Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brush Holder Tutorial

*I wrote this as a MAKEUP brush holder, but this project could be used for other things as well.  I mention using a second one as a pen holder; another idea could be to make one for paintbrushes, etc.  So even if you’re not into makeup or don’t need a makeup brush holder, please check out the tutorial anyway and perhaps you’ll come up with an idea that you could use.


If you have been into a Sephora store, you might have noticed the section of brushes and how they are displayed.  The brushes are standing up in clear boxes filled with small beads; the beads are what allows the brushes to stand upright rather than to lay crowded on each other.  It looks quite nice and many people have done their own versions.   

To buy a nice ready-made brush holder, check out Glitzy Glam.  They come personalized with your initial among a colorful design and a bag of beads. 

I made my own brush holder because I just needed the beads and I love do-it-yourself projects.  I'm writing about my holder because I had posted a photo of it on my Facebook and a friend said she might do the same; I thought I would record my experience in a post, including a few pointers.  Here is how I put mine together  >

The materials you could find in most craft stores.  You will need some kind of container, so a glass or plastic jar, perhaps a plastic or clay cup, whatever will suit you; a bag of beads to fill the container; and additional decorations if you would like.

For my holder, I am repurposing a glass cup from a candle I had burned.  It’s heavy enough to stay put and it looks pretty after I had cleaned it up from the wax and soot.  I just have to be mindful to keep it away from my cats.

Photo of advertisement
by Ben Franklin Crafts.
For the beads, I went to Ben FranklinCrafts.  They had a sale going on beads which are more commonly used in floral arrangements.  The one I picked out are ¼” half rounds in yellow.  It was the only size they had on the shelf that was in yellow. 

The ¼” works fine but a size smaller might be a bit better in terms of the ease in moving brushes around.  Or maybe full round beads would do better also.  The half rounds were just what I found at the time that I went to the store.  

Another good alternative might be seed beads in about a size 4.  I have a supply of seed beads but am not exactly sure where I have them stashed at the moment or I would have tested it out before suggesting them.  I am sure they would do fine as well.  I saw on YouTube that someone had used coffee beans, so it’s okay to be creative with the filler choice.  Also, if you are using an opaque container, like a clay cup, then the color of the filler doesn’t matter as much as when using a transparent glass container like the one I used.

Then all I did was to fill the glass cup with the half round beads.  I filled the cup to a little past halfway. 

Do not fill the container all the way or too close to the top.  When sticking the brushes into the filler, the filler is going to displace some and will spill out of the container if filled too much. 

Here is the finished result, including my makeup brushes. 

I don’t have a lot of brushes so I also stick my makeup pencils in it.  I propped my favorite tweezers on the edge.  I think it’s quite a neat way to store or display the brushes and pencils, and not having to dig around for the particular one I want to use.

I had extra glass cups and enough beads to fill another cup, so I did so.  I am sticking in pens and markers and a few other random things into the second holder.  I might buy another bag of beads and make another one for my paintbrushes…. 

If you’re using a plain container, you could further personalize it by using ribbon, stickers, or paint.  I have some pretty ribbons I use for card-making or other crafts; I haven’t decided yet if one of the ribbons I already have will go with the yellow or if I’ll look around for other ideas. 

Anyways, that is my tutorial for a DIY makeup brush holder.  All totaled, not counting the cost of the glass cup or the candle that came in it, I spent less than $10 for the project, which was the cost of the beads.  I hope you found this post helpful. 

Thank you for reading.

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