Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, 2012!

Cut my hair short triangle again
2012 has had some very good times and some very difficult times for me. Every year seems that way but the past year was especially good and especially difficult to where I prayed all day constantly just to get me through to the next day.  

Someone had thrown back at me, during a breaking moment for me (being broken), that I’m an adult and I talk about being strong all the time on this blog (so go be strong!). Well, I also talk a whole lot more about being broken. Because I am. A whole lot more than I let on to most people, including my family, who sees me most often.

So, I am still here. I am still sharing with you as much as I am able. I am strong, but even the strong will have weak, broken moments and it would be good for them to have good people around them when it comes. I do a great many things on my own, more than I should have to. Whatever strength has gotten me through this year, it was truly all God’s strength. That is what I really want to say.
My customary poke and drink
to start the new year

God knows all of my deep, and often dark, secrets. Yet, he still loves me and allows me to cry out to him when I feel my heart just breaking and trying to harden. My heart is still beating and it is still… kind of soft, I guess.

And I know that God loves you and is there for you too. Even when you can’t hear him. Even when you can’t feel him. Even when you don’t want him.

Though God is there for me, though he is all I need, and he gave me a good family, I still don’t believe that he meant any of us to be lone rangers. I believe he meant us for community. I am still worried about what I will do in those times that I ought not to be alone.

So I’m going into 2013, kinda glad that I survived 2012, and I’m looking for my vision. 

Thank you, God, for bringing me through another rough year.

Usually, I post photos of the past year, and I didn’t think I’d have much this time besides pics of me and cats, but here goes a few… Here’s the good moments and some of the tough…

Tracie wedding
Shelly wedding
Julie wedding

In 2012…

  • My sister/ friend Tracie got married!
  • I got my first Kindle book!

Mega on my old keyboard (Got a new
one this year)
I meet THE Man for the first time
(here with Julie)

  • I went to HCWO’s Arise Conference!
  • My friends Rach and Zac celebrated their 1 year anniversary! (I was in Rach’s wedding party, and we talked about the anniversary coming up)
  • I was tested.
  • I started posting links to this journal on my Facebook- more people are reading! (Yikes!)

Using the Fire!
My other Fire use. 

  • I did a makeup challenge with my friend Holla!
  • I became a Lego- AYO! (inside joke)

DIY holder

Another organizing move I made

  • I started working on a yet-potential business for me. (Currently stalled)
  • I started regular post series: Bible reading reflections, Wednesday posts, and Healthy Go!
  • My friend Shelly got married!

Tiff, Royce, and Jourdan, c/o 2012
One of my favorite scents this year

  • I got a phone call from a surprising someone from church. It was a good call, an answer to a prayer, yet I am still de-churched, but I will be so glad to see that person if I re-church at that church!
  • I fit into my dress (from Rach’s wedding) again!

HCWO Arise conference
Holla's Eye Makeup Challenge

  • I went to Seattle!
  • My sister/ friend Julie got married! (I read a scripture for the ceremony)
  • I went to HCWO’s E&I Conference Endure!

I'm a 10 again!

More silly time with Rach

  • We said goodbye (for now) to a great lady to many, a wonderful person in my life, Mrs. Matsuda.
  • I got my makeup done by a M.A.C. artist!
  • Rach, Zac, and Sonnie took me out for dinner on my birthday!

At the Chihuly Garden and Glass

Birthday Dinner

  • I took a successful Facebook break- a full month of not even trying to reactivate! (I had an unsuccessful break earlier in the year)
  • I got a couple of A-s in courses! (And survived Persecution Tuesday)
  • I read through the Bible in a year!
  • And a lot of brokenness moments for me.

Though I have anxiety every time I post something, I am glad that I have this journal as one of the ways I can look back on the years. It was rough but not all struggles. Blogger has stats now so here are some interesting posts, maybe:

My most read/seen post (stats say 132 views): Jewelmint: All Wrapped Up and Paradise Plume

My most commented post (6 from other than me): Healthy Go: Cravings vs. Notions

My Healthy Go Year End Review: Healthy Go: End of Year Review

Goodbye 2012, see you around. Hello 2013, welcome…!

It’s going to be BITTERsweet heartBREAK mode for me.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next year!

Doesn't Charis look so excited for another year with ME?!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Healthy Go: End of the Year Review

2011: Getting back to here
would be a good start!


I thought that the end of the year would be a good time to go back through all of the Healthy Go posts and review the journey so far.

The first Healthy Go post went up on June 8, 2012. Since then, there have been 23 HG posts.

It all started here: Healthy Go Introduction
All the HG posts, from recent to first: all Healthy Go posts

At the start, I was at my heaviest weight ever: 156 pounds. My overall weight goal: 135 lbs. I am currently: neither 156 nor 135 lbs. I am somewhere in between.

The light denim shorts
that I can fit again!
(Sorry about the mess
in the background, still
making space for the
new full-length mirror)
Smaller, intermediate goals have been about how I fit into my clothes. My first small goal was to fit into my black size 10 dress again. I accomplished that by August 3. The goal to follow was to fit into my grey shorts (still in progress). I don’t seem to have expressed it as a goal, but I also fit my light denim shorts again, sometime around August.

I also had diet goals. The main one was to be off of sodas, to break that seeming addiction. I had my last soda the week of July 23. I still drink juice but I also drink a lot more water than when I began.

Changing what I eat on a regular basis will be an on-going process, though I have made some progress. I’ve given up having pastries so often; I’m down to about once every other week and I’m still working on cutting that down even further. Though it wasn’t a specific goal, I haven’t had a potato chip in months! I have had fries though, and that is becoming less too. I like almonds now and have added more fish and veggies back into my diet. My tastes and my mind are starting to favor healthier choices on a more regular basis.

I have setbacks now and then, but they are no longer triggering my anxiety or having me completely sabotage my progress. I am becoming more thoughtful in my choices. I understand better when I am having a notion rather than a strong craving for something unhealthy, how I have dealt with cravings in the past, and learning how to handle them in a healthier way.

Getting enough quality sleep is healthy. I have an easier time falling asleep when I want to when I cut off liquids 2 hours beforehand. Getting enough sleep regularly has helped me to be more awake and attentive throughout the day.

Advice to keep in mind for myself (and you too if it will help):
Keep the progress going- don’t sabotage all the good things I’ve already accomplished.
At gatherings, I don’t have to stuff my face in order to enjoy myself; revel in then companionship of family and good friends instead.

Remember how much better I feel, physically, mentally, emotionally, when I make healthy choices. It feels good to let go of the guilt.

Today doesn’t have to repeat the failures of yesterday. Move on.

Remember the fighter in me.

Preparation goes a long way.

Remember how good it felt to exercise, and then do it again!

Healthier choices, especially food, may cost more now, but it will be cheaper than needing surgery or medication later because of extra pounds. Choose healthier now.

Make healthy changes from my tastes- for instance, I love burgers, so I found the Sirloin Burger soup by Campbell’s Chunky to satisfy that taste while having less calories. I love French fries, and I found the Snapea Crisps to satisfy the crispy, slightly salty taste for less calories. Don’t try to jump from burgers to salads all day right away because my tastes won’t adjust that quickly, but my tastes are changing well with the more gradual substitutions.
Make this journey enjoyable because if I don’t enjoy the changes, I won’t keep up with them.

My first measurements were taken on July 6, the first Friday of the month. They were:
Weight: 156 lbs.         à and now     à        for a change of
Neck: 13.25 in.           à        13.0     à        -0.25
Chest: 40.75 in.          à        38.25   à        -2.5
Arm: 12.25 in.            à        11.25    à        -1.0
Forearm: 9.75 in.       à        9.25     à        -0.5
Waist: 35 in.               à        33.0     à        -2.0
Hips: 41.25 in.            à        38.0     à        -2.25
Thigh: 21.25 in.         à        20.0     à        -1.25
Calf: 14.25 in.             à        13.75    à        -0.5

Exercise routines done
Jillian Michael’s Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism” DVD
BodyRock.TV- I Can Only Imagine Workout-
Insane Home Fat Loss: International Love Workout-
BodyRock.Tv: Hard and Strong Workout-
Body Rock- Hot & Sexy-
BodyRock- Take Me for A Little Ride-
Insane Home Fat Loss- Sexy Abs-

To help me, I’ve created a playlist for the workouts on YouTube that I’ve done and enjoyed. In this way, I will be able to find them easily and do these on days that I don’t feel so adventurous to try a new one, and I’ll get better at doing these.

Inspirations and encouragements
Tati’s encouraging video
Dara Torres’ Olympic tryout, fit and going strong at 40.
What American Ninja Warrior guys can do.
How good it feels to be in the water.

Benefits I’ve experienced
More confidence
Less dry scalp and dandruff
Clearer skin
Fit old clothes again
More energy
Better sleep
Better mental abilities
Less guilt (guilt from making unhealthy choices)

My take on everything
I started this Healthy Go journey for several reasons. I was tired of my clothes choices going down because I couldn’t fit them anymore, and I don’t care to shop for new clothes. Every so often, I need to change something in my life, always hoping it will be for the better, and what better than to change my health. Writing the progress in these HG posts has also helped to keep me accountable to changing.

I also hope that this will help someone else, because usually the first inspiration is to look for encouragement in someone who has already done it and that can help; I want to be another kind of encouragement, at least for now. I write as I’m doing it to encourage someone to keep going, and that we might not see the benefits of the good changes tomorrow, but we will see them in time. Struggling through, making the changes gradually, keeping it up… the process can be difficult at times but it’s all important. We often don’t get to hear about the setbacks and struggles along the way and how people have pushed through or handled them. I’m not a success story yet, but I will become one, struggles and all.

And for the first time in many years … I want to feel attractive. I won’t get into all of it here but something happened to me many years ago that caused me to want to be unattractive, like very purposefully unattractive. I generally don’t go around thinking that I’m attractive to guys anyway, and I don’t know how to explain this well… there’s something that I want to do and I don’t want to wait for it to come to me and then try to find my health. I want to be all-around ready, as ready as I can be, and that includes how I see myself. I remember what it felt like and I want it back so I am going to get it back. I know that was very vague, but it’s a reminder for me later on about what it is I want. This one, I have to do for me and me alone, though later I will have someone(s) to thank for helping me get to this point of wanting.

Emotionally, sigh, this year has been difficult as ever. Some of it came before the HG and sort of helped me make the decision for better health. Some of it came after and almost threw me off completely. However, I am here today, several inches less, and still feeling unsteady and crying a lot, yet I am still here and I am still going on with the journey. I think it’s important that I, or possibly anyone, work toward an overall health: mind, body and spirit.

So, I have done some things well, like getting off of soda, and some other things not so well, like still not having a regular exercise schedule. I am still in the process, still learning and trying.

It took a moment to go into a depression that has lasted years; I won’t be able to just snap out of it and undo right away all the damage I’ve caused. This too will take time and this has just been the beginning.

Coming Up
It will be 2013 soon enough. Next week, I should have some set goals to share, including intermediate goals and a little more definite timeline this time around; I think I’m ready for it now.

Thank you for coming along with me on this Healthy Go journey and get ready for more goodness ahead! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spinal Tat

This was done for TWLOHA day in 2010- temporary

One of my fondest memories happened a few years ago. My friend Chris invited me to go to the beach with him and his visiting cousins. I guess they wanted to sleep in, so it ended up being just me and Chris. We had a good relaxing day together at the North Shore area.

We got around to talking about tattoos.

Chris has his Japanese name in, I think it was, katakana writing down his back.

I don’t have any but want one- the problem with me is that I can be very indecisive about pricey things and such long-term things as tattoos.

I remember it was Chris who came up with the idea of having a tattoo down one’s spine of a spine. I remember we both thought that would be crazy cool and probably very painful, too painful for the likes of us two.

And what should I find….

I wonder how far she took it, like all the way to the tailbone…?

I have since lost touch with Chris over the years, so I doubt that he’s reading this. On the very far off chance that he sees this and remembers that day too:

Chris, your spinal tattoo idea is a reality somewhere, out there, on a stranger’s back! I miss you, my friend!

What do you think of the spinal tattoo?
Do you have any tattoos? If so, mind sharing what they are?
What would be your guess of a tattoo that I would get?

Thank you for reading!

P.S. As I type this up, I am one step closer to getting a tattoo. I know what elements I want, though I want to design it mostly myself. I’ve been sketching some stuff. I want two things, and I’m not sure if I would want them as separate tattoos or as one piece. Then I’d have to decide on placement, size, etc. After watching and admiring the guys of “Miami Ink,” I can’t just laze this in. At the rate I’m going though, it’s still more probable that I will die tattoo-less- haha!  

Also, Mom says she's okay with me getting a tattoo if it's by one of the Miami Ink guys, not that I need her permission *wink* But you underagers, ask your parents permission before getting a tattoo.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Healthy Go: Emotional Stressors

I’m sorry that the last few HG posts have been so lame. I don’t know how much I’ll have to share, or of what use it will be, today either, so here we go…

I’ve been quite angry the last few days. I thought I would feel great after my last final, just to be glad that I got through my first full time semester back, but instead I was anxious about my grades. Then I got the wind knocked out of me with a C+. I got all A’s on my exams and my presentation for that course, so I’m angry about the C+ but I know where it came from so I’m angry with myself too. (I got 2 A’s and a B for the other courses).

And I thought after the semester, I’d have more time to spend with people that I love, but a few are on trips and I wish them safe travels, and then one avenue cut me off, so I’m angry about that one. But I don’t feel like there’s anything I can do about it. I want to fight but I have no one to fight with. Don’t even ask.

I’ve already been in bad shape. I’m concentrating on not letting things overwhelm me in a negative way, to hold back the panic until it calms down, hopefully.

So, how am I handling all this, HG-wise?

To be honest, I don’t know.

The past few days, I haven’t felt like eating. I’ve been sick to my gut. I have been eating some, like I had salads and fish and chicken, but I’m only eating because I know I should. Everything has tasted like junk, even if it was a healthy meal. I’m also drinking more water now that I’m home most of the time. IF I get a Starbucks drink, to use up the gift card I received, I order it skinny and/ or light, the least amount of sugar and calories that I can and really, I have not missed the… whatever it is they take out to make it light. I’m not much of a Starbucks person anyway.

Anyways… what to learn from this uneasy time is that I am back to emotional starving, which for me, I think, is easier to deal with than emotional eating.

Growing up, and in high anxiety times, stress times, just high unease, I wouldn’t feel like eating but most of the time I would eat anyway because we’re supposed to eat. Sometimes I would not eat, but some of those times, my family was there to have me eat something, and usually they didn’t know anything was wrong.

Sometime after First College, I flipped to emotional eating. I was in persistent depression. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I ate. And ate. There were periods of healthy eating and exercising in there, but the pounds gained too much ground and I am where I am today.

Sigh. I’m a bit anxious in sharing all of this but I think it’s important.

So. I’ve been eating when and how I’m supposed to; I just mainly haven’t been snacking as much as I usually would.

So. I’m trying to keep it together for everyone else. I miss my great friends. I feel so far away from everyone. I want everyone to enjoy the holidays, I don’t want to be the downer, I don’t want anyone worrying about me.

Life can knock the wind out of you. Get back up. People might tell you or expect you to “be strong” and “suck it up,” but if getting back up means you have to cry or take a kickboxing class or… just have a period of weakness, if going through a time of brokenness will help you get back up, go ahead. Even the strong can be broken. I feel that way now and I know people see me as someone strong and it sucks sometimes.

However, do keep in mind your goals and dreams. If you’re on a Healthy Go journey, remember that emotional- eating or emotional-starving are temporary fixes and not healthy. Keep being mindful of what you are eating and why. Get through the tough times while still striving for healthier habits because when you get through the tough times, you will feel better, healthier.

Wow, when I think I have nothing to say. I’ll save more of that for later. Trust me, there will be more times of unease for me.

The gym is a 40 minute walk away, and I haven’t gotten coordinated with the trolley, no car, so I’ve been home. Excuses.

I’ll be honest, I’m watching a lot of YouTube and catching up on the shows I enjoy. I’ve also been cleaning too, so that is some exercise, not much though. And every so often, doing some kickboxing at home to try to get some of the anger out. That’s what I do when I have no one to fight with, I manic clean and I box the air.

I’m working on a wrap-up end-of-the-year Healthy Go post, try to bring everything together from the last few months, so I have somewhere to go in the next year.

I dreamt last night that I weighed myself and the scale said… 154. Lol, well, at least that is less than where I started, but I plan to go weigh myself awake and… *deep breath* we’ll see what it says!

What a bummer post. I do hope that you are having a good season! Perhaps this gives a sense of why the previous post, Brokenness and How You Can Help, was important for me to post so please, if you are able to help ease someone’s pain, please do so!

I am going to get through this time, praying to God a lot (he is my strength), and trying to focus on the good friends I still have which is amazing to me that anyone is still with me, and for them I am grateful! (Peter, Julie, Trace, Jen, Rachel- love you)

Thank you for reading.

P.S. I wrote in a previous HG post about wanting a full length mirror so I can take better pictures of my progress, among other things. I didn’t say anything to my mom about it but she came home last week with a full length mirror! It is in my room and I need to find a good place for it. Charis loves looking at herself in the mirror already.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brokenness and How You Can Help

Life can be overwhelming.

On Monday, I asked my mom if she would help me clean up the livingroom on Wednesday, today. I wanted to prepare her. So she asked me on Tuesday, in preparation for today, to try to get the TV to work.

The TV is working and so we’ll be cleaning today.

The thing is, most people (who know us or have seen our house) think that the problem is mom’s.

The truth is that I know that I contributed to the disorderliness. I feel some guilt in that. The mess depresses me and overwhelms me, but I wonder how my mom is dealing with it when people put the blame on her. So I am going to do my part to ease the mess.

The holiday season should be a joyous time.

For some, it is a difficult time. Life is hard. The holidays can sometimes magnify the overwhelming struggles of life.

I have tried several times to write this post and I just don’t know how to write it. So, I will just say that I would like to ask that you say a prayer for those whom are in pain during the holidays. I know that for many, they’re struggling with deeper issues than a messy room.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a donation to an organization that cares for hurting people.

I know that sounds vague. I would probably say too much to try to explain, but people in pain are constantly in my thoughts, especially at this time of year.

So, I would like to suggest three organizations that I trust and to which I have given some money at some time. Below are the mission statements of each and the websites where you can find more information.

To Write Love On Her Arms [TWLOHA]

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

I Am Second

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. The authentic stories on provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled. You’ll discover people who’ve tried to go it alone and have failed. Find the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

Family Talk

To help preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based, and to seek to introduce as many people as possible to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, the focus of the ministry is on marriage, parenthood, evangelism, the sanctity of human life and encouraging righteousness in the culture.

As I said earlier, please make a donation to an organization of your choice or you may choose one of the three I mentioned here. If you cannot give at this time, please say a prayer for those who are in pain.

And maybe, think about, or rather, find someone who might need a little help or a cheer in their day and give all the help and cheer you can. They might not be able to ask for themselves.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Experience

MAC Marilyn: Me and Alina

I was checking through the posts I’ve been working on and noticed that I didn’t get around to posting about the MAC experience I went for during my birthday. I thought I’d post it anyway. Enjoy!

Related post: [Birthday Redemption]

Hello friends!

I had gotten the notice in the mail that the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection was coming out and right around the time of my birthday! I decided that I would have a little self-celebration of my birthday and signed up for a makeup appointment.

Previously, I had only been excited about the MAC Wonder Woman Collection of last year. I love Wonder Woman; I was her for Halloween years ago. I had signed up for a makeup appointment then, but cancelled it as the day was coming nearer; I was having one of my moments.

This time for Marilyn, I went through with the appointment and I am glad that I did!

MAC Marilyn: let's go in!

MAC Marilyn: products used on me

 Alina was the makeup artist. She did a great job! She had a gentle touch and was so professional and kind as she gave me directions (like to look up as she lined my eyes, or to blink as much as I need to during the mascara application) and gave me information about the products that she was using on me. It was the first time I had a professional do my full face makeup.

MAC Marilyn: the eye look, open
MAC Marilyn: the eye look, closed
MAC Marilyn: the lips

Here’s a list of what she used on me:
Paint pot: Bare Study
Eyeshadow (Marilyn): Preferred Blonde, Showgirl
Eyeshadow: Tempting, Typographic
Liquid liner (Marilyn): Penultimate
Primer: Prep + Prime Skin
Foundation: Matchmaker
Powder: Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing
Concealer: Pro-long Wear
Blush (Marilyn): The Perfect Cheek
Lip primer: Prep + Prime Lip
Lip liner (Marilyn): Cherry
Lipstick (Marilyn): Charmed I'm Sure
Lipgloss (Marilyn): Phiff!

*Not sure what she used on my brows or mascara, I forgot! :/
** The ones in bold are what I picked up for myself

MAC Marilyn: the whole look

I allowed myself a little birthday money to spend on collection pieces that I would truly enjoy, for my birthday and because they were limited edition and were unlikely to appear again.

MAC Marilyn: Showgirl eyeshadow,
Charmed I'm Sure lipstick (matte),
and Phiff! dazzleglass
Top row: Charmed I'm Sure lipstick, lipstick with dazzleglass
on top, and Phiff! dazzleglass
Bottom: Showgirl eyeshadow

“Charmed I’m Sure” is my first red lipstick. It is a true red matte and I am glad; I’m fairly certain an orange-y red would not look good on me. “Phiff!” is my first dazzleglass; it is described by MAC as a “sheer yellow peach” and has very finely milled glitters in it that gives my lips a lot of shine. “Showgirl” is a “dark blue grey” (exactly how I would have described it) with a veluxe pearl finish. From what I understand (and I may be wrong), the veluxe pearl finish has tiny reflective shimmers in it that are just beautiful, in my opinion.

Pieces from the Marilyn Monroe Collection are pretty much sold out online within the first hour of the launch probably. I say probably because I’ve never seen a collection not be sold out by the time that I check online. I think it’s about 3 am or something my time when they come out.

If anyone is interested in the collection, one might be able to find a piece here or there on eBay or Amazon, but it will be pricey!

For future collection launches, one’s best bet is to sign up for the makeup appointment or just check the nearest MAC launch store. One takes a chance to go on the day they are available in stores as it is probably line crazy!

To be honest, I’m generally not a star-struck kind of person. I do admire a good deal of people and it usually has to do with their personal story of struggle or if they’ve excelled in an area that I would only dream of excelling, things like that.

I have gotten more interested in Marilyn herself from watching the TV show “Smash.” I started watching “Smash” for Katherine McPhee and ended up adoring Marilyn as well; she was the subject of the musical that was the subject of “Smash.” The writers of the show handled Marilyn so tenderly that I understood more of Marilyn’s wounded, vulnerable quality and sense of loneliness, which I started to relate to more.

And so I was more excited about the MAC Marilyn collection than I probably would have been if I hadn’t watched “Smash.”

I love the packaging for the Marilyn collection! I love the images that MAC used. I will most likely keep the packaging long after I’ve used up the products because Marilyn looks classic and gorgeous in the images.

MAC Marilyn: the packaging was classic, made Marilyn
look stunning

MAC Marilyn: And a lip print on the inside- nice touch

Let me know if you have ever had your makeup done and how the experience was, or if you were able to get anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection. Or leave a comment about whatever you would like to say- I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

And a photo of my free birthday Starbucks
drink- I had forgotten to add it to the
previous post

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bible Reading Plan Update

Today is day 352 of the year. It feels like it has been a long year for me and yet it went in a blur.

I have been keeping up with the Bible read somewhat well. I would miss a couple of days and then catch up and now that the semester is over, I am reading every day (though I ought to be reading every day no matter what).

I believe this will have been the second time that I have read through the Bible; it might be the third time, as I don’t have a great working memory. The first time, I aimed for a year but finished in a year and a half. This time, I will have finished in a year. Just like with the Healthy Go journey, I am building up the discipline of reading the Bible every day. I am getting better at it each time.

Today I have read through Obadiah and Revelation 9. It occurred to me that it seems odd to be reading about the end times in Revelation as we approach a time of celebration with Christmas.

I don’t have any brilliant reflection on Obadiah and Revelation. I don’t understand them as well as I hope to one day. I’m sorry that this is such a flat update.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever your beliefs, that you will be able to spend good time with family and friends.

For my fellow praying people, please continue to pray for the families in Connecticut.

Thank you for reading.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I feel like I am constantly apologizing yet there’s nothing else that I can really do from here. Here, I only have my words and sometimes a picture or two.

I apologize for having been missing in action this past week. I don’t even have a Saturday make-up Healthy Go post for you, HG which has been my most consistent series posting so far.

I had a final on Monday, 2 on Thursday, and then a very early morning one on Friday. I am relieved.

So I had finished with the semester on Friday morning when I heard and saw on TV the news of the tragedy that happened in Connecticut. I don’t have much to say but that my thoughts and prayers are with them. May God grant them what they need in order to heal through this time.

I will be back on Monday with a new post.

Thank you for reading and may God bless you this weekend with good times with your family and friends.