Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introduction to Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge

Every so often, I like to do something with my makeup whether I’m going out or not [many times not].  It’s only been about the last 8 years or so that I have been wearing makeup, and still not every day or regularly at that. Making up my face has become another creative outlet for me when I need to do something creative.  It’s odd sometimes because I’ll even go hang out with a friend, and having done my eyes a little dramatically but not my lips and wearing jeans, slippers and a T-shirt. 

Sometimes I would take a photo of my eye makeup and sometimes post it on FB.  The photo can remind me of a certain look that I liked and how I did it so that I can do it again. 

And sometimes someone will comment or like the photo. 

Almost a year ago, I made a friend online.  She also posts her creative arts, which also includes makeup looks.  I think she’s more creative than I am.  Plus, she’s gorgeous!

I started a photo album titled “Dedicated to Yahaira” with the description: “For my beautiful friend Yahaira who bullied me into this, teasing my Asian eyes...     Haha- really because she is gorgeous and is inspirational for so many things which include fun makeup shots :)”  She had made many notes mainly about the lack of eyelash presence in my photos- she makes me laugh quite often!

I do have very short and sparse eyelashes.  :/  Anyways, so then Yahaira said she wanted “fire eyes!”  So I did a “fire” look with my eye makeup.  Then she’d make other idea suggestions… and I HAD to do them because it was fun!

So all of that turned into Yahaira’s fantastic idea of an eye makeup challenge.  She asked me to help her with putting it together but really it is all her amazingly creative ideas- really I haven't done much other than to participate and give suggestions... the product of which is…

And I will write and post a description of it… soon.

My avatar- isn't she pretty?
They make fun that she's not
wearing any pants. I say
they're my swim bottoms
but no one buys that.
“Holla” is one of the avatars that Yahaira uses in the online game we both play.  Many times, friends from that game call each other by the avatar name and it’s just fun to do!  Another inside joke in the game we play has to do with how we are able to dress up our avatars…  which is why I started playing that game- in order to drool over clothes that I will never have in real life...  Anyways, Holla loves to laugh and she will dress… interestingly.  For instance, she might put the “Lion King” makeup on Holla, the look which is modeled after Rafiki; then I would leave her a comment like, “You’ve got something on your face.”  Okay, I don’t know if I explained that well- I smile whenever I think of it.

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for the challenge- better yet, join us!