Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Again, Messenger International & Arise

Wow, is this really the first post of 2012?  There’s much I’d like to write, as always, but they’ll take a little time and work.

So I’ll just say, 2009 to 2011, progressively downhill for me.  It was rough so I thank God that I am still here. 

Quite a few things to write about hopefully sometime soon- a friend’s wedding, healing with another friend, a loss of relationships, my first Kindle book, Kindle apps, and it goes on.

Yet first I shall write about today.

Almost exactly a year ago, I attended the first Hope Chapel West Oahu’s Arise Women’s Conference.  It was wonderful! 

The featured speaker was Lisa Bevere.  I am amazed by her, let me say. 

I suppose there is an overall sense that Christian women are to be so soft and tender and fuzzy and pink.  They tend to have very sweet, soft voices and speak very kindly always, never a mean word.

That.  Does not.  Describe.  Me.  Currently, at least. 

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I’m drawn to passionate, forceful, authoritative people in general.  I am the strong-willed child who sometimes feels like I MUST do this!  When someone is being wronged right in front of my eyes, and especially if they don’t know what to do, I must speak out on behalf of the wronged person.  And I admit, I am not always gentle in the reproof- I mean, I don’t expect my friends to be gentle in rebuking me so I oftentimes don’t think to offer gentleness.    

And so, to listen to Lisa Bevere [and Lisa Kai and John Bevere whom also spoke], I felt a freedom to be able to express myself, or more exactly, to express what God has placed on my heart and to do it as myself.  I can be passionate and authoritative without losing any of the love and care.  I mean to continue learning how to keep the tender care intention should I bring a concern to someone else.

Lisa Bevere spoke mainly from her then upcoming book “Lioness Arising.”  As she talked about the majestic confidence of the lioness, I felt something stir in me. 
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Then over the recent holiday season, the Bevere’s organization, Messenger International, had discounted their resources for a time.  My financial resources being limited, I thought this was my opportunity to begin reading some of Lisa’s books.  I got a few and donated a little more, being thankful for the discount [I always feel odd about such things with a ministry]. 

I have already finished Lisa’s “Fight like a Girl.”  Just by the title, I’m sure you can see why I was intrigued!  Even though I say I’m a fighter and that I have some masculine character traits, I have always liked being a female.  This book is helping me keep the right and Godly perspective on who I am, made a female, as well as when the women fight and for what.

I am almost through “Lioness Arising.”  I wanted to highlight all of chapter 4 especially so far, on “The Sum of Fear and Wonder” and the point about being concerned over a spiritual skinny fat condition. 

So far, I would recommend both books for any Christian woman.  “Fight like a Girl” would be great for the “feminist” types as well for a greater perspective on the female role [I was in agreement with Lisa’s take on it way before reading her book]. 

I did say something about today, didn’t I?  Here it is.

Today I received something in the mail that I was not expecting.  An envelope from Messenger International.

I’m writing about it in more support of their ministry for several reasons.  One- in reading more about what they do towards ending slave trafficking in “Lioness Arising,” I’d like to see support for their work to increase.  Two- the envelope did not come with a request for more support and a return envelope.  It came simply with a thank you, a mini-message for our [my] encouragement, and a free message on CD titled “Endurance Training.”  I am looking forward to hearing what the message has for me!

I am not against ministries that do send request for funds.  I understand that sometimes one must ask. 

I am simply saying that it was a wonderful surprise from Messenger International to receive an encouragement freely given when what I want to do is encourage them!

Please check out the resources from Messenger International, check out the several mission projects they are involved with, especially with Pearl Alliance which is the fight against human trafficking portion, read one of their books and become acquainted with them as individuals, and most of all, please support them in some way.

And check out Hope Chapel West Oahu- a growing church that I believe is truly following Jesus Christ our Lord.  The second Arise Women’s Conference is coming up at the end of this week and I think it’s not too late to sign up- I’m going!

Or take a peek at Arise 2013!

Last, if anyone would like to watch the DVDs of the Arise 2011 Conference, I can loan them to you.  Just let me know!

Thank you for reading and may 2012 bring us all more goodness.

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