Monday, May 14, 2012

Nails Of The Week: May 13

I don’t know what current trends are; I rarely do.  The only reason I think this might be a trend is that I’ve seen people on YouTube who do this.  The people on YT are cooler than me anyway.

The trend: accent nails. 

I don’t even know if that’s what the trend is called.  I just like having different colored nails every so often.  I’ve been doing this off and on since a women’s Bible study night when we did our nails also.  My friend had tons of different colors and so I did a sort of gradient nail thing and I liked it.  I went from an orange nail down to a yellow nail.  That was in October 2009.  

On my own at the moment, I have 13 colors and 2 glitter polishes- not enough to do a gradient... yet.

Anyways, here are my nails this week. 

Base, Top coats- essie Rock Solid nail treatment

2 coats each of:

Pinkie nails- petite Passion Orange

Ring nails- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City

All else- essie A Crewed Interest

I enjoy these particular colors very much.  I like the Petite brand because I rarely use up a regular sized nail polish bottle; plus, the Passion Orange is one of my favorite nail colors that I own.  Two thin coats are enough.  Petites are also very affordable yet I don’t know why this is my only bottle.  I think I might pick up more soon…

When buying it, I was concerned about the Celeb City- if it was going to be thin (needing several coats) with the finely milled glitter in it.  It goes on excellently!  The first coat covers pretty well on its own and then the thinner second layer seals the deal, giving me a completely silvery glittery nail.  Originally I wanted to do nails in the colors of my alma mater, which would be blue, silver and white- I have not done this yet, probably because I live in another school’s area whose colors are very different. 

I have a lot of bright pinks in my collection, so I got A Crewed Interest to be one of my more neutral colors.  It is a beautiful peachy color.  It is a cream polish, which I have a difficult time applying, so I tend to do 2 thick coats with this one, but I like the color enough to go through the trouble.

In general, I’ll have something in my spirit that wants to do something different, shake things up a bit.  Sometimes, it is as small as doing different color nails.  At other times, it is drastically reorganizing my room or taking a late night drive or… I don’t know… the changes have been relatively tame lately.

Recently I put out an idea on Facebook that I might go for a new hairdo… a FAUX HAWK.  What do you think? I’m too old? I’m not cool enough to pull it off? Leave a thought in the comments.

The thing I’m concerned about is that I have naturally thick, wavy hair.  It’s just hair and it’ll grow out; I just think a faux hawk might look very awkward as it grows out.

Well, that is the quick post for today.  Thank you for reading and until next time, have some color in your day!