Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Roach Tale

The King Richard the Lionheart
Walking Cane/

If you have high sensitivity to gross out things, I’ll sum it up: the presence of roaches and having stomach issues are not a good combination.

Should I not write about this kind of stuff? Oh well, too late for this time.

I’ve already written that there was a roach in my room Sunday night. Even when I finally knocked out, I was dreaming that a roach was flying after me. Humid and still nights, that’s when they come out and party… and I end up paying for it the next day, in sleep and grouchiness.

Monday night was okay. I still didn’t sleep well because I kept the sidelight on and my ears were on guard for any slight rustling. However, I slept rather “normal” hours.

Tuesday was pretty good for the most part. I started inventory of my bead supply. I foresaw the coming of an “ailment” and so got supplies from the store towards the remedy. I prepared an order for a friend. I wrote for this journal. Sounds boring but they’re things needing to be done.

Tuesday night was like a Job experience; well, probably 1/1,000,000th of what Job went through. It was one of those nights that I was wondering if the badness would ever end.

I had stomach issues- I don’t have to say more about that right? Except I don’t know why the next day someone asked me why I was in and out of the bathroom all night. I like spending time in the bathroom?

So, I was dehydrated, uncomfortable, trying to guard against crankiness, growing tired. Then I was on my way back to my room when I saw a roach above my door. I went back to the other room for the spray and dowsed that bugger- not a good idea because it slouched down onto the header. I was sure it was dying.

I waited and waited. It had barely moved a muscle. Do roaches have muscles like we have muscles?

I got up the nerve to make a dash for my room when it must have sensed my movement and DROPPED. It was somewhat alive still because I remember seeing it flap its wings as I backed into the other room again…

…only, I had closed the door behind me, so I backed into it, hastily throwing it open. Then as I was turning to complete my run into the other room, I slammed my dumb leg into the door jamb!

I did my best not to scream because it was late at night by this time and people were sleeping. I also tried not to bring things crashing to the floor with me. I ended up on the floor, grabbing at my knee…

… and cracked. I started crying. The dog came to whimper with me. Mom went to check for signs of the roach but it was gone. Then she helped me get on my feet again ‘cuz I was just done.

Safely in my room, I fell onto the bed, hoping I was done with bathroom trips. I bawled away.

My leg was sore and uncomfortable. I did not want to move it. I was afraid to look at it. It was having that slight tingly feeling like it was going numb; it felt like it did when it had swollen up last year. It was probably more like shock.

Stomach complaining, round 2. No sleeping just yet.

I opened my door and crouched down to spy out any roaches on the ceiling. I saw one right outside my door in the hallway. I had kept the spray so it was in my hand as soon as I got out of bed; I sprayed that bugger too. It was a tough bugger, kept running from side to side. I was about to give up and go to sleep in discomfort.

I opened the door again and took another peek. It was still in the area. I sprayed and sprayed it. Finally it went more down the hall, enough for me to feel comfortable sneaking to the bathroom again. Spray in hand of course.

Another bathroom trip after that and I was done for the night. Phew! I wanted to throw up. I didn’t.

I was exhausted. I don’t think I even had a dream that night.

Wednesday… was okay I think. I slept at a normal hour.

I did have a bad shock in the Achilles tendon area. It was a bit longer than usual. There is a definite bruise just above my bad knee; it’s black-&-bluer than it looks in the picture, about a half-dollar size from what I can tell. I walk fine, it’s just uncomfortable. Wednesday night, just before bed I took a look at my leg. I think it looked a little swollen- not as swollen as last year but just slightly puffy. I still think it looks a little puffy today.

But I am okay. It was just a ridiculous few nights with those crazy roaches. It was tormenting for those few hours.\

So... who would like to buy me that stunning King Richard walking cane for my upcoming birthday? I'll rock it better than House. All the cool kids will be sporting one. At the rate I'm going, I'll need it within the next two years.

Thank you for reading and may you have a restful and roachless weekend.

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