Monday, April 30, 2012

Tip: Making Metal Rings Wearable

One can see the patina on the insides
of the rings.
I have 2 metal rings that I love but haven’t been able to wear.  One is brass and the other is copper, both of which will turn my finger green.  I wash my hands a lot, almost obsessive-compulsively, so metal rings like these have been difficult for me to wear; I often end up putting the ring in my pocket or purse and it stays there for the rest of the day.

It’s been a few months since I stumbled upon a tip for how I could wear my rings again and keep from turning green.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I came upon the tip.  I think it was from a fellow Pinterest member.  I read about the tip and couldn’t wait to test it out.

Here is the tip: coat the inside of the ring with clear nail polish.

That’s it!  Omigoodness, I cannot believe I didn’t think of it before because it’s a trick my dad would use on the face of his watches when they cracked, or my mom would use clear nail polish to stop a run in her stocking. 

And I suppose if you have a favorite color of polish, and it goes with your ring or your sense of style, you could coat the inside with a colored polish.  I don’t see why not.

Nail polish is fantastic!

The brass owl ring is from a shopping trip to Charlotte Russe.  Since doing a report on the Greek goddess Athena in the 5th (?) grade, and having watched “The Clash of the Titans” (1981 with Harry Hamlin version), I have liked owls.  Well, I thought this ring was very cute- the roundness of the owl, the sharp beak, the strong “eyebrows”- and the glasses were the kicker! 

The owl ring is also a size too big for me; it was the only size of it that they had at the time.  The nail polish tip has not only worked for the green finger thing, but also in making the big ring easier to wear because the inside is not as slippery as it was before.

The copper ring was a purchase somewhere along the college graduation trip we took in honor of my brother back in… 1997 (?).  I think I got it during the Colorado leg of the trip.  I associate the ring with the Indian cliff dwelling we visited, but not necessarily that I got it from that particular site.  It was long ago and I have an inefficient memory so don’t quote me on that part.

Anyways, I am so happy that I am able to wear these rings again!

Hope this tip was helpful for you as well.  Please leave a comment below if this has helped you or if you have a tip for me!  If you use this tip with a colored polish, please send me a picture?

Mahalo for reading!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Letter To Grounded [April 25, 2012]

I recommend subscribing to “Grounded with Ryan Dobson.”  You can find the show archives here.  

Below is a note that I sent to the show’s team.

Thank you for reading.

 Dear Grounded Team,

Thank you for today's episode on "A Simpler Faith." Even though you were talking about men, I feel like the topics talked about related to my situation as well.

Almost a year and a half ago, I left the church that I loved.

In 2008, I prayed to God saying that I was going to try it his way, to purposely learn to trust him more.  I went back to my home church, I joined the choir again, I took an adult Sunday school class, I prayed more, I read the Bible through for the first time.  And I woke up on Sundays excited to go to church- this and getting through the Bible are how I know that something in me was truly better.

In 2009, I wanted to start a ministry for the college aged group, many of whom I had gotten to know over the previous year and had counted as friends.  Things went sour fast.  I struggled with what people were doing as well as with some of the things that I was doing.  I felt very alone. 

I stuck with it (church, Bible study group, hanging out with those whom were my friends) as long as I could.  Even though I was so hurt by the things that happened, I did my best to try to reconcile with the group.  I put aside what I strongly felt we were supposed to do.

I still felt alone.  I didn’t have support either from the established church leaders whom had blessed the original plans for the ministry.

So in 2011, I left.  And the people in that church have generally made it easy for me to stay away.

I have kept my faith in God, though even that is struggling because I am still generally alone in it.  I know that my pains are with other people and not with God.  I love God.  I love the church.  I love my local church but I don’t know that I can go back there and yet I still believe that God wants me at that church.

The Grounded programs, as well as other resources, have been a great comfort and encouragement to me and for that I thank you.

 “A Simpler Faith” is now on my list of books to get and read.

Thank you,

P.S. I have already read “The Flipside of Feminism” and “ The Devil in Pew Number Seven” by your recommendations and they were GOOD.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail It

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a beauty kick lately.  I believe it is due to the influence of Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge. *wink wink*  We’re still looking to add more creative and fun people to see more creative and fun eye looks so click on the link to join us please?

Along with the beauty kick, I have gotten back into painting my nails.  I get into phases where I’m consistently wearing nail polish and then I’ll get out of the phase for awhile. 

This time around, I have found that my preference in nail polish finishes has shifted.  I used to mainly get frosted colors.  I used to be on the lookout for coppers especially. 

Now I am into creamy finishes and some glitters.  I’m looking out for a good red, like a cherry red convertible color.  I gave up some of my frosts to my mom and have been replenishing my stock with a few neutrals while I look for that red.  I buy nail polishes slowly.

I used to buy mostly Sally Hansen polishes- it’s a good drugstore brand.  Along with the switch from frosts to creams, I’m being a little adventurous by trying out a few new brands.  I’ve been watching YouTube beauty videos that have featured nail polishes and designs, so seeing the brands and colors being used has helped to convince me to try something that I haven’t yet. 

April 18th, I picked up a couple colors each of the China Glaze and the Zoya brands, both of which I haven’t tried before.  The post about the Zoya brand is already posted- read and see the photos here.   

April 20th is when I painted my nails with the two Zoya polishes that I got.  I was just so excited about the new colors. 

As I post this, April 23rd- I want to talk about how long the recent paint job has lasted.

I am not careful with my nails.  I like doing things with my hands; I do what I need to do regardless of the fact that I’ve just painted my nails; I hit and bump into things a lot.  I have dry, brittle nails that peel easily as well as that sometimes I peel them when I’m anxious.  Normally, a new coat of polish doesn’t last even an hour of looking "just done."  I just don’t give much thought to my nails even after I’ve just painted them and I'll let them chip away.

Here are the pictures of my nails today.

Right hand

Left hand

They are still looking presentable.  I am amazed.  The worst chipped nail so far is my right pointer which looks like this:

Pretty good, eh?  And as usual, I have NOT been easy on my nails yet the color has lasted so well.

Two possible factors contributed to the long wear.  The first is that I’m trying a new base coat.  The second is the Zoya polish itself- it’s a salon brand which should make it a step up from drugstore brands.  The pictures are showing each nail done with a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat.

I had a base and top coat from Sally Hansen for years- I decided that it was definitely past its prime so I threw it out.  I picked up the Rock Solid Ultimate Strength Treatment by Essie, the third new brand that I am trying.  First impression, I liked the packaging of the treatment.  Essie has several treatment polishes and the part I like is that the packaging clearly said what kinds of nails the treatment is to help- the Rock Solid is for “soft, weak nails,” which is what I have.  I was going to try a different one when I noticed that it was for “normal nails” and then I decided on the Rock Solid.  I don’t think it’s meant to be a top coat as well so I’ll pick up one of those when I can, yet for now I’m using it also as a top coat.

All of that was to say how I am so pleased with the Zoya polishes and the Essie Rock Solid Treatment. 

I don’t know if I will be able to buy the cheaper brands again.

I had also picked up and tried 2 Essie colors, and picked up an Essie luxe effect glitter polish that I have not tried yet..  Now that I have Rock Solid, I am going to try the colors again with it and then I’ll probably share the colors in another post.  And then I’ll have another post for the China Glaze colors I picked up but haven’t used yet.

Let me know in the comment box below if my journal here has been of any interest to you at all or how it can be made more interesting to you. 

Anyways, yes on Zoya polishes and Essie Rock Solid [if you have weak nails like I do] and…

Mahalo for reading!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kindle Read: The Flipside of Feminism

I heard about this book through the podcast, Grounded with Ryan Dobson.  I take a lot of recommendations from this show. 

The hosts, Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim, talked with one of the authors, Suzanne Venker.  The episode was released on June 21stof 2011. 

If you get to listening to this episode [click on the link in the previous paragraph], the first part is Ryan and Toben introducing the show and then having some small talk about personal things going on.  They talk about Rob Zombie, raising chickens and a few other things.  I find this stuff fascinating but feel free to skip to [13:29] where the interview with Venker begins.

When I received the Kindle Fire as a gift with a gift card, I felt that “The Flipside of Feminism” ought to be one of the books that I download.  Now that I have finished the book earlier this week, I’m glad that I read it. 

The description as on Forty years have passed since the so-called women's movement claimed to liberate women from preconceived notions of what it means to be female - and the results are in. The latest statistics show that as women have gained more freedom, more education, and more power, they have become less happy. In The Flipside of Feminism, Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly provide readers with a new view of women in America - casting off the ideology that preaches faux empowerment and liberation from men and marriage. Their book demonstrates that conservative women are, in fact, the most liberated women in America and the folks to whom young people should be turning for advice. Their confident and rational approach to the battle of the sexes is precisely what America needs.

Now, my review of this book could easily go for lengths.  I could go into my background and viewpoint in other posts.  I’ll just say here that I think one could say that I’m a traditionalist, conservative, I am a Christian, and that I have been confused about exactly what feminism is and whether I ought to be a feminist or not.  I’ve said things in the past about my willingness to submit to my future husband and gotten lectured about my views.  I definitely hope that I get around to writing a post on submission because I am a very strong-willed person and to say that I’d be willing to submit… it is all kinds of “huh?”

I’ll try to stay on topic of the book now.  It is 8 chapters, 3751 pages in Kindle format, including the intro and all of that.  It’s thoughtful yet readable- it doesn’t drag or wander around and cause one to feel burdened to finish it.  It contains good information that I believe is truthful.

After reading the book, I have to say that I am not a feminist.  “The Flipside of Feminism” has cleared that up for me.  It sounds good to be a feminist, cool even, maybe, but I am not a feminist.  There it is.  Before I wasn’t sure and now, I am not one and am unlikely to change my mind.

I recommend “The Flipside of Feminism” to pretty much everyone, men and women, conservative or liberal, Christian or other, Feminist or not or undecided.  Age-wise, I think people could start reading this alone from high school age and up.  It could change your mind, it might not- it’s still a good read.

I recommend listening to the interview with Suzanne Venker also.

Please let me know in the comment box below if this topic or the book interests you, if you’ve read this book, or about whatever you would like.  Leave a recommendation for a future read.  Or just to say “Hello,” leave a comment.

Thank you for reading and get your hands on a copy of “The Flipside of Feminism.”

Friday, April 20, 2012


Here is a quick nail polish entry.

Earlier this week, I went to a salon, Hino Hairstyles,  to check out a particular brand of nail polish that I have wanted to try out.  Hino was excellent for the exercise because 1) the price was clearly marked on the display board [that’s generally a must for my shopping] and 2) they had swatches of each and every polish that they have.  In general, I like seeing things in person before purchasing them.

For colors, they carry OPI, China Glaze and Zoya- I have not tried any of these brands.  They also have some other nail coat and remedy brands. 

I went in to see the China Glaze. 

I also got a couple of Zoya.  I hardly ever get anything for the name alone, especially nail colors, but if you know me well enough, you will get the reference.

And I am glad that I like these two colors, as well as that I didn't already have anything close to them. 

I wish the gold shimmer in Mieko showed better in the pictures.  I tried different angles and camara settings to no avail.  And yes, I painted the ring fingernails with the companion color.

They do not currently have a color named “Jennifer.”  *Sad face*

>>>>>>>>>If you are local to me and know of other places that sell these brands and have swatches of them, please let me know in the comments below.

>>>>>>>>>Also let me know if there is a brand or color you think would be good for me to try or is a must-have.

Thank you for reading and have a colorful day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kindle Read: The Life of Abraham Lincoln

I remember reading something, probably a blog post on Xanga, about famous people and mental disorders which mentioned Abraham Lincoln and depression.  The thought that Lincoln would have depression and how it might have manifested has stayed in my mind because Lincoln not just lived through a tough period of the United State’s history; he was the leader through that period.  I wanted to find out for myself more about the man.

My first opportunity to read more about Lincoln so far has been to read “The Life of Abraham Lincoln” by Henry Ketcham.  It is a free book for the Kindle.  41 Chapters highlight the events and character of Lincoln with each chapter being about 8-10 pages.  I read about 1 or 2 chapters a night.  This book does not go very in depth yet it is a good overview and introduction to the man: who he was, what he lived through, people’s opinions of him, etc.

For me, growing up reading and hearing about Lincoln, he’s become such a legend.  He is often portrayed in the media, that familiar tall, lanky figure with a beard and stovepipe hat.  Sometimes the portrayal is solemn, sometimes comical; after reading this book, I think it would be fair to say that he was a serious man who enjoyed humor and had a good command of it.  

And while I am no Abraham Lincoln, I find some parts resonated with me.  It seems that Lincoln had such a tender heart for people, all people, each person.  That tenderness also shows up in his grief in the idea that he has done someone wrong.  People have called me “cold-hearted” and “Ice Queen,” my good friends have said this to my face, not meaning to insult, yet I do have a tenderness for others which I have difficulty expressing.  Some of my plainness of speech, which can come off coldly, is because I don’t want to do further harm to someone by letting them go on in ignorance or illusion.  To explain this further would take some doing [another post, another time] and so I’ll wrap up this portion with saying that I could never be Lincoln but I do look to him as a role model for how I ought to think of and treat another person.

It’s difficult to know what to write about a book about Lincoln without feeling like writing a whole other book as well.  I highlighted many parts and made notes throughout the book.  I enjoyed reading Ketcham’s book and I think he did the job credibly.   

I look forward to reading more about Abraham Lincoln.  I find that this book has increased my interest in the former President.  I’m not sure my intrigue of the man could ever be fulfilled.

I recommend “The Life of Abraham Lincoln” to any US citizen, especially those who are into history, biographies, or politics. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or reading suggestion or a “hello” or a “whatever” in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tutorial: Wearing False Lashes

A pair of false lashes      [I recommend Red Cherry or Ardell; see previous related post]
Eyelash glue                    [I like Duo in Dark-tone]

Possible tools:
Scissors                            [To cut down the lashes]
Tweezers                         [To help hold the lashes while placing them]

First, you’ll want to size the lashes to fit your natural eyelash length.  Take one lash from the keeper and place it across your natural lashes.  Line them up to where you want them to be.  Cut off any extra length. 

Note: The false lashes do not have to match the length of your natural lashes exactly or completely.  For instance, you might want just a little extra volume at the outer corners of your eyes- an idea to doing this would be to take one false lash and cut it in half.  Then just use one half false lashes on each eye.

You can see in the picture to the right that I've cut this pair down.  I like cutting off any extra from the outer end.

Next, apply a thin layer of eyelash glue onto the false lashes.  Wait about 30 seconds to let the glue dry a little to tackiness. 

Note: to place the lashes on your eyes, you can hold them either with your fingers, or with a tool made to do this, or with tweezers.  I just use my fingers but tweezers may help you to see more of what you’re doing.

Starting with the center of the lashes, place them as close to your natural lash line as possible.  Then place the outer edge down and next the inner edge.  This way will help you to place the lashes where you want them without having to adjust too much or have the glue dry completely before you get them placed.

To blend the false lashes with your natural lashes, just gently press them together.  I wiggle both lashes between my fingers lightly which seems to help.

That should be it! 

Position the outer end of the lashes first.

Work your way across the eye.

Position the inner end lastly.  Make a few adjustments if
necessary so that the lashes are where you want them to
be.  Push the lash gently so that it is firmly on the eyelid.

How I look without false lashes:

How I look with false lashes:


When you’re done wearing the lashes, I don’t think there’s a “correct” way to take them off in terms of taking care of the delicate eye area.  At the end of the day, my lashes tend to be looser at the inner end, so I pull gently from that end.

To care for the false lashes, I recommend putting them away as soon as possible.  Keep them on the tray they came in to help the lashes keep their shape.  If they come off while I’m out, and I don’t have the tray with me, I will put the lashes carefully between the pages of my notebook or something like that so that I can find them when I get home; this will keep the lashes from getting bent out of shape or getting shredded by something else in my bag.

For cleaning the lashes, only every so often do I gently pull off the glue build up from the band. 


Like I had said in the previously related post, I have only started to wear false lashes on a more regular basis and I have yet to use up or have to throw out a pair.  The one I use the most, I’ve used it about 30 times now and the only sign of use is the glue on the band. 

Please comment below with any questions or comments, any other tips or instructions I might have left out.  Comment about whether you like my photos or not.  Comment about the page layout.  Comment about whatever you’d like!

And please join us for Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge on Facebook!  We have one new member last week and looking for more to participate!

Thank you for reading and happy long lashes!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diamond Candles: Get $5 Off

Review and photos of my previous Diamond Candles

Discount link for $5 off your purchase of Diamond Candles

Mothers Day is in a little less than a month.  Why not get her a spring-scented candle from Diamond Candles? 

Click the first link above to read my review of two candles I had bought during the winter and you can get an idea of whether or not this would interest you for yourself or someone you know.

If it does interest you, click the second link above to get $5 off your purchase!  The offer is only valid until April 18, 2012 at 12:26 am, so I am posting this as soon as possible from receiving it.

And if you buy a candle using the discount link above, I will also get $5 off of my next purchase.

I'm still waiting for them to come out with a caramel scented candle.  Until then, I'm going to try something from their new spring line scents!

Their new spring line includes:

Hawaiian Coconut
Honeydew Melon
Pomegranate Lemonade
Tropical Retreat

Or if those don't entice you, try one of their other scents!

Even though it's getting warmer, I still like having a few candles around for those rainy cool nights or, heaven forbid, for during a power outage.  I only have one candle in stock right this moment so I've ordered Honeysuckle from Diamond Candles.

Thank you for reading and happy shopping for Mothers Day or other gifts!

Monday, April 2, 2012

40 Lashes

Red Cherry 747 S

I probably have that many.

My own natural eyelashes are short, thin, and sparse.  Even with mascara, it looks like I don’t have any lashes at all.

I have lately become more used to wearing false eyelashes.  I used to wear some crazy ones for Halloween costumes and now I’ll wear more subtle ones on a regular basis.  I also have sensitive eyes, sensitive to any kind of irritation like particles or even perfumes from makeup.  The only possible irritation I face with wearing false lashes now is from eye lash glue residue after I take the lashes off but it hasn’t been too much of a problem yet. 

To get used to having them on, I first put them on at home when I didn’t have anywhere else to be.  Then I wore them out on a few occasions.  I worked out a kink I came across in wearing them to events. 

My favorite lashes so far are made by Red Cherry.  They are inexpensive and available at the local drugstore Longs’ which is very convenient for me.  They can also be found online; just google search “Red Cherry lashes.”  At the Longs’ near me, they are regularly $2.19 I think but they were recently on sale for 25% off.  I also like their packaging because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and they are easily stacked.

Red Cherry lashes come in a variety of styles, from the just-a-little-extra-volume to the super long furry bushy lashes.  I have a pair that have sparkly glitter on top of the lash hairs; they can look like dewdrops in photos.  There is also a style that has glitter along the lash line band.

My favorite everyday lashes are the 747S.  The “S” designates the length of the lashes.  I’ve seen them also in an “XS” which are shorter and I’ve bought the longer “M” recently to try out.  They give fullness and length to my own lashes and I think they still look natural, like they could be my own.  I think part of it is due to how the lashes are tied to the band; each knot flares the lashes out so that they cross over the next one a little and they’re not all of uniform lengths so the edges look a little more natural.  I think they’re all made of 100% human hair; at least the ones I have say that they are.

For taking pictures especially, I like the 79.  There’s so many lashes on this style that you don’t even see the band that they’re tied to.  It shows up so well in pictures; from far away, the 747 isn’t always noticeable but the 79 sure are!

Another popular and only slightly more expensive brand is Ardell I get them also from Longs’ for $2.99 regular price.  I have a few pairs from this brand as well.  When I want just a little boost to my own lashes, I wear the 108 or the 109.

The bottom pair in the picture, I've used already so they've been cut to fit across my eyes.  That's why they look like they have a gap in them; they're not missing lashes.

Red Cherry and Ardell are so affordable and can be used so many times [with a little care taking off excess glue] that I have not thrown away a pair yet.  One pair is finally on its last uses after about… at least 15 uses and probably more. 

NYX also have lashes sold in drugstores.  Revlon makes ones that are self-adhesive [video tutorial].   MAC and other higher end brands have lashes which I have not tried.  I don’t think lashes are where I want to spend most of my money for beauty products; others may disagree so feel free to try another brand.  I think if the local store didn’t sell RC or Ardell, I would wear false lashes only for Halloween, much like I would before.
For eyelash glue, I like the Duo brand.  I’ve been using the dark-tone one because it dries black and I think it helps with my lack of effective liner usage.  I think I might try the clear one again because I can get a few little messes and then the dark-tone tells on my mistakes.  I haven’t decided yet. 

Because my eyelids are hooded, they’ll push against the false lash band as I blink and so the lashes might come off near the ends.  I’ve been putting a little extra glue on the lash ends to help with this.  Also, if I remember to, I’ll put the lash glue tube in my travel bag for possible touch ups if so needed.  This is why I’m going to get another tube, so that I can have one in my travel bag and one at my desk. 

Here are some of my fun ones to go with costumes:

The purple ones by Morbid, I got from Hot Topic.  I only got the purple because I couldn’t find a black pair and the other colors were too obvious and not in keeping with my costume.  I found the black synthetic ones a year later or so, somehow. 

Okay, so I think a post on how I actually put false lashes on will have to be another post.  It might even be a video post though I don’t like being in front of the camara, because I have a difficult time taking photos of what I’m doing while I’m putting on lashes.  I’ve already tried to photograph it while planning such a tutorial post. 

I hope this was helpful for those like me wanting to enhance my natural lashes.  I suppose I’ll mention also that using false lashes are a more gentle and more effective way for me to have more noticeable lashes especially since my eyes are sensitive to any off-gassing perfumes from mascaras; I’m hesitant to try most mascaras. 

Thank you for reading and happy healthy fuller natural looking lashes!