Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chasing Papers & Solid Journals

I write in actual book journals.  You are definitely reading the better writing here, trust me.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me- I could’ve made money from an idea that I had.  I could’ve been among early people to pioneer this idea, I just didn’t know what I had done.

Let me explain.  I started journaling… must’ve been around my freshman year of high school.  I would journal in marble composition books.  I found that I wanted to keep things in the book along with the writing, like pictures or letters from people, so I glued a manila envelope to the inside of the back cover of the journal and kept a few things in it. 

And today, many journals will come with a built in back cover pocket to keep stuff in.  They didn’t used to have those. 

Anyways, I think that’s my only great idea kind of story.

I don’t write in composition books anymore.  I like having pretty or interesting notebook journals these days.  I do not like the diaries which have the dates already in them, where one is supposed to write something every day.  I probably would end up missing a lot of days and then not having enough room to write for certain other days.  I don’t like that much of a structure to my journaling. 

I really enjoyed having journals made by Paperchase, which used to be sold at Borders Books & Music.  Now that Borders has closed down, I am in search for new places at which to find good journals.  I was rather sad to find that Paperchase is a UK store with apparently no store in the US, or no US store that sells their items which I could find.

Of their current items, I would’ve liked the Parrot flexible linen A5 notebook, Babushka A6 stitched journal, Circuit Board grey board large wiro notebook, Fantasia leather journal… for just a sample of designs and notebook styles I would usually get.  They also have stationery, some design collections, accessories, etc.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to make a trip to the UK but for now, I’ll miss having easy access to this company.

I like being able to see an item in person, even if only to buy it online later.  I like being able to check things out.

But not to worry… I’ve made a few recent finds.  Not as great a selection in one place, like how I had enjoyed in Paperchase at Borders… but….

Leopard Floral Lined Journal
Barnes & Nobles had a big selection of journals and notebooks online.  I didn’t find too many when I went to check it out in store because it was just after the holiday season, so I’m thinking that much of it was sold and were given as gifts.  I did find one in this print that I had seen on their website.  I’m glad I saw it in store because when looking at things online, sometimes one can forget about the actual size of an item- I did on this notebook- it was much bigger than I usually like my journals to be.  However, I liked the design enough that I bought it anyway.  Plus, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find much more notebooks I would like anywhere.  I might use this one as a classroom notebook rather than journal, I don’t know yet.

I checked out the Papyrus store as well- I had bought stationery from them in the past when I lived on the mainland.  I still love their products.  They’re mainly a stationery and card store- journals and notebooks were a smaller part of the store, so there wasn’t much by those items that I saw.  I was tempted to get some boxes of note cards though!  I might go back for the FRINGE 5x7 Live Nobly Journal or the Cavallini & Co. Large Travel Journal.  I didn’t get them this time because I had seen online [but didn’t find in store] the Paperblanks Morris Honeysuckle or the Swirling Peacock Ivory Midi Journals that I would like.

VB Life in Progress
in Rhythm & Blues
On a whim, I stopped in at the Vera Bradley store.  I see people with VB bags and I adore the colorful, playful prints; maybe one day I’ll be able to treat myself to a VB bag.  For now, I like looking.  Anyways, I didn’t think about the wonderful accessories and gifts that they also have.  I found a journal in a design that I like.  It even has that back cover pocket to keep things in.  I love writing in it.  I’ll probably stop in the store for future journals.


And that was a lot of shopping for me that day, just for a journal or two but I was in need of them.  I’m glad that I was able to find some. 

So if you’re like me and like to write in journals by hand, check out those stores either online or in person.  I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy writing in. 

If you know of any store with journals that I didn’t mention here, please let me know! I’ll check it out to see what I might find.  I like a great many types of designs: the quirky, the pretty, the inspirational, the hilarious, the poetic, the cultural, the vintage, etc. 

Mahalo for reading and happy writing!

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