Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Emmy at Much Ado About You: New Instructions for Pre-Sale

I'm getting ready to purchase my next Much Ado About You planner during their pre-sale! Are you ready?

The PRE-SALE begins TOMORROW, Wednesday!

Also, if you think of someone you know whom would like a planner, there will be gift certificates that you can get for them.

Emmy at MAAY would like to sell at least 200 planners and appointment books or it looks like she may have to close down the shop. This would make me sad as I've just gotten to love my planner from MAAY, being picky as I am.

Thank you for reading and please shop MAAY tomorrow!


* Please click the link below for Emmy's note
Much Ado About You: New Instructions for Pre-Sale: I hit a little snafu today when making the final preparations for the Pre-Sale and realized the entire system I had planned was not going t...

Friday, February 24, 2012

It Can Be Much Ado About You…Too!

Emmy at MAAY is considering closing shop… but not just yet! 

A few days after posting an endorsement entry [click here to read it and see more photos], I learned from MAAY’s blog that they will be holding a PRE-SALE to the next line of designs in order to save Much Ado About You’s planner line.  

Emmy would like to have 200 planners sold during this pre-sale; $5 off the prices, from FEBRUARY 29th to MARCH 4th, and choice of a planner running from Jan- Dec or Aug- July [clickhere for more info on the pre-sale].

Then if you decide to order [please do!], click here for more info on the how to get a sneak peek of the pre-sale listings!

MAAY also will be moving the planner portion of the business to a new shop here  while keeping the new Printable line open on Etsy.

If you’re planning on purchasing a planner for someone else [please do too!], there will be an option to purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE!  A wonderful idea!  Help someone you love get organized and they’ll be able to choose the design that they want!

Get ready to shop!  Pre-sale opens in just a few days!

Thank you for reading!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Much Ado About You… and Me?!

When it came time for Christmas gifts, I decided to send some planners and calendars out as gifts to those I thought would appreciate a personalized paper planner [as opposed to keeping appointments and such on a pda]. 

I picked up a planner for myself too!  *wink*

The planners and calendar were hits!  I gave out a small planner, a teacher’s planner, and a wall calendar.  I got a small planner for myself and it has exceeded my expectations!

Allow me to take you through mine…

The planner is spiral bound.  It includes a plastic cover to protect it.  Out of 12 designs available at the time [they change periodically], I chose the “Audrey” design for myself [I love the combination of yellow and grey]. 

Recently, the cover sheet and the tabs became wet.  I just let it dry out and the cover and tabs are still intact!  They did not soften or weaken at all.  Wonderful, because I can be rough on my notebooks.

Inside, it has a professional cover page with MAAY’s logo and info plus a spot to fill in my info.  Then a 2012 overview page. 

At the tab is the month’s planning page.  It includes the previous, current, and next month’s overview, a funny/cute/motivational saying, and a space for misc. notes.  The next page begins the weekly planning, set out by hours and including a space for misc. notes.  

One can order a month-only planner instead if one prefers.

The planners are for 12-month periods.  After the 12th month’s pages comes a 2-page planning for the next year, the overview for the next year [2013 in this case], a page for contact info, and note pages with various motivational prompts.  The last sheet is a 2-sided folio pocket.

And then the back cover which is also gorgeous and protected by lamination.


MAAY ran a special for Cyber Monday- buy a planner and get The Whole Shebang Add-on package for free.    Without knowing about the special, I had ordered on Cyber Monday anyway, and so I hadn’t specified the special when I ordered.  When I realized the special, I thought I should probably order those later maybe- I was preparing to be satisfied with the planner either way.

And to my pleasant surprise, each of my ordered products came with the Whole Shebang! 

The Whole Shebang add-on includes a notebook and a book marker [coordinated with the planner] and a pen loop attachment [The pencil in the photo is a promotional MAAY pencil that occupied the pen loop]. The notebook also has a folio pocket on the back cover.

So not only does MAAY make great products, they also have great customer service!

Check them out for your planner needs or send one as a gift!

Much Ado About You's blog - get updates on the product line, turnaround time, specials and more!

Much Ado About You's Shop on Etsy

[Click on photos for a larger view][I am not getting any special consideration for this post.  I just really like their products and passing it on by "word-of-mouth," internet style!]

Thank you for reading and let’s plan something!

*02/29/2012: I had earlier written that I had gotten a "medium" day planner. It has been corrected to a "small" day planner, 6" x 6.5".  I realized this when I repurchased a planner in  the pre-sale which begins TODAY! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

To Make A Short Story Long

Lord, please continue to remind me of practicing and growing patience because I just messed up.

I went to the fridge late at night to sneak an ice cream snack.  This would be just a little while ago from posting this so happened [to me] Friday night [but actually after midnight so Saturday].  Mom must have heard me ‘cuz she called my name.  I stopped just before the hallway, waiting for her to tell me what she wanted me to know.

She starts telling me about a lunch she recently had with The Aunties.

I’m half listening and half thinking about my ice cream.  It’s one of those fudge bars on a stick kind.

Mom pauses a lot when she’s telling a story, trying to tell it to make sense.  She was pausing a lot this time… taking about a minute for each 10-second thought… for about 30 thoughts.  If I did that right, it comes to about 3 minutes? 

I know, 3 minutes?  That is not a long time.

It could mean forever for melting ice cream. 

I’m also thinking that I’m helping Mom finish sooner by asking quick, leading questions or making quick statements to what I think she’s trying to tell me.

Which causes another 30 thoughts. 

Basically, Mom thought she made a faux pas of mentioning something to an Aunty who got hurt because she felt left out but thought about it and did some investigating and found out that she had no reason to be hurt because she wasn’t left out because someone else misfiled her notice.  So, in the end, there was nothing for me or Mom to do because it turned out alright. 

As soon as I thought she was done [she might not have actually been done but I won’t know now unless she tells me everything again another time which is quite possibly going to happen], I headed for my room.

My ice cream was soft but still intact and enjoyable.

Oh, I used to be much worse.  I sometimes AM much worse still.  Sigh.

I think I tend to do that with other people as well.  I am so sorry and…
Mom tried every trick to have
me stop sucking on my thumb.
I wonder sometimes if she
regrets having broken my habit.

…with God’s help, “I’m not gonna be that way anymore,” as Patsy Clairmont says!

To help me with this, please kindly remind me that you’d like me to listen and to not interrupt you.  Thank you!

To make a long story short: Mom tends to make a short story long, yet it’s important to her in order to have a connection with me and I ought to honor her by having more patience and listening.

Thank you for reading!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Untitled [2012.02.10]

I have no witty title for this post.  It’s just not funny at all.

My heart is heavily sad recently. 

I have lost a lot of respect for an old friend.

And I get it- who am I that anyone should care to have my respect in the first place?

Good point. 

Let me try to describe what I have seen from my point of view.  Note that I have not been directly involved in this situation.  I’m going to refer to my friend as “Z.”

Z posted a link about a certain political issue and included his personal take on it, calling his position “good” and the opposition “evil.”  He made a statement that he believes that people have a right to be happy. 

Then follows comments and “likes” from Z’s Facebook people.

And Z’s reactions both to those who agreed with him and those who disagreed with him are what caused my disappointment in him. 

I got to know Z over a course of years over a decade ago.  We got along well.  He’s very intelligent and very talented.  He helped out when one of us needed a ride.  I had good respect for him in those days.

Reconnecting by Facebook, my respect for his talent increased.  He seems to be doing well and I wouldn’t have expected any less from him.

After reading Z’s comments following the link post, and a following status update of his, I would be a bit embarrassed to be associated with him.  I know him to be intelligent and respectful, yet he was none of those things in his argument. 

For someone who is for… people’s freedoms to express themselves and not be judged for it, Z came off as very judgmental, argued with non sequitur, used false arguments.  He was demeaning to the person who disagreed.  He congratulated those who agreed with him.  He was very elitist.  He used inflammatory words.

Was the disagreeing person right?  I don’t know.  I think he had a few good points but was not arguing them well, which makes them not good points.  And he had some that were actually bad points.  Was he disrespectful?  I think he was trying not to be but in the end he became so.

However, this isn’t about the argument.  It’s not about the disagreeing person. 

Whether I agreed or not with Z, I would still come away sadly about his behavior.

I’m just shocked and disappointed.  It didn’t sound like the Z I knew. 

I’m sharing my heavy heart here instead of directly to him because… well, I am a wimp when it comes to certain things.  I don’t like arguing; I would make a terrible debater.  It also seems that Z and I would disagree on many beliefs, and I value his friendship more than to argue over “rightness.”  In other words, I disagree with him but I don’t need him to be convinced that I’m right OR wrong.  Time and distance- I don’t need him to turn against me over the internet and I don’t see him all the time. 

Z did say that he knows some Christians who do “love thy neighbor” as he said [and as right we Christians ought to be doing].  I hope he counts me as one of those, at least towards himself. 

If he comes across this and he becomes disappointed in me, well….  I wouldn’t know what to say about that except that it would cause me more sadness.

And really, Z’s not the only one with whom I would have many disagreements.   I repeat, it’s not the disagreements that have me sad.  It’s the disrespectfulness being thrown around [admittedly, from both sides] and the general lack of graciousness towards one another. 

So, for the Christians: let’s keep doing what we do in a way that is pleasing to the Lord, never forgetting to lead with love and respect for others.  Let’s choose our battles wisely and keep the fights in the appropriate arenas. 

Let us pray for others, those we love, those who are at moments unlovable, and those who would see themselves as our enemies. 

Let us have grace towards each other when we make mistakes while disciplining each other with love and encouragement to do better.

For any not-yet-Christians reading this: I love you, I do.  Please forgive me of my offenses towards you, knowingly and unknowingly. 

More significantly, God loves you.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Give Your Love Away Giveaway

I found out about this huge giveaway from Much Ado About You [Facebook Link] [which I ought to finish writing the post about that soon].

There are 10 chances to enter to win $5600+ worth of prizes.  Between February 7 through Valentine’s Day, February 14th, “like” Vintage Rose Wraps on Facebook, “follow” VRW’s blog, and “share” the contest link for the first chance to enter a comment on the blog post here [rules and instructions are all there for you].

The 9 additional chances to enter come by liking the vendors’ Facebook pages, grouped in mostly 10s. 

The winner will be chosen by random.org for the winning commenter and announced on February 15th.

I don’t enter contests very often.  What I can remember winning in recent years was a message on CD set on Islam, via a door prize drawing at a apologetics seminar- I wasn’t sure that they had actually called my name or I had just imagined it.

Anyway, I’ve only previously purchased from MAAY [blog link] and I am very happy with their service and products.  I’m rather excited about this contest anyway because I see some prizes that I’d be happy to win.  I would definitely love to win another planner from MAAY for next year!

The other vendor products I’m interested in trying in the future are:

Trendy Trinket- the prize for this giveaway is an antique gold pocket watch.  I wouldn’t mind sporting one of those.  I also think the Meg Fabric Belt would be a great accessory to dress up an outfit  or the Addison necklace because it’s got a camara on it.  

PeaPod Paper & Gifts- I could use more stationery!  I could send some over for my snail mail pals to use from their collection!  Check out these folded notes!  

Whimsees- I wouldn’t mind this Sleeve in the Reverse Trellis pattern.  I see some patterns that friends might like as well.  This Floating Monogram Necklace would make a great gift for a lady friend or maybe for your mother?

Origami Owl- the prize is a custom build locket, perfect for the person who loves having a few little charms to help bring out some wonderfully warm memories! 

Hello Serendipity- HATS!  I like wearing hats, which would be a surprise to people who know me in person since I rarely wear hats [I think being so happy with my haircuts has lately made me feel guilty to hide the style under a hat].  I would love to wear this Military Hat with Flower though! 

So there is my brief overview of what I’m excited for.  I wanted to get this out as soon as possible so that those of you interested could get the info and start your entries, so I left many other vendors for you to discover for yourself! 

I’ve already made my entries.  It really doesn’t take that long to enter.  I am not receiving any special consideration for this post.  This is just a fun giveaway that I thought people would be interested in also.

Thank you for reading and if YOU win… share some prize love with me…

Monday, February 6, 2012

Reaction to Super Bowl XLVI

I was rooting for the Giants.

But I was uneasy about making a prediction.

On one side were the New England Patriots whom have played good football year after year for many years now.  Whatever your personal opinion on Coach Belichick, you’d have to admit that he is a good coach. 

I like certain individuals on the Patriots, like Wes Welker.  I love watching him in games and on replay clips, the way he just busts his body to get the assignment done and then some.

On the other side were the New York Giants.  They struggled some during the year but when they played well, they played tough.

I like individual players on almost any team probably.  On the Giants, I like Eli Manning’s calm on the field.  He gets knocked down and he gets back up.  He gets ready for the next play.  He shows very little frustration on the surface; who knows if he’s frustrated on the inside at all.  He doesn’t celebrate the little things but will get excited after a touchdown. 

So why the Giants?  I’m not a fan of either as a team.  I like the way the Giants all together work hard.  They don’t seem to get overly cocky.  I’d pick Eli over Brady any time. 

Although I tend to go for underdogs, it is not the rule.  It’s tough to say that there was an underdog in this game.  The Patriots generally play well.  The Giants beat the Patriots 4 years ago during the Patriots quest for a perfect season.  This season, the Giants had a rough season but they had beaten the Patriots. 

So the Patriots had a lot of motivation to win this championship.

And I had a notion that they might.  I still rooted for the Giants.

This is probably the first time I’ve watched the Super Bowl for the game and not the commercials.  In fact, I didn’t watch a lot of the commercials but used the breaks to get food or to refill my drink.  I wanted to see The Game.

I told you, I cannot write sports.  It was a great game.  The Giants won again.  Eli has gotten now two rings in 5 years.  Not bad for Peyton’s little brother.

I looked up some of the commercials online.  I like the Honda “Matthew’s Day Off” commercial, a take off of Broderick’s movie, “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.” 

Halftime show- Madonna.

Best Halftime I’ve seen in a while!  I did not see the Janet fiasco from years back.  The shows since then seemed to have been bringing back acts whom we haven’t seen in awhile, people who are good old rock bands.

Madonna was pretty classy compared to the exhibitions she’s usually known for.  I liked that there were some surprising touches to her performance, giving respect to the fact of performing for a big sporting event.  She had cheerleading-type touches to the choreography, part of the stage were bleachers that they danced on, a marching band drummers unit came on [HOW DO YOU GET ON THAT UNIT?!].  I don’t care for too many of the guest performers she had, like LMFAO and Nicki Minaj- I guess I’m not cool like that and I’m okay being uncool.

All throughout, I was waiting for the Madonna shocker.  Especially when the music started for “Like a Prayer.”  And nothing.  No big shocker.  Which, I’m okay with, by the way! Lol

So good job Madonna! 

Commercials mostly aren’t what they used to be- it’s okay to be entertaining but sell the product too.  That’s what you’re paid for and it’s best if you don’t insult the audience’s intelligence while doing so.  That’s my opinion.

Enjoyed the Madonna Halftime show.

Yay Giants!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Still Play the Game

They weren’t supposed to win. 

Or at least, not by most assessments.  With a 15-1 regular season record, the Green Bay Packers were ready and able to take on the NY Giants and their 9-7 record. 

The Packers had the advantage.  A high-powered offense led by a talented and mobile quarterback, multiple weapons at the receiver positions, and a defense that attacks the offense with zeal and tenacity. 

On the other side, the giants had an up and down season, slow to find their rhythm, recovering from serious injuries. 

The Packers had a 2-week rest and prepare time.  The Giants were coming into the Packer’s house having to ward off the wild card team and a regular one-week preparation time for this game. 

On the panel, 4 out of 5 anchors chose the Packers over the Giants.  The one who chose the Giants, a former Giants player who knew that the attitude of his former team had not changed since he'd played for them.

People were expecting to see the Packers in the Super Bowl XLVI [that’s 46].

The Giants came out on top, 37- 20.

The following week, the Giants were up against another strong team that people had been talking about all season: the San Francisco 49ers.  After years of disappointment and unrest, it seemed the 49ers were finally changing things around with a young head coach full of knowledge and passion for the game, as well as other key pieces taking place on the team.

Again, people were expecting the 49ers in the Super Bowl now that the Packers were knocked out.  Never mind that the Giants had just beaten the heavy favorite the week before.

And again, the Giants pulled out the win in overtime, 20-17.

Now the Giants will face the New England Patriots in a rematch [of sorts] in which the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008.

Okay, so I’m no sport-writer.  The gist of it is that in the two playoff games, the Giants were considered the underdogs and yet they won both times.

I can’t write sports.  I don’t have a mind for stats and records.  I have never played a serious game.  Still, I love watching sports, especially volleyball and football.  I enjoy the rivalries, the dedication of the athletes to be in top performance shape, the respect of players for other players, all of that.  It’s inspiring for so many things.

The Giants wins inspired this post.

Regarding a political debate, a friend once commented that it was most likely that a certain law will be passed eventually.  She thought that her generation was probably less interested in changing things through politics and more interested in social changes.

It seemed to me as if she was saying that Christians should focus their efforts in areas other than politics.      

While I agree that a certain law will probably be passed at some time in the future, and that Christian involvement in other areas are vital, I believe that Christians have a duty to be involved in politics as well. 

In whatever area that God has placed you, with whatever gifting God has blessed you, get involved.  No matter how impossible the task may seem, “play the game.”

Here’s what I learn from the Giants wins and God’s book.

1. Play the game.

Critics and analysts do not determine the outcome of a game.  If they did, there would be no reason for the Giants or the Packers to play the game.  Even if it had turned out that the Packers won, both teams still needed to play the game.

As Christians, we need to “play the game.”  When the odds are not in our favor, when it seems there is no hope in our situation, we move forward, we get involved as representatives of Christ. 

And we know who wins in the end- not the Giants, not the Packers- not even specifically us and definitely not the devil and his minions- it’s God.  God wins in the end.

2.   Get past the penalties and mistakes.

We might rightly earn a penalty.  We might get a bad call against us.  We have no control over it.

Either way, get up, dust it off, and get ready for the next play. 

And making errors?  Fumbling the ball?  Same thing.  Get up.  Dust yourself off.  Get ready for the next play. 

Men do not make perfect judges.  The only perfect judge is God.

3.  Why play like an underdog?

People might think you’re the underdog.  You might actually be the underdog. 

You will always be the underdog if you play like one. 

Think David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.  Goliath was the champion from Gath.  He was huge.  David was from a small town of Bethlehem.  He was a boy.  He was a shepherd.

In verse 26, David says, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”  He’s given the king’s armor but David couldn’t manage with it on so he took it off.  Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached the Philistine.[Verse 40]. 

David calls out to Goliath, “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” [Verse 47].

This is the attitude with which the Christian ought to attack our circumstances.  Cliché, yes, but it isn’t about winning or losing; it’s about how we play the game. 


Believe it or not, that’s what I got for now.  Not to worry, I’ve got more sports analogies to come in the future I’m sure. 

[Image Source] 
For now, I repeat: in whatever area that God has placed you, with whatever gifting God has blessed you, get involved.  No matter how impossible the task may seem, no matter what outcome is most probable, “play the game.”

How are you living?  Are you living at your fullest?  Are you reliving your mistakes or the bad calls against you? Are you living with God’s victory in mind?   

Are you living?

Thank you for reading and GO GIANTS!

*I know, I need to learn to write about one topic at a time and to stay on point. 
** I did not mean to imply that any one team is the “Devil’s representative” and that the other is the Christian representative.  I am not saying that if you’re a “good Christian” you ought to be a Giants fan.  I was raised by a Cowboys fan, alright?
*** And I’m not saying that life is exactly a game.  Games just come with a lot of good illustrations for life.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Response to the First Kindle Book

My previous post about “The Devil in Pew Number Seven” by Rebecca Alonzo:

Now that I have finished reading “DPNS,” my endorsement of it has not changed.  I recommend this book to everyone, especially to those whom are holding on to hurts or having a difficult time forgiving someone for something.

I finished the book in three sittings- I probably could have read the book in one day because I had a hard time putting it down, I had to practice patience as I took time to take care of other every-day tasks like sleeping….  I highlighted and bookmarked and took notes all throughout the book!

The story reads like a Stephen King book, seeing the images in my mind play out like an unbelievable tale.  Yet, Alonzo’s story actually happened.  She lived through some horrific ordeals that make one wonder how anyone came out of it sane. 

Alonzo paints the scenes well.  Some of it was written from her own memories of the experience.  What she couldn’t remember or wasn’t around to witness, those experiences were backed up by her parent’s records of personal journals, photo albums, newspaper clippings, etc.  Alonzo also gathered information from court transcripts, official reports, and interviews.

And still, the story sounds unbelievable.

A personal thought…

I had written in my original post that “Forgiving, myself and others, is something that I struggle with.”  After reading “DPNS,” I think I should explain that a little more because it’s not as simple as I put it earlier. 

I struggle with forgiving people not because I don’t want to forgive. 

I struggle with forgiveness because I am still hurting.

I want to make things right.  I want to heal the broken relationships that I have acquired over the years, any one or more of them would do, whether I was the one hurt or the one doing the hurting, or if both occurred.  If I have hurt someone or they are concerned that I’m still holding something against them, I want that person to be healed.  I want to be healed.  What could be better?  If I can participate in helping someone heal over a hurt, I’ll be there.  I’m not a hateful person. 

So, there are people in recent years that have hurt me deeply.  It’s difficult to express… this hurt.  It has been the worst I’ve felt in my life and I don’t know what to do. 

I tried facing my offenders.  I tried going away to cool off.   I cried out to God.  I cried to those I thought were caring.  I cried to myself.  I tried to forgive. 

I tried everything I know to do and tried some other things that were new to me.  Still I sit here crying, with my heart pounding in my chest, and my hands trembling as I type…

…because it still hurts so much.

So, sometimes I wonder if I have truly forgiven them or not. 

The finishing chapter of “DPNS” is the most amazing, in my opinion.  In the chapter “No Apologies in Heaven,” Alonzo answers people’s questions of how she has been able to forgive the person whom had done such terrible things to her family for years.  Her lessons on forgiveness are explained in the sections:

  • Forgiving As He [God] Forgave Me
  • For the Love of God
  • Get Out of Jail
  • No Apology in Heaven

Alonzo also writes candidly about the tough stuff of the journey of forgiveness.  “The news tore open my old wounds.”  Though what I went through seems like a pinch on the cheek compared to the cut through Alonzo’s heart, her thoughts are so similar to how I feel about my hurts that I mentioned before.  Alonzo gives an answer to how to deal with those hurts that keep on hurting.

I don’t want to give up Alonzo’s story; I want you to read it for yourself.  It’s worth your time. 

I will be reading this again.  I think I should put together a list of books to read each year or some kind of timely manner like that and should I get that done, I’m sure “DPNS” will be on the list.

Thank you for reading and may your hurts be healed.