Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Deactivated Reactivated Days

About a week ago, I deactivated my Facebook account.

I was having a… spiritually tormenting night- I get them every so often. I’m not going to get into it right now though it did lead me to deactivate my Facebook. I felt that I was too dependent on it and needed to make the break. Simply logging out/in was not enough to keep me out of FB enough. I have other reasons too that… maybe I’ll write about… another time….

I guess that alarmed a few people (hey to my stalkers!) but if you know me in-person, I tend to do certain things right away.

If I didn’t deactivate as soon as I had decided on it, I would be less likely to do it at all. I’m aware that quick action without notice like that is off-putting to some but sometimes it would slow the process down too much for me, to pause and think about who I have to tell what to and then next thing I know, I haven’t done what I had decided.

And again, it’s not unusual for me to just walk off, to start off somewhere and have people wonder, “Where is she going?” It’s just that online, you don’t notice as much that I have “walked off” somewhere.

I did pop in a few times after the deactivation. One of the things that can make it difficult to leave FB alone all together is that so many sites want people to interact with their FB pages. Some services are starting to require that one logs in through one’s FB.

However, I popped in because I wanted to check the pages for JewelMint and Little Black Bag. I love looking at the pictures that they or fans post. Sometimes I’ll read the comments too. Those two pages do get a bit of traffic on a daily basis.

I still have moments of wanting to check my FB and then going, wait, I can’t….  I’m getting better at thinking of other things to do.

So what have I been doing instead? Nothing as exciting as I had imagined, unfortunately. I have been watching YouTube, thinking of things to write for this journal, taking photos that are not going to be used, cleaning areas of my room, etc.

One of the things that I had planned on was to start catching up on my Bible reading plan. I stopped close to the end of March, so that is a lot of catching up to do. I am up to April 15th as I type this so I’ve covered some ground. I have been reading at least 2 days worth per day.

I have done some work on the logo for my potential business. I don’t have anything ready to share yet but I should have something on it this summer. I will need and appreciate advice on it.

It is also graduation season! I went to 3 high school graduations. I only went to the ones for which I had been invited. If you haven’t experienced a graduation in Hawaii, it is guaranteed crowded and full of leis and leis and more leis! Here are some pictures:

My cousin, somewhere under that
suffocating pile of leis!

I’ve also been playing/ practicing with my makeup. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube for tips. The downside of this is that I am starting to be influenced to buy products after seeing people use them so well! Well, I have a very small budget which helps keep that at bay; if I had more money, I’d probably be buying more makeup than I really should. In the future, I’ll probably write more about products and tips that I’ve learned so be prepared to see more posts about makeup than usual- that’s not slowing down anytime soon I think.

Experimenting with how to line my eyes.

And I’ve been checking airfares for a trip I need to take later this year.

I’m kind of bummed that my real life didn’t get as much of a reactivation as I had hoped. Small steps I suppose. I’ll be reactivating my Facebook soon. The break has been pretty good.

Thank you for reading and see you on the Face…book… yeah.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snack Time Favorite: Calbee Snapea Crisps

Did Jennifer just misspell something?! No, someone else did.

I have been devouring Calbee’s Snack Salad Snapea Crisps!

At the local drugstore, I have been scoping out the “healthier” snacks for awhile. I love the Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar. The Snapea Crisps were in the same aisle. I remember hearing from several sources that sugar snap peas make a great snack. I thought I would try these crisps even though they were not of a sweet flavor.

I ate a whole bag in one day. Actually, whenever I have any on hand, I have been eating about a bag per day. I cannot not finish off the bag, which probably defeats the purpose of eating healthier snacks. Although, I have been eating and craving less French fries!

The Crisps are enough to satisfy me when I’m craving something a little salty. Plus, I love eating crunchy things. They are somewhat similar to eating veggie straws. My mind thinks I’m eating a fried goodie when these are baked instead.

Another healthy advice that I remember is to eat things as close to how they are grown as possible, or to eat things made from ingredients that one is able to pronounce. The Crisps have 6 listed ingredients, all of which I am able to pronounce: green peas, corn oil, rice, salt, calcium carbonate, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). 

The Snapea Crisps website says: “This product contains 17% vegetable protein and 8% fiber that come mostly from the skin of the peas. Snapea Crisps contain an abundance of vitamins, iron, and calcium. Snapea Crisps deliver the pea's natural nutrients in their entirety.” 

 Well, once I bought my first couple bags of this stuff, I have kept in the back of my mind to buy more. 

The local store had the Caesar flavored version, but I don’t think I’d like that; maybe I should try it anyway. They were sold out of the regular that I like.

So I went to the next closest store… and I bought the last 3 bags.

After I had finished off the 3 bags, I went to the next next closest store… and they had none! I settled for pita chips that time, which turned out to be pretty tasty too.

I went to the closest grocery store. I looked up and down the snack aisles. I hunted in the salad fixings aisle. I searched the fresh produce section. No crisps.

When we went to the next closest grocery store, I found many bags in the salad fixings aisle- treasure! I had to restrain myself from buying every single bag.

I hope the local stores have restocked them by now. It just felt like people were watching me and bought  up all the crisps as soon as I decided that I liked them so much. Who do I think I am- Kim Kardashian? Am I a trend-setter, a snack icon?!

Don't they look yummy?
As to why the bag says “salad snack,” my guess is that the crisps are supposed to be a healthier alternative to croutons.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to French fries, give the snap pea crisps a try.

Where to find them: either in the healthy snack aisle or in the salad fixings aisle. One could also order them from several online sites.

Mahalo for reading and happier snacking!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Follow Me: Bloglovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Have you tried Bloglovin'? I have been using this to follow blogs on which I really want to keep up-to-date. It's easy, one can pass over certain entries by marking them as read, add other blogs to your list, etc. Try it out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Face Confident

I wanted to share this video by Jen at Frmheadtotoe. I thought she was well-spoken, heart-felt, and beautiful. I share a lot of the same thoughts as her.

My history with makeup:

I wore a nude lipstick in high school. Lipstick was always easy. I have sensitive skin and eyes so had trouble with perfumes in most makeup brands, and my mom wasn’t one to encourage or teach me what to do with makeup. I started to wear more makeup when I got into the Nicole Miller, now called Sei Bella, cosmetic line through Melaleuca in 2005. Sei Bella is great for sensitive types.

The only thing with Sei Bella is that it has a lot of good basic colors but not a huge range of colors. Now I like to experiment with a wide range of colors, so I am glad that more companies are using formulas without a lot of those harsh chemicals and perfumes, making things more wearable for people like me.

Anyways, like Jen, I see makeup from a more fun, artistic view. I like how it can help enhance a person’s naturally beautiful features and how it can give a sense of confidence by masking a few insecurities. 

The occasional acne breakout would easily leave behind dark spots that stand out on my fair skin. I can also get splotchy skin from being out in the sun, especially if my skin peels badly. Just being able to even out the skin tone with some foundation makes me feel better about facing the world, because then I think that people will notice my smile more than the zit on my chin.

I remember watching a show where the woman would always have makeup on right after she showered or washed her face, and slept in makeup, so that her husband had never seen her without makeup. It was probably an episode of Oprah. I’m not married, and once I wash my face for the day, I’m done with makeup.

Yet there are days in which I get that crazed feeling that I need to have makeup on and have it very well done in order to feel normal. When I get that feeling, I indulge it for a little and then I get irritated with myself. I have to redirect my thinking back to “I am okay as I am, I don’t need the makeup.”

One way that I temper my makeup-crazed thoughts are to think about guys. That’s intriguing, isn’t it? Here’s how that goes:

Why am I getting so crazy about this? Guys go out all the time without makeup on. Some are battling acne and don’t cover it up. Some have freckles and they don’t cover it up. Guys look great without makeup. What am I worrying about? I hardly know any of the people I will run into and those I know won’t care that I don’t have makeup on. I don’t care if they have makeup on or not. Guys don’t wear makeup. I should relax.

That’s literally how my mind works at times. I think about what I want and then I look for examples. What I want is to relax about wearing makeup, so I look at guys. It makes sense, right? No? I’m the only one who thinks like this?

In recent years, on my makeup-crazed days, I have been thinking also of a certain friend whom has a noticeable strawberry mark on her forehead. She’s talked about it and I won’t share what she said because that might be personal. Yet I think about her because she doesn’t cover up the mark and I think that is very admirable. She’s beautiful as she is and in a way, it’s almost enviable that she has a natural special mark that adds a little character.

I don’t know why I get so self-conscious at all. I have eczema… or psoriasis… I keep forgetting which it is. I grew up with patchy, scaly, discolored areas of skin in different places of my body. I don’t know exactly why but I wasn’t so self-conscious about people noticing the eczema. I still have inflammations every now and then and I am more self-conscious about it today than when I was younger. Possibly I wasn’t so insecure about it when I was younger because I had 2 friends whom had worse cases of eczema…?

Well, for more about how I look at makeup artistically and what I do with that, check out my posts about Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge and consider joining us, will you?

I’m still relatively new to makeup. It’s been less than 10 years that I’ve been wearing makeup somewhat often. I still have a lot to learn and enjoy the learning and the perfecting of my skills. I have a small mirror and one desk lamp, so sometimes one side of my face is darker than the other or the eyes are more uneven than they are naturally, and I’ll still go out like that (remember, guys don’t even wear makeup!).

Here are a few YouTube beauty people I recommend for makeup tutorials (in alphabetical order except for Jen’s channel is first):

Makeup has the ability to downplay what you aren’t so comfortable with physically and enhance the features that you love, and that’s about it. Makeup is a tool. Remain who you are with and without the makeup.

How are these for Face Confident looks? 

See these photos and MORE at Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge! I think I'm going to keep adding to how many times a post I can mention the challenge until we get more people involved...

Mahalo for reading and get face confident!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nails Of The Week: May 13

I don’t know what current trends are; I rarely do.  The only reason I think this might be a trend is that I’ve seen people on YouTube who do this.  The people on YT are cooler than me anyway.

The trend: accent nails. 

I don’t even know if that’s what the trend is called.  I just like having different colored nails every so often.  I’ve been doing this off and on since a women’s Bible study night when we did our nails also.  My friend had tons of different colors and so I did a sort of gradient nail thing and I liked it.  I went from an orange nail down to a yellow nail.  That was in October 2009.  

On my own at the moment, I have 13 colors and 2 glitter polishes- not enough to do a gradient... yet.

Anyways, here are my nails this week. 

Base, Top coats- essie Rock Solid nail treatment

2 coats each of:

Pinkie nails- petite Passion Orange

Ring nails- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City

All else- essie A Crewed Interest

I enjoy these particular colors very much.  I like the Petite brand because I rarely use up a regular sized nail polish bottle; plus, the Passion Orange is one of my favorite nail colors that I own.  Two thin coats are enough.  Petites are also very affordable yet I don’t know why this is my only bottle.  I think I might pick up more soon…

When buying it, I was concerned about the Celeb City- if it was going to be thin (needing several coats) with the finely milled glitter in it.  It goes on excellently!  The first coat covers pretty well on its own and then the thinner second layer seals the deal, giving me a completely silvery glittery nail.  Originally I wanted to do nails in the colors of my alma mater, which would be blue, silver and white- I have not done this yet, probably because I live in another school’s area whose colors are very different. 

I have a lot of bright pinks in my collection, so I got A Crewed Interest to be one of my more neutral colors.  It is a beautiful peachy color.  It is a cream polish, which I have a difficult time applying, so I tend to do 2 thick coats with this one, but I like the color enough to go through the trouble.

In general, I’ll have something in my spirit that wants to do something different, shake things up a bit.  Sometimes, it is as small as doing different color nails.  At other times, it is drastically reorganizing my room or taking a late night drive or… I don’t know… the changes have been relatively tame lately.

Recently I put out an idea on Facebook that I might go for a new hairdo… a FAUX HAWK.  What do you think? I’m too old? I’m not cool enough to pull it off? Leave a thought in the comments.

The thing I’m concerned about is that I have naturally thick, wavy hair.  It’s just hair and it’ll grow out; I just think a faux hawk might look very awkward as it grows out.

Well, that is the quick post for today.  Thank you for reading and until next time, have some color in your day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diamond Candles: Try One On Me!

Previous related post:  Diamond Candles: Get $5 Off

I purchased a couple candles in April, when they released their new scents.  I ordered Honeysuckle and Pomegranate Lemonade (I don’t know why I only said I ordered the Honeysuckle in the previous post; maybe I was tired when I typed).

Within a few days, I received an email saying that they discovered a snag in their system.  Instead of what I ordered, I was going to be receiving 2 Apple Slice candles.  Instead of sending back the Apple Slice, and because it was a problem on their end, they let whomever was affected by the mishap keep the candles.  They also asked that the candles be passed on so that more people will try the candles.  The original orders would be reprocessed.

My order was affected and so the 2 Apple Slice candles came a few days after the notice.  I’m thinking about how I want to pass them on.  They smell so delicious!  Whenever a breeze brings the scent out, I think that I smell real apples. 

I do enjoy the scent [the Apple Slice by Melaleuca is one of my favorites] but being that Diamond Candles allowed us to keep them, I want to pass them along.  I really enjoy the scents that I have tried so far, and I am BIG on good customer service so I am very pleased with how DC handled the situation. 

I received the 2 candles I ordered about a week after the AS ones came which I think is very good.  They both smell good too!  They smell just as I would expect them to smell from their names.

Also, whenever you purchase from Diamond Candles, you will get a referral link.  The referral link is for you to share with your friends (like on Facebook and/or Twitter, etc.) so that they receive $5 off of their order.  If one of your friends uses your referral link to make a purchase, then you will also get $5 off your next order! 

I was a little skeptical about the referral part.  I was wondering how I would know if anyone used my link.  I also wondered if I got a $5 off code, if there would be an expiration attached to it. 

I posted my referral link on Facebook and in the previous related post.  I had friends “like” my link and ask questions, but I didn’t know if anyone would actually order any. 

Someone did!  If it was you, thank you very much!  I received an email saying that a friend purchased from DC and I got my $5 off code.  And no “use by” date for the discount code- excellent!  I read all small print and there is no date.

>>>>>>>>>IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in receiving one of the APPLE SLICE candles, comment below please!  I will contact you and we can talk about how to get a candle to you.  I will work out the shipping details and cost on my own (sorry, I will ship it safely but also economically for me).  

I enjoy the candles.  I am a fan of the service I’ve received so far.  I would like someone to try a candle so leave a comment below!

Who knows, maybe the candle I send to you will have the $5,000 ring…
Also, DC has kicked off a video telling more of their story and the business.  With the video kickoff is a contest so I’m trying to get as many people as I can to sign up under my referral link, which is here: Diamond Candles Video Kickoff.  The contest ends May 7th, Monday.

So please help me?  Pretty please?

Mahalo for reading!