Monday, February 13, 2012

Much Ado About You… and Me?!

When it came time for Christmas gifts, I decided to send some planners and calendars out as gifts to those I thought would appreciate a personalized paper planner [as opposed to keeping appointments and such on a pda]. 

I picked up a planner for myself too!  *wink*

The planners and calendar were hits!  I gave out a small planner, a teacher’s planner, and a wall calendar.  I got a small planner for myself and it has exceeded my expectations!

Allow me to take you through mine…

The planner is spiral bound.  It includes a plastic cover to protect it.  Out of 12 designs available at the time [they change periodically], I chose the “Audrey” design for myself [I love the combination of yellow and grey]. 

Recently, the cover sheet and the tabs became wet.  I just let it dry out and the cover and tabs are still intact!  They did not soften or weaken at all.  Wonderful, because I can be rough on my notebooks.

Inside, it has a professional cover page with MAAY’s logo and info plus a spot to fill in my info.  Then a 2012 overview page. 

At the tab is the month’s planning page.  It includes the previous, current, and next month’s overview, a funny/cute/motivational saying, and a space for misc. notes.  The next page begins the weekly planning, set out by hours and including a space for misc. notes.  

One can order a month-only planner instead if one prefers.

The planners are for 12-month periods.  After the 12th month’s pages comes a 2-page planning for the next year, the overview for the next year [2013 in this case], a page for contact info, and note pages with various motivational prompts.  The last sheet is a 2-sided folio pocket.

And then the back cover which is also gorgeous and protected by lamination.


MAAY ran a special for Cyber Monday- buy a planner and get The Whole Shebang Add-on package for free.    Without knowing about the special, I had ordered on Cyber Monday anyway, and so I hadn’t specified the special when I ordered.  When I realized the special, I thought I should probably order those later maybe- I was preparing to be satisfied with the planner either way.

And to my pleasant surprise, each of my ordered products came with the Whole Shebang! 

The Whole Shebang add-on includes a notebook and a book marker [coordinated with the planner] and a pen loop attachment [The pencil in the photo is a promotional MAAY pencil that occupied the pen loop]. The notebook also has a folio pocket on the back cover.

So not only does MAAY make great products, they also have great customer service!

Check them out for your planner needs or send one as a gift!

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[Click on photos for a larger view][I am not getting any special consideration for this post.  I just really like their products and passing it on by "word-of-mouth," internet style!]

Thank you for reading and let’s plan something!

*02/29/2012: I had earlier written that I had gotten a "medium" day planner. It has been corrected to a "small" day planner, 6" x 6.5".  I realized this when I repurchased a planner in  the pre-sale which begins TODAY! 

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