on it.

I paid for the items myself; I am not receiving anything for sharing the site with you! As always, I simply enjoy passing on to you what I think is a good thing!

Please leave comments/ questions/ quick “Hello!” in the comment area at the end of the post.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you'll come to enjoy Little Black Bag as much as I do!


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