Friday, February 24, 2012

It Can Be Much Ado About You…Too!

Emmy at MAAY is considering closing shop… but not just yet! 

A few days after posting an endorsement entry [click here to read it and see more photos], I learned from MAAY’s blog that they will be holding a PRE-SALE to the next line of designs in order to save Much Ado About You’s planner line.  

Emmy would like to have 200 planners sold during this pre-sale; $5 off the prices, from FEBRUARY 29th to MARCH 4th, and choice of a planner running from Jan- Dec or Aug- July [clickhere for more info on the pre-sale].

Then if you decide to order [please do!], click here for more info on the how to get a sneak peek of the pre-sale listings!

MAAY also will be moving the planner portion of the business to a new shop here  while keeping the new Printable line open on Etsy.

If you’re planning on purchasing a planner for someone else [please do too!], there will be an option to purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE!  A wonderful idea!  Help someone you love get organized and they’ll be able to choose the design that they want!

Get ready to shop!  Pre-sale opens in just a few days!

Thank you for reading!

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