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Healthy Go [June 29, 2012]

Yay Shelly!

Wedding! Yay!

Saturday I was out all day for the wedding and friends, and so most of my walking was done then- half the day walking and standing in high heels. For those who don’t know, I had nerve damage in my left leg a little over a year ago, which is why I call it my “lame leg” or my “dumb leg,” because it doesn’t feel like it’s my leg. It works fine; it’s just in my head that it’s not my leg. I have worn heels about 2 times since then, but for short trips when I wasn’t walking much. The wedding was the first time I was walking around in high heels for a good amount of time… and I did okay! I have missed my heels!
Aren't these gorgeous?

Anyways, I wore my satin Luichiny heels, about a 4” height, which I like. I think the last time I wore these were to Lauren’s wedding about 4 years ago; I remember it wasn’t too comfortable only because my heel kept slipping out.

Well, this time, my heel didn’t slip out so much, probably because I was more conscious of it and wasn’t rushing as much, and it was comfortable until after the reception. I lasted through the ceremony, from the parking to the reception, several restroom trips, standing through the food line, and then back to the car with a short barefoot section through the lobby. One can imagine that my calves and thighs were firing all that time; the next day I could feel my muscles but they weren’t too sore.

Three paragraphs about my shoes? Why not. It’s my journal. I was just so glad to wear heels again and not pay for it in pain; I didn’t even get any blisters at all!

At the reception, the food table was long and looking delicious! I think I did okay with my choices or at least, better than I wanted to! I didn’t take any salad but I like fruits and veggies, like broccoli and carrots, better so I took a bit of that. I had some bread, and potatoes and mushrooms that I love. I had half a scoop of white rice to go with the piece of fish and some meat. I am a carnivore so holding back on meat can be difficult at times. I would’ve had more fish but we were rationing them and then we were already past the plate when they brought out more fish.
The food was so good. For dessert, I had a bite each of a tart, an apple custard slice [I think that’s what it was] and a brownie. I didn’t finish it all but mostly ate the fruit off of each piece. And I drank water. And a beer.

After the wedding, I accompanied Rachel on a few errands, and then we met Genesis guys at the fair. I can’t remember the last time I was at the fair, maybe it was a decade ago. I was hungry and the food smelled so good. I wanted a caramel apple, but abstained. I wanted to play some of the games but the fair is getting so expensive! It was fun anyway, walking around with friends.

We went to McD’s after. This was where I failed. I had a McChicken which has mayo. I don’t like mayo but I like chicken. I also had a small caramel frappe. Bad Jenn. Hey, I usually order a medium. Still, I know, I could’ve done without it and had water instead.

See, fruits and veggies!
We met up with some people fishing. This has nothing to do with health but I don’t know that I’ll get to writing about it later- well, it’s a little health because emptying the bladder every so often is healthy, right? Well, on the way to the fishing, I thought I ought to find a restroom. Zac stopped at one at a park but it was gated and locked. Then after the fishing, Zac stopped at another park one and this one was open but the toilets were all blocked up with… stuff… and then I heard voices. So I quickly walked out and got back to the car. It’s okay, I made it to a safe and clean restroom with no problem!

A thank you to Matt for being my bodyguard outside of the restroom. He heard the voices too so they weren’t just in my head! And thank you to Zac who said something to the effect of protecting me, or maybe he meant protecting himself and the rest of the car passengers, from the sources of the voices. While I imagine in a situation, I would fight like an animal, I love when guys are protective of the females- it's how my brother was raised. They could have been regular camping folk, regular beach-dwelling folk, but they could have also been... ehm... enhanced beach-dwelling folk, which are the ones we were more concerned about. 

For the rest of the week, I ate okay. I am still having milk every day, which ought to be going bad at any moment now. I am still surprised that my stomach has been okay, though I think the milk has irritated my rash because I have been extra itchy. Gross, right? I’m sorry.

I didn’t keep track of my water intake this week but I don’t think it was much anyway. I still need to be drinking more and every day. Still phasing out the soda.

I had a dream that I was at a fast food and ordering a burger. Oh man. So the next day, I had a burger soup- sounds weird, right? It was the Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables. [Link to the nutritional stats] Looking at the stats though, this soup is healthier than if I had eaten a burger. One can is 2 servings so it had 240 calories and 4 grams of fat while a quarter pounder with cheese, what I would’ve eaten, is 520 calories with 26 grams of fat. It took care of the meat craving too.

For exercise, I thought I would warm up to going back to the gym. I did some exercises at home- various ab crunches and some endurance things with the balance ball. I am weak. There was a time when I was doing pushups every day to get better at them. I had gotten up to 3 sets of 12; now I barely can do any. Some of it is my mindset because I feel strange about my leg. I did some twelves but with having my legs on the ball, making it easier for me. I did some mountain climbers.

Going forward, I think I will work with the Jillian Michaels’ DVD that I have. I like it because it incorporates kickboxing, which I love! I am not a peaceful kind of exerciser. Even when I swim laps, I imagine that I’m training for the Olympics [Yay the Olympics are coming up!].

I saw my friend Shayna at the wedding and had a chance to talk with her. I also asked if she could help me figure out an exercise plan and she said yes. It’s just a matter of meeting up or communicating messages with her now. She has a degree in kinesiology and she used to train me when we were at the Uni together.

Otherwise, I would appreciate any tips or exercise suggestions! Or a workout or swimming partner if you’re on the island?

On my own at the gym, I do okay but I get nervous around people. There are a lot of fit guys at my gym- I feel odd about asking for help, like if I were to do benchpresses or something. With Shayna, I would be more daring with the weights and she wouldn’t let me wimp it either, like if the weight was too easy for me, she’d point it out and up the weights. I actually like being pushed. At first college, Sandra and the guys pushed me. I can think of some guys who could help me but I don’t think they would push me. I am not so delicate.

This week’s stats----
Weight: no weigh in
Height: Still short
Activity: walking & walking in high heels, home exercise
Gym time: None
Size: yet tight 10
Food: little more junk, little less healthy
Liquids: H2O down from previous; 3 sodas, down from previous

I hope you are doing well in whatever your endeavor is, whether it’s being healthy or to lose weight, etc. Let me know how you’re doing in the comment section below!

Again, if you’re on the island and would like to workout, shoot me a message and let’s do it! Oh, let’s do more indoor climbing!

Thank you for reading!


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