Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail It

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a beauty kick lately.  I believe it is due to the influence of Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge. *wink wink*  We’re still looking to add more creative and fun people to see more creative and fun eye looks so click on the link to join us please?

Along with the beauty kick, I have gotten back into painting my nails.  I get into phases where I’m consistently wearing nail polish and then I’ll get out of the phase for awhile. 

This time around, I have found that my preference in nail polish finishes has shifted.  I used to mainly get frosted colors.  I used to be on the lookout for coppers especially. 

Now I am into creamy finishes and some glitters.  I’m looking out for a good red, like a cherry red convertible color.  I gave up some of my frosts to my mom and have been replenishing my stock with a few neutrals while I look for that red.  I buy nail polishes slowly.

I used to buy mostly Sally Hansen polishes- it’s a good drugstore brand.  Along with the switch from frosts to creams, I’m being a little adventurous by trying out a few new brands.  I’ve been watching YouTube beauty videos that have featured nail polishes and designs, so seeing the brands and colors being used has helped to convince me to try something that I haven’t yet. 

April 18th, I picked up a couple colors each of the China Glaze and the Zoya brands, both of which I haven’t tried before.  The post about the Zoya brand is already posted- read and see the photos here.   

April 20th is when I painted my nails with the two Zoya polishes that I got.  I was just so excited about the new colors. 

As I post this, April 23rd- I want to talk about how long the recent paint job has lasted.

I am not careful with my nails.  I like doing things with my hands; I do what I need to do regardless of the fact that I’ve just painted my nails; I hit and bump into things a lot.  I have dry, brittle nails that peel easily as well as that sometimes I peel them when I’m anxious.  Normally, a new coat of polish doesn’t last even an hour of looking "just done."  I just don’t give much thought to my nails even after I’ve just painted them and I'll let them chip away.

Here are the pictures of my nails today.

Right hand

Left hand

They are still looking presentable.  I am amazed.  The worst chipped nail so far is my right pointer which looks like this:

Pretty good, eh?  And as usual, I have NOT been easy on my nails yet the color has lasted so well.

Two possible factors contributed to the long wear.  The first is that I’m trying a new base coat.  The second is the Zoya polish itself- it’s a salon brand which should make it a step up from drugstore brands.  The pictures are showing each nail done with a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat.

I had a base and top coat from Sally Hansen for years- I decided that it was definitely past its prime so I threw it out.  I picked up the Rock Solid Ultimate Strength Treatment by Essie, the third new brand that I am trying.  First impression, I liked the packaging of the treatment.  Essie has several treatment polishes and the part I like is that the packaging clearly said what kinds of nails the treatment is to help- the Rock Solid is for “soft, weak nails,” which is what I have.  I was going to try a different one when I noticed that it was for “normal nails” and then I decided on the Rock Solid.  I don’t think it’s meant to be a top coat as well so I’ll pick up one of those when I can, yet for now I’m using it also as a top coat.

All of that was to say how I am so pleased with the Zoya polishes and the Essie Rock Solid Treatment. 

I don’t know if I will be able to buy the cheaper brands again.

I had also picked up and tried 2 Essie colors, and picked up an Essie luxe effect glitter polish that I have not tried yet..  Now that I have Rock Solid, I am going to try the colors again with it and then I’ll probably share the colors in another post.  And then I’ll have another post for the China Glaze colors I picked up but haven’t used yet.

Let me know in the comment box below if my journal here has been of any interest to you at all or how it can be made more interesting to you. 

Anyways, yes on Zoya polishes and Essie Rock Solid [if you have weak nails like I do] and…

Mahalo for reading!