Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Potential Business

When I was still very young, maybe around 10 years old, Grandma came for a visit.  One afternoon, she took Mom and I to Bead It! and let me pick out what I wanted.  I don’t remember all of what I had picked out that day but it included a strand of blue acrylic leaf beads and one of blue flower beads.

They sat in my rooms for years after I realized how much money Grandma had spent on me.  I know she did it gladly and generously yet that is a part of why those beads are just so special to me. 

My collection of beads has grown over the years.  Slowly I have been working on the craft of beaded jewelry, earrings mostly and a few necklaces here and there.  I have mostly given things I’ve made to friends as gifts.  I’ve traded a piece with a co-worker… in return for a few dollars….  At one time, Mom had volunteered her hands to help me make a real business of my jewelry, yet I haven’t been so confident in thinking that people would want to buy my pieces.

… until recently, the confidence has been growing, with the encouragement of friends, online friends I have met in the last few years, and other friends I’ve reconnected with over Facebook.

I’m still a bit hesitant though stepping closer to really doing this, selling jewelry that I make.  So I suppose I ought to write about this as things go. 

The photos are glimpses of pieces I've made.  

The top one is a pair of earrings- a 2 inch gold chain with 3 acrylic green leaves linked on the end.  I wear this pair myself.  The leaves make a soft chime-like sound when I move my head. 

The middle one is another pair of earrings that I wear myself.  This is one of my favorite blue pieces.  In it I used 2 colors of Swarovski crystal bicone beads in 2 sizes, silver daisy findings, and swirly blue... I'm not exactly sure how to describe the shape of them.  They're sort of swirly opaque faceted nugget beads...?  

The third pic is showing the bottom third of a pair of earrings, probably the most recent and fanciest design I have made yet.  I was inspired by cherry blossoms and used small pink acrylic flowers, medium white acrylic flowers, iridescent clear sequins, white Swarovski crystal bicones, sterling silver flower bead caps, and salmon twisted, fluted beads.  

I suppose another reason I've been a bit hesitant is that if I am to sell something, I want it to be of good quality and I want to know the most that I can about a craft, along with continual learning of the craft as well.  I want to be able to do this with the best of my ability.

With that in mind, I need to brush up on the bead shapes, types, sizes, and the different findings.  Prices too.  I should start thinking about investing in a few good tools as things progress.  Oh my, so much to think about!  

And I want this to be something of which Grandma would have been proud.

So, what do you think so far?  Potential?  Any ideas or advice?  I would especially need business advice as I do not know so much about running a business.

Thank you for reading and please leave comments below!

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