Friday, March 30, 2012

Update [March 30, 2012]

Ah, I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, as usual.  I get into a writing and posting mode and I think I’ll start posting regularly and all of that.  Sigh.  I apologize. 

And thank you if you are still following this even though I’m irregular with it!
Entertainment Update:

I saw posts from online friends raving about “Once Upon A Time,” one of the storybook themed shows on a network [Full episodes online].   While “Criminal Minds” was on reruns a couple of weeks, I decided to check OUAT out to see it for myself.  I am enjoying it immensely!  I watched the pilot and whatever episodes were also online, so I missed a few in between. 

The basic premise is that the Evil Queen has banished all the storybook characters to a town in our world, Storybrooke, Maine.  [Sidenote: Stephen King is from Maine and bases several of his stories there- makes me want to visit the state and experience the setting firsthand because I’m starting to think it’s a creatively inspiring and possibly magical place]  Most of the characters don’t seem to remember who they truly are… but a few might.  An example is that Snow White is a schoolteacher in our world where she’s called Mary Margaret Blanchard and probably doesn’t remember she’s really Snow White.  I suspect that Rumpelstiltskin remembers their world but they haven't explicitly made that clear yet in the episodes that I have watched.

In my opinion, the premise is good, the writing is well done, the casting has been wonderfully chosen, the parts well acted….  The storybook lines are interwoven with the “our world” plot.  Some of what we know from the stories is played with; to understand this, a good episode to watch is “Hat Trick,” which gives a different interpretation of the Mad Hatter from Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  I think I might buy the DVDs when they come out, and when I can afford them.

On YouTube, I sometimes watch NigaHiga’sChannel.  From there, I became more a fan of KevJumba.  Recently, I have been liking ChesterSee as well after the song “Bromance” he did with the two previously mentioned.  They are funny and Chester is so musically talented.

Months ago I had written a post on my latest music purchases.  You haven’t seen the post because I somehow messed up the post and lost the content.  I haven’t been up to rewriting it yet though I hope to do it soon.  I like finding new-to-me music from people I know or follow and some of it I think is worth passing on to you, my readers.  Especially lately, I haven’t been into a lot of what is mainstream music so I have been enjoying the search for new stuff that I’ll like from sources other than the radio or the main YouTube searches.   

I did post about the newest addition to my “Oh Holy Night” crew here; that one didn’t get messed up or lost in the posting.  
Favorite Faces:

I did not do this justice.  I just wanted
to eat and paused just long enough to
photo it to thank Aunty Sue.
Tra got married earlier this year.  Recently Apple visited for another friend’s wedding.  I hope to share with you their visits at some point soon because they are among my favorite peoples in the universe.  Rachel and I did some painting fun too [which reminds me- Rachel would like a cool nickname too- working on it]. 

Recently, Mom and Dad both had medical checkups.  They are fine.  They went in the same week and so they were both kind of on rest a few days.  Anyways, I think it was because of this that Aunty Sue blessed our family one night during that week with some home cooked meals!  She just called up one night and then stopped by with delicious lasagna that I scarfed down, and I think there was also a corned beef cabbage that Mom ate on another day.  I’m not sure what other goodies Aunty Sue brought over but there might have been more.  If not for her blessing, I would have probably have had PB and graham crackers for dinner, which I will do sometimes just because I enjoy PB&GC.  CHUNKY PB.  Well, it was much appreciated Aunty Sue!

My baby kitty, Megamouth, has been hanging out in the bathroom.  I’ve found her sleeping in the tub, sleeping in the sink, sitting on the toilet …with the lid closed!  Haha, she’s NOT potty trained yet, too bad and I think she’s too small.  She’d fall in every time probably.

Who wouldn't have this
as their favorite face?!
Speaking of favorite faces, mine just might be one of your favorites.  I think that’s a bit crazy yet possible.  So, I have started to write a skincare update post because I’m trying a few new things.  I am taking two courses at the U- I am old.  I know.  My leg has been cranky since it has been cold and crazy weather here lately but I am still walking fine.  Need to get to the gym [insert encouragement for me here].

If you’d like to see more of my face, what a crazy idea, check out this previous post and join us for Holla’s EyeMakeup Challenge.  Check it out and share it with a friend, a few friends, ... bombard us with more people and more entries!  Go for it!  

Yahaira and I have gone through one round of the current themes and are trying to think up more to keep the activity going!  It has been fun and is the reason that I’ve been motivated to update my skincare regimen.

That is it for now.  Pretty much I just wanted to say “Hello” since I didn’t post a new one in over a week. 

And this is my uneasiness with me and journaling- because I’ve always been one for… highly respecting people who do what they say they will, people whose words one can trust most of the time because they follow through.  In recent years, I've been let down a lot by others regarding this aspect.  

Myself, I keep that in mind to practice and I’m trying to be more consistent in my beliefs translating into my actions, and I know no one is perfect in this regard and I won’t be perfect either.  I am not going to be discouraged from improving myself though. 

I say I will post more consistently or that I will write this or that particular post and yet, it doesn’t happen.  I’m sure some of you are understanding about it yet still, I want to be a woman of my word.  …which means, in terms of this journal, I will probably be declaring less so that I won’t carry the guilt of “oh no, I said I would write this and I didn’t!” or “I said I would post at least once a week but it’s been over 2 months!”  I’m very sensitive to guilt; I guilt myself a lot on things and need to constantly remind myself to be easier on me, to just do better from this moment on.  

All that to say...

Thank you for reading!*
Bathroom Sink Mega, and no,
she doesn't like to be washed.

*Unedited version of the ending said something like "Thank you for reading and see you next time!"  Let's hope there is a next time...  *wink*

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