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Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge: Join us!

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Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge [a Facebook open group]

The description and a few FAQ:
Holla’s Eye Makeup Challenge
Hey Ladies, this challenge is to have some fun (No professional skills needed) 
I want to join in the fun, what do I have to do? Simple, you just upload a picture of your makeup according to the day you are in the challenge (you don’t need to show your whole face if you don’t want to). The only rule, to have fun 
But, I don’t know how to do a pretty makeup :( No worries we won’t judge you and the best part is, by doing this challenge you practice and polish your skills, brighten your mood and eliminate stress. 

Theme Challenges by day (artistic license approved, do what you think the challenge is)
You must write a small description of what your idea of the theme is : )
(follow the -> LINK to upload your photo to the respective album)
Day 1: FIRE Eyes->
Day 2: Everything turns to ICE->
Day 3: FAIRY Land->
Day 4: What a cute Lil’ DOLL ->
Day 5: My favorite FLOWER->
Day 6: CANDY Mania ->
Day 7: Something BLUE ->
Day 8: FANTASY Island ->
Day 9: At night I turn to the DARK side ->
Day 10: My favorite CARTOON ->
Day 11: Turned to METAL ->
Day 12: MASQUERADE ball ->

Here’s what to do:

1. Ask to join the group. 

Anyone can join.  Usually either Yahaira or I [or both] will be online every day and can respond in a timely manner.  We’d like to keep it a positive and safe environment. 

2. Start with Day 1 and create a look for that day, “FIRE Eyes.” 

As related in the description, this is mainly about the eyes.  We have some friends whom are shy and cautious about showing their whole faces- we understand and it’s okay!

If you would prefer, and you have a willing partner, you may also use someone as your model.  We have one person already doing so.

3. Upload a photo of your look into the Day 1 album.

4. Continue on to Day 2, repeating steps 2 and 3 for each day’s theme.

Please try to go through the days in order; in this way a day won’t be skipped.  If you get inspired by a theme days ahead of where you are, do the look, take the photos, but don’t upload the photo until you reach that day.  For instance, if you come up with a Day 8 look but your next look is supposed to be Day 3, wait until you’ve reached Day 8 to upload your saved look photo.

Even though they are ordered as Day 1, Day 2, etc., you do not have to do them on consecutive days.  For instance, if you begin on a Wednesday for Day 1, you do not necessarily have to do Day 2 on the following Thursday, Day 3 on Friday, and so on.  We realize that real life takes priority and so you can execute the challenge days at your own pace. 

That is pretty much it I think.  Other than that, you may send in theme suggestions.  Currently there are 12 themes and we would like to expand that to keep the group going along.  Makeup tips are welcome. 

Take a look around and enjoy each other’s looks!

If there are any questions or comments, you may leave them in the comment box below, message me on Facebook, or post it to the group [others may have the same question].  Suggestions on how to organize the group are also welcome; we’ve already had some helpful advice that has been implemented.

Thank you and I hope to see you in the challenge!

Can you guess what the theme was? 

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