Monday, February 6, 2012

Reaction to Super Bowl XLVI

I was rooting for the Giants.

But I was uneasy about making a prediction.

On one side were the New England Patriots whom have played good football year after year for many years now.  Whatever your personal opinion on Coach Belichick, you’d have to admit that he is a good coach. 

I like certain individuals on the Patriots, like Wes Welker.  I love watching him in games and on replay clips, the way he just busts his body to get the assignment done and then some.

On the other side were the New York Giants.  They struggled some during the year but when they played well, they played tough.

I like individual players on almost any team probably.  On the Giants, I like Eli Manning’s calm on the field.  He gets knocked down and he gets back up.  He gets ready for the next play.  He shows very little frustration on the surface; who knows if he’s frustrated on the inside at all.  He doesn’t celebrate the little things but will get excited after a touchdown. 

So why the Giants?  I’m not a fan of either as a team.  I like the way the Giants all together work hard.  They don’t seem to get overly cocky.  I’d pick Eli over Brady any time. 

Although I tend to go for underdogs, it is not the rule.  It’s tough to say that there was an underdog in this game.  The Patriots generally play well.  The Giants beat the Patriots 4 years ago during the Patriots quest for a perfect season.  This season, the Giants had a rough season but they had beaten the Patriots. 

So the Patriots had a lot of motivation to win this championship.

And I had a notion that they might.  I still rooted for the Giants.

This is probably the first time I’ve watched the Super Bowl for the game and not the commercials.  In fact, I didn’t watch a lot of the commercials but used the breaks to get food or to refill my drink.  I wanted to see The Game.

I told you, I cannot write sports.  It was a great game.  The Giants won again.  Eli has gotten now two rings in 5 years.  Not bad for Peyton’s little brother.

I looked up some of the commercials online.  I like the Honda “Matthew’s Day Off” commercial, a take off of Broderick’s movie, “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.” 

Halftime show- Madonna.

Best Halftime I’ve seen in a while!  I did not see the Janet fiasco from years back.  The shows since then seemed to have been bringing back acts whom we haven’t seen in awhile, people who are good old rock bands.

Madonna was pretty classy compared to the exhibitions she’s usually known for.  I liked that there were some surprising touches to her performance, giving respect to the fact of performing for a big sporting event.  She had cheerleading-type touches to the choreography, part of the stage were bleachers that they danced on, a marching band drummers unit came on [HOW DO YOU GET ON THAT UNIT?!].  I don’t care for too many of the guest performers she had, like LMFAO and Nicki Minaj- I guess I’m not cool like that and I’m okay being uncool.

All throughout, I was waiting for the Madonna shocker.  Especially when the music started for “Like a Prayer.”  And nothing.  No big shocker.  Which, I’m okay with, by the way! Lol

So good job Madonna! 

Commercials mostly aren’t what they used to be- it’s okay to be entertaining but sell the product too.  That’s what you’re paid for and it’s best if you don’t insult the audience’s intelligence while doing so.  That’s my opinion.

Enjoyed the Madonna Halftime show.

Yay Giants!

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