Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPRING Cleaning In Deed

Should say Apr/ May/ June.
Tough luck, Corner

My mom does this thing to help one remember to flip their mattress. 

At one corner, she writes “Jan/ Feb/ March.”  Then she flips it over long-ways and on the corner that faces her now she writes “Apr/ May/ June.”  A rotation and that corner gets “July/ Aug/ Sept.”  A flip over short-ways and that corner reads “Oct/ Nov/ Dec.”

Whatever month it is, it should read correctly in the corner.  Pretty good for wearing a mattress down rather evenly [depending on size, mattress type, and number of persons using it, probably]. 

In the last few years, I’ve been following the mattress schedule pretty well. 

It’s soon to be April [as I write this] and so I did some bedding laundry and flipped the mattress over.  As I lifted the mattress to one side, I noticed that the box spring fabric was slightly torn.  I wondered that maybe Mega scratched it up one of those times she’s gone under my bed.  I finished flipping the mattress over. 

 Then I saw it.

Right in the middle of the mattress, a spring stuck out, the pointy end of it.  I’d say that wasn’t going to be good for my back.

Dad said I can look around for a brand new mattress.

Well, I guess it’s about time- I’ve had that same mattress for a few decades, taking care of it as best I could of course.  And it was a hand-me-down from someone else before I got it. 

So if I get an entirely brand new mattress, it will be either the first or second of my lifetime, depending on if the mattresses in the bunk bed Grampa built for us was brand new at the time or not.

I stuck some putty over the spring end and stuck it back in.  I took a sheet of thick felt, folded it over a few times, placed it over the hole and then duct taped the hole. 

It totally looks like I’m stashing something in the mattress!

So I flipped the mattress back over again for  the spring to stick downwards just in case.  My corner is telling me that I’m on the wrong month.  Tough luck, Corner. 

Dad said I should’ve taped sturdy cardboard or something instead.  I took a shipping box and put that between the mattress and the box spring.

My bed actually feels new now, haha.  It’s like it used to be, firm.  It's how I liked it to be.


Thank you for reading and thank God the spring didn’t tear up my back before I caught it!

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