Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Healthy Go [Intro]

Any suggestions on what I should call these Friday updates on my better health endeavors? I thought of how I’m trying to get healthier, “go healthy,” but to have it sound like “healthy glow.”

I’m lame, I know. It’s okay.

As I mentioned in the previous related post [here: Updates June], I am at my heaviest weight ever, and it isn’t at all muscle. I’ve just been eating pretty much the same and having a less active life. Actually, more like eating the same but junkie than before.

I am getting quite a little belly and it is disturbing me. My dandruff has been pretty bad for months. Anyways, I think a lot of my weight gain has been the soda. I don’t know why I’m having such a difficult time quitting the soda when I’ve done it before for about a year, and then I started up with it again.

Step: Drink More Water
I have been trying to get more water in- water is just good and hopefully my hair and skin will improve. I love the water bottle I have- the Intak water bottle by Thermos- mine is pink.  It was suggested by Aya (thank you!) because it has a counter, to help keep track of how much water one is drinking, and the cap design keeps hands and other germ-givers off of the spout. Drinking water for now is simply a matter of being able to keep my bottle clean because it still needs to be washed periodically.

Step: Eat Healthier, Less Junk
This was taken little before the issues
started to really take hold. I'm on the
right. I've always had the cheeks!
I haven’t been cooking either, because the kitchen is a mess and… it’s complicated as to why I don’t just clean it up. If I lived on my own, I imagine my kitchen would be disorganized yet clean. So, I haven’t been able to cook the healthier things that I love and I’ve lost some control over what I eat. I’ve been eating a lot of soup- I have gotten to love clam chowder, but I’ve gotten a bad rash and my mom thinks it’s from the chowder. She said that Grandma had an allergy to unfresh/ canned seafood. I don’t know if that is the cause of my rash but it has been better since I’ve stopped eating so much chowder.

And OH bakery goodies! This is bad because I used to not be much of a pastry/bakery goods kind of person. The occasional lemon bar or lemon pound cake slice was very VERY occasional and it was enough for me. Lately, I have liked the pianomo from Napoleon’s. So bad. So buttery and sugary. So bad.

Speaking of snacking, have you seen my post on my new favorite, a kind of healthy one? It is so good! 

Step: Gym More, Move More
I have to get back to regular gym time. The sleep schedule effort is towards going to the gym because I like going very early in the morning. I used to gym at night, but I did it in the morning for awhile and I enjoyed it more. I was less likely to talk myself out of going, when I’m half-waking up, rather than leaving it for later in the day.

My leg still gives me concern yet it’s probably worse in my mind than in actuality. My toe is definitely still a problem though. I tried jumping rope, jump roping (?), which I enjoy but …the big toe nail on my left foot (same side as my lamer leg) grew back funny and digs into the meat of the toe. It can get quite painful and so one can imagine what happens when I jump with it. It hurt after about 15 jumps (it was probably more than that), but I pressed on to... 25 jumps maybe and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought my toe was bleeding- it wasn’t though so that is good.

Step: Get A New Matress Already, Geez!!
Now my back is starting to have more aches. Nothing that a new mattress couldn’t fix, probably. If you missed the related post to this [here], basically my mattress is dead and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. Big purchases like this where I’m hoping it will last and be good for years, it makes me nervous.

Until I get the new mattress, I have been making more of an effort to catch myself slouching and to sit up straight instead. Now I wish I had been trained to sit up straight from when I was young. Sigh.

I know, I’m not old enough to officially be falling apart like I am. I suppose that might relatively be ultimately dependent upon how long I actually live? Nevermind, that’s middle-age.

WonderWoman's head on my
comfortable body.
Anyways, that is what I am aiming for at the moment, or that’s the big picture. For numbers sake, I last weighed myself at my Bro’s about a week ago. It said 158, I think. Around 115- 125 is my comfortable weight range, where I feel pretty good and confident and comfortable. In general, I’m not expecting to get to 115 again, but I think getting around 135 eventually would be very good.

I don’t want to set a numbered goal and duration date because I’ve never stuck to that in the past. Instead, I will say that I would like to fit well into the size 10 dress I wore in my friends’ wedding in 2011. I can still fit it, kind of…, it is tight. I should be able to do that, fit better into that dress, by September. I should be able to do just that way before September, so let’s see how quickly I can reach that goal, in a healthy way of course.

And I’ll mention just so that you know that I am aware, I do have some… personal issues to hopefully face, issues that have affected my health for me to get to this point. It started so many years ago that I can’t even…. I am aware of a few specific issues and maybe others will come to light as I go through this.

I am not at a point where I am comfortable talking about the issues here. Maybe I will share them in the future, as I face them, but not now.

Recent picture of me, I'm on the left.
Alright, I wrote all of the above earlier this week. Just a little update on my leg, I bruised it right by the knee. I didn’t go to the gym this week- life happened (see previous post) and I didn’t sleep well. I don’t like to drive when I haven’t slept. I have been drinking more water- I think I only missed reaching 24 oz of water on Tuesday- it’s roughly 24 oz more than I was drinking before.

Starting stats----
Weight: ~158
Height: Still short
Activity: not much
Gym time: None
Size: ~10
Food: Junk with the occasional salad
Water: ~24 oz a day
Current goal: To fit size 10 with ease

This gem of a video was in my subscription just as I was finishing up this post. Tati, aka GlamLifeGuru on YouTube. Thank you for the motivation!

And that is it for now. Insert encouragement below in the comment area please!

Thank you for reading and let’s do this!


  1. Are you pregenant? Or did you just have the baby? I read your blog and I like how you are doing. Inspire.

  2. No, I am not pregnant and never have been- it's just belly fat! lol thank you for reading :)

  3. Hi Love! Remember that you got support in the PNW! You can do it! (I too am trying to lose some before Sept). Lets do this!!!

  4. HELLOOOOO! Haha, I had to think what PNW stood for but I gotcha now. Yes, let's make this a GREAT summer and then an even GREATER September!


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