Friday, June 15, 2012

Healthy Go [June 15, 2012]

 This week’s update is a bit unimpressive.

I moved a little more than usual this week. I got in some walking and worked my arms a bit in scrubbing my carpet of cat hairs. I would like wood floors next or laminate to make it easier to clean. It’s not just the cat hair, it’s my hair too- I have a lot of it, thick and shedding. I sound so attractive right now, don’t I?

On Monday, I started to keep track of the soda and water intake in my planner. Since tracking it, I have had 2 sodas and 48 oz of water. I also had a lot of lemon iced tea because it’s hot outside and iced tea is just good!

My extra calories definitely come through liquids. I want to get a pitcher to brew iced tea with all the teas I have so that I can have better control of how much sugar is in it. I have a wonderful lychee tea from The Pacific Place Tea Garden that would probably be great iced!

I had less pastry goodies this week. I’m keeping up with at least 2 salads a week. I used to have half a salad at a time but now I’m seeing how it is to have a full salad for either lunch or dinner. So far, I haven’t felt the need to munch on too much stuff after the salad, which is good. No French fries have passed through my esophagus this week.

I think I’ve mentioned in this journal before but it was probably awhile ago so I’ll say it again since it’s appropriate: I like oatmeal now. I didn’t used to and I thought it was because it’s mushy whereas I like having crunch in my food. I generally don’t like mushy stuff- I still don’t like applesauce and would rather have an apple. I like yogurt but I need to mix granola or real fruit in it.

I found out that I didn’t like oatmeal before because Mom would make it and she puts more salt in it than I do. Now I make the oatmeal myself and it has less of a salt taste to it. I do add brown sugar but I figure that eating more oatmeal even with some sugar is better than eating a bunch of cheeseburgers.

I had a Jamba Juice bowl. That’s healthy, right? I really wanted the chocolate strawberry bowl, I think it is (?) but I’m not sure what it’s called since I don’t see the bowls on the JJ website. They have a bowl that comes with a chocolate chip and banana topper that I’ve had before and I really like it. Instead, I had the strawberry bowl that had a granola and fresh sliced banana topper.

What was the worst thing I ate this week? I’m trying to think of what it was. It was probably the 2 pianomos and half a bag of potato chips. I love the crunchy, salty, potato yummy-ness! And the chips were because I ran out of my Snapeas and haven’t gone to pick up more bags of that yet- plus, I did manage to slow down and have just half a bag of Snapea a day. At least I did not have a whole bag of chips, or even more!

Having the salads and other healthier stuff does keep in my mind that I don’t want to sabotage or take away from that healthiness by eating tons of junk, so that has been a good slow mind change.

This week’s stats----
Weight: no scale
Height: Still short
Activity: a little up from previous
Gym time: None
Size: a tight 10
Food: a little less junk, a little more healthy
Liquids: ~48 oz H2O throughout the week, not good; ~4 sodas, down from previous

As always, insert encouragement below in the comment area please! Also, what healthy change have you decided to make recently? Do you have any healthy tips- cooking, exercise, motivation, etc.?

Thank you for reading and let’s do this!