Monday, April 2, 2012

40 Lashes

Red Cherry 747 S

I probably have that many.

My own natural eyelashes are short, thin, and sparse.  Even with mascara, it looks like I don’t have any lashes at all.

I have lately become more used to wearing false eyelashes.  I used to wear some crazy ones for Halloween costumes and now I’ll wear more subtle ones on a regular basis.  I also have sensitive eyes, sensitive to any kind of irritation like particles or even perfumes from makeup.  The only possible irritation I face with wearing false lashes now is from eye lash glue residue after I take the lashes off but it hasn’t been too much of a problem yet. 

To get used to having them on, I first put them on at home when I didn’t have anywhere else to be.  Then I wore them out on a few occasions.  I worked out a kink I came across in wearing them to events. 

My favorite lashes so far are made by Red Cherry.  They are inexpensive and available at the local drugstore Longs’ which is very convenient for me.  They can also be found online; just google search “Red Cherry lashes.”  At the Longs’ near me, they are regularly $2.19 I think but they were recently on sale for 25% off.  I also like their packaging because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and they are easily stacked.

Red Cherry lashes come in a variety of styles, from the just-a-little-extra-volume to the super long furry bushy lashes.  I have a pair that have sparkly glitter on top of the lash hairs; they can look like dewdrops in photos.  There is also a style that has glitter along the lash line band.

My favorite everyday lashes are the 747S.  The “S” designates the length of the lashes.  I’ve seen them also in an “XS” which are shorter and I’ve bought the longer “M” recently to try out.  They give fullness and length to my own lashes and I think they still look natural, like they could be my own.  I think part of it is due to how the lashes are tied to the band; each knot flares the lashes out so that they cross over the next one a little and they’re not all of uniform lengths so the edges look a little more natural.  I think they’re all made of 100% human hair; at least the ones I have say that they are.

For taking pictures especially, I like the 79.  There’s so many lashes on this style that you don’t even see the band that they’re tied to.  It shows up so well in pictures; from far away, the 747 isn’t always noticeable but the 79 sure are!

Another popular and only slightly more expensive brand is Ardell I get them also from Longs’ for $2.99 regular price.  I have a few pairs from this brand as well.  When I want just a little boost to my own lashes, I wear the 108 or the 109.

The bottom pair in the picture, I've used already so they've been cut to fit across my eyes.  That's why they look like they have a gap in them; they're not missing lashes.

Red Cherry and Ardell are so affordable and can be used so many times [with a little care taking off excess glue] that I have not thrown away a pair yet.  One pair is finally on its last uses after about… at least 15 uses and probably more. 

NYX also have lashes sold in drugstores.  Revlon makes ones that are self-adhesive [video tutorial].   MAC and other higher end brands have lashes which I have not tried.  I don’t think lashes are where I want to spend most of my money for beauty products; others may disagree so feel free to try another brand.  I think if the local store didn’t sell RC or Ardell, I would wear false lashes only for Halloween, much like I would before.
For eyelash glue, I like the Duo brand.  I’ve been using the dark-tone one because it dries black and I think it helps with my lack of effective liner usage.  I think I might try the clear one again because I can get a few little messes and then the dark-tone tells on my mistakes.  I haven’t decided yet. 

Because my eyelids are hooded, they’ll push against the false lash band as I blink and so the lashes might come off near the ends.  I’ve been putting a little extra glue on the lash ends to help with this.  Also, if I remember to, I’ll put the lash glue tube in my travel bag for possible touch ups if so needed.  This is why I’m going to get another tube, so that I can have one in my travel bag and one at my desk. 

Here are some of my fun ones to go with costumes:

The purple ones by Morbid, I got from Hot Topic.  I only got the purple because I couldn’t find a black pair and the other colors were too obvious and not in keeping with my costume.  I found the black synthetic ones a year later or so, somehow. 

Okay, so I think a post on how I actually put false lashes on will have to be another post.  It might even be a video post though I don’t like being in front of the camara, because I have a difficult time taking photos of what I’m doing while I’m putting on lashes.  I’ve already tried to photograph it while planning such a tutorial post. 

I hope this was helpful for those like me wanting to enhance my natural lashes.  I suppose I’ll mention also that using false lashes are a more gentle and more effective way for me to have more noticeable lashes especially since my eyes are sensitive to any off-gassing perfumes from mascaras; I’m hesitant to try most mascaras. 

Thank you for reading and happy healthy fuller natural looking lashes!

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