Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Listen to This: “You, Ku‘uipo” by Willie K

I had a difficult time finding a song to share that wasn’t sad- haha! I like sad music but I guess I didn’t realize how much of it was sad.

So, I bring to you a little lively island music instead, courtesy of Willie K.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a live or official music video of Hawaiian music on YouTube, so here you go, get familiar with the album cover.

I don’t really have anything deep or personal to share about this song and my life- I just enjoy it very much. It puts me in a good mood.

It’s not that there isn’t anything deep about the song itself. Hawaiians are/were very adept in layering the meanings of their words, with songs and poetry having innuendos tucked in nicely. I don’t know for sure if this song contains any innuendo or if it’s just a lively, lovely song. If anyone has better insight into the song, please share it in the comment section below!

“Ku‘uipo” is generally accepted to mean “sweetheart.” The best I could find on it comes from the Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary by Puku‘i and Elbert. The dictionaries I accessed didn’t have “ku‘uipo” among their entries so I broke it up in parts which sometimes works for finding the meaning of Hawaiian words.

“Ku‘u” means “My, mine.” (2nd definition)
“Ipo” is “Sweetheart, lover.”

This is available on iTunes in a few versions; search in the iTunes store for “Willie K.” I would suggest the version from the album “Amy & Willie Live.” It is a recording from their tour- you’ll get to hear how entertaining Willie K is. He interacts with the crowd too. I think island music is always best live!

There you go. I hope this helps you get through the week. Share this song with your ku‘uipo!

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