Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Deactivated Reactivated Days

About a week ago, I deactivated my Facebook account.

I was having a… spiritually tormenting night- I get them every so often. I’m not going to get into it right now though it did lead me to deactivate my Facebook. I felt that I was too dependent on it and needed to make the break. Simply logging out/in was not enough to keep me out of FB enough. I have other reasons too that… maybe I’ll write about… another time….

I guess that alarmed a few people (hey to my stalkers!) but if you know me in-person, I tend to do certain things right away.

If I didn’t deactivate as soon as I had decided on it, I would be less likely to do it at all. I’m aware that quick action without notice like that is off-putting to some but sometimes it would slow the process down too much for me, to pause and think about who I have to tell what to and then next thing I know, I haven’t done what I had decided.

And again, it’s not unusual for me to just walk off, to start off somewhere and have people wonder, “Where is she going?” It’s just that online, you don’t notice as much that I have “walked off” somewhere.

I did pop in a few times after the deactivation. One of the things that can make it difficult to leave FB alone all together is that so many sites want people to interact with their FB pages. Some services are starting to require that one logs in through one’s FB.

However, I popped in because I wanted to check the pages for JewelMint and Little Black Bag. I love looking at the pictures that they or fans post. Sometimes I’ll read the comments too. Those two pages do get a bit of traffic on a daily basis.

I still have moments of wanting to check my FB and then going, wait, I can’t….  I’m getting better at thinking of other things to do.

So what have I been doing instead? Nothing as exciting as I had imagined, unfortunately. I have been watching YouTube, thinking of things to write for this journal, taking photos that are not going to be used, cleaning areas of my room, etc.

One of the things that I had planned on was to start catching up on my Bible reading plan. I stopped close to the end of March, so that is a lot of catching up to do. I am up to April 15th as I type this so I’ve covered some ground. I have been reading at least 2 days worth per day.

I have done some work on the logo for my potential business. I don’t have anything ready to share yet but I should have something on it this summer. I will need and appreciate advice on it.

It is also graduation season! I went to 3 high school graduations. I only went to the ones for which I had been invited. If you haven’t experienced a graduation in Hawaii, it is guaranteed crowded and full of leis and leis and more leis! Here are some pictures:

My cousin, somewhere under that
suffocating pile of leis!

I’ve also been playing/ practicing with my makeup. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube for tips. The downside of this is that I am starting to be influenced to buy products after seeing people use them so well! Well, I have a very small budget which helps keep that at bay; if I had more money, I’d probably be buying more makeup than I really should. In the future, I’ll probably write more about products and tips that I’ve learned so be prepared to see more posts about makeup than usual- that’s not slowing down anytime soon I think.

Experimenting with how to line my eyes.

And I’ve been checking airfares for a trip I need to take later this year.

I’m kind of bummed that my real life didn’t get as much of a reactivation as I had hoped. Small steps I suppose. I’ll be reactivating my Facebook soon. The break has been pretty good.

Thank you for reading and see you on the Face…book… yeah.

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