Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Wanted Child: Words and Thoughts

I’m going to completely step into something uncomfortable here: the abortion debate.

I’ve stepped in it before but it’s been awhile.

January is Right to Life month, so I'm getting it in here just at the end.  

I wrote this a few weeks ago but some things I like to sit on it, just make sure that this is what I want to say.  Some stuff never get posted.  I think whatever mistakes or offense I make in this post, I'm willing to make because I am a Pro-Lifer and believe it is worth saying something.  I'm not yet at the point of... I should say, I'm yet waiting for a more active position on this issue where I could really help the cause.

Here, I just want to talk word choices. 

Pro-choice.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  Who wants to be against having choices? 

Not me.


Let’s take a look at what’s really going on, shall we?

What are the Pro-Choice people advocating?  Choice.  The choice to abort a baby, a fetus, a tissue, whichever one wants to call it- I’m not debating that part in this particular post.

I haven’t come across Pro-Choice people who advocate also for the choice for someone to keep their baby or to give the baby for adoption.

What are the Pro-Lifers advocating?  Going through the pregnancy and raising the baby themselves.  Going through the pregnancy and giving the baby for adoption. 

And beyond the initial decision, true Christian Pro-Lifers offer compassion for those whom have already had abortions.  To those whom feel guilt [I’m not saying all do, but people do], we point to Jesus as the giver of forgiveness to those who seek it.

What do Pro-Choice people offer to those who’ve decided to go through with the pregnancy? 

I admit I do not have the answer or a guess on that one.

So I’m just wondering what are the choices that Pro-Choice people are offering.  How pro-choice is that really?

The people who chose to call their campaign Pro-Choice were smart in the way they framed their side of this debate.  It was marketed in a way that many people do not stop to think about it, people on both sides of the issue.  For a long time I was confused about what was going on.

I’m just saying, think about it. 

This is in response to reading another person’s blog post about abortion. 

In the comment thread, I saw something that I had someone tell me once, about how the debate is really between Pro-Choice and Anti-Choice. 

Going through what I said earlier about what people are advocating, is this true?  Are Pro-Lifers actually anti-choice in disguise?’

I mean, let’s be fair about what we’re saying, no matter which side of the issue you’re on.  Pro-Life is, in my opinion, a plainly true label- they are for life.  They are NOT Anti-Choice.  They may be Anti-Abortion, that would be a fair yet incomplete label as they are anti- other things in favor of life as well. 

I'm going to say that I am okay with the opposition calling themselves Pro-Choice.  I think of them more as Pro-Abortion, the more outspoken people on that side of the issue, because that seems to be the choice that they want people to make.  I get it, they only make grounds in the number of abortions that take place, not in the number of people who face the choice and choose to not abort.

Did I miss something on either side?  Please feel free to say so.

What do you think?

Now, Pro-Lifers would do well to further their cause by promoting adoptions, promoting assistance to those who choose to keep their babies, and lead those promotions by example, along with all the other compassionate things that are in place.  I believe many are doing so and I hope one day to be in a position to adopt or to help support an adopting couple.

For further reading on the topic, I recommend reading “unPLANNED” by Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director and her path to crossing over the line to Pro-Life, for a former insider's perspective on what goes on in those clinics and their motivations behind what they do.  I heard Johnson tell her story on a Focus on the Family program called “Leaving Planned Parenthood” [a two-parter, which I believe may be requested from http://www.focusonthefamily.com/].  She also was a guest on Grounded with Ryan Dobson, “unplanned- the fight for life.”  Read Johnson’s blog here: http://www.abbyjohnson.org/

Johnson’s story is a good place to start thinking about the issue of abortion.

I still say that every child is a wanted child by God. 

“I am flawed/ beautiful/ messy/ valuable/ sarcastic/ funny/ *insert adjective here*/ wanted by God.”  So are you.

Thank you for reading.

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