Saturday, December 17, 2011


This Lush visitwas caused by the sample I got on the previous visit.

So on the firststore visit, I had been given a hand lotion sample that I ended up forgettingabout when I got home and so threw it away. This time I decided I would actually try the sample of....

The Flying Foxshower gel.  Here’s what Lush has to say:  "Share a shower with our Flying Fox to ground and calm you.Our Foxy shower gel has the stunningly sensual scent of jasmine, ylang, cypressand palmarosa. It's is so relaxing that even the most frantic, frazzled personwill relax into a restful mood after a warm shower.”

I wasn’t lookingforward to trying it based on the scent. I don’t know exactly how to describe it other than… a little on the muskside?  Like pure flower extract.  I’m mostly a citrus-scent kind ofperson and sometimes berries too.  FlyingFox is not citrusy nor berry-like.

After the firstuse, it worked well in lathering, then cleaning and softening my skin but Istill wasn’t too crazy for the scent. After the second use, I went to bed later that night and caught a scentof it from my skin and thought it’s actually a little pleasant.  Then I used it again and decided to like theshower gel all around. 

It was goneafter the fourth use and I found myself wanting more of it.  Off to Lush I went… after a few months.  I got the 250 mL bottle of Flying Fox and Iam happy!

I let the salesassociate try to sell me on a few of the liquid shampoos and conditioners.  I decided to try one of the conditioners as Ihave an abundance of shampoos to use up at home but not as muchconditioners.  I bought the smaller 100mL bottle of American Cream conditioner. From Lush: The scent of honey, vanilla,strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can't stay away. Ifyour hair gets a bit messed up, American Cream makes it easy to brush throughand smooth out again.” 

American Cream does look and smell a bit like a creamymilkshake.  I think it makes my hair feela little… waxy in the shower.  Then afterdoing my usual hair routine of straightening and drying, my hair didn’t reallyfeel soft.  Plus, I should have read thebottle a little more because the overall lingering scent is of vanilla- not abad thing except that I don’t personally like the scent of vanilla; I couldn’tsmell the vanilla when it was in the store, I don’t know why.  Also, none of the other Lush products I've used so far have a strongly lingering scent except for R&B.  So I guess it works okay for me and it mightwork better on someone else’s hair.  Goodthing I got the small bottle of it yet I’ve already used it about 15 times andam only halfway down to using it up. 

Oh and if I use R&B on my hair after using the AmericanCream, my hair smells like coconut! Haha- I didn’t know that vanilla + orange blossom = coconut!  Well, R&B does use coconut in it, it justdoesn’t smell like coconut on its own. And this doesn’t help American Cream’s case with me because… I don’tlike the scent of coconut either.  Toobad.  I like eating and drinking freshcoconut but I don’t like processed coconut products.

This time the salesperson gave me a sample of RehabShampoo.  Lush says: “Olive andjojoba oil shampoo to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair. Rehab isshampoo for hair which has been abused and needs some rest and relaxation. It doesn't take long for this shampooto restore your hair to youth and vitality. Enzymic papaya cleanses, whilealmond oil softens the follicles. Once your badly conditioned hair has been putinto Rehab, you'll never look back.”  Well, whether on its own or used with American Cream, Rehab isokay.  It didn’t impress me nor disgustme.  The scent after use is not much andso I guess I could use it and mask any scent of it with R&B.  I think I’ll be sticking to Godiva and othershampoos that work as well or better and smells better to me.

I decided that I wanted to try another solid soap; I stillhad Sexy Peel at home.  I got a wedgeslice of Honey, I Washed the Kids soap. Lush says: “The irresistible toffee and honey. Once you'veunwrapped this mouth-watering toffee scented soap, you'll immediately want towash yourself all over with it - and then wash your honey, and then the kidsand maybe even gran if she's lucky.”  It looked like cheesecake witha honeycomb pattern on the top.  When Igot it home, it quickly started turning brownish, like a cocoa color- remember,it’s made of fresh natural ingredients so this is okay. 

I like the Honey soap too! It does smell like toffee and honey, both of which I like very much. Inthe shower, it gives off an extra little sweetness to the scent.  My skin feels good after the shower too. 

And lastly, I bought one of their gorilla perfumes.  They are mostly inspired by signature Lushscents, like the Karma perfume to match the Karma soap and Karma body cream and Karma bubble bar, etc. 

I was considering the Orange Blossom which I liked butdecide on the Lust perfume because it matches the scent of the Flying Foxshower gel that I was getting, as well as the Godiva shampoo I alreadyuse.  It also doesn’t smell like anyother perfume that I already have.  Ilove the scent of Lust!  Lush says: “It's a very heady perfume that's not for the shy and retiring. Itstarts off as strong, pure jasmine and warms on the skin to a seductive floralscent. It lasts for hours and hours. Unlike some other things we couldmention.”

So… a summaryupdate:

Like and wouldbuy again: Godiva solid shampoo, Sexy Peel solid soap, R&B hair treatment,Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, Flying Fox shower gel, Honey I Washed theKids soap, Lust perfume.

Need to use morein order to decide: Sunny side bubble bar.

Would not buyagain: American Cream (scent), Rehab shampoo (free sample item; average).

Note on costs:some of the products might seem expensive, but at least for the ones that I’veused, you won’t need a huge amount of product for each use; you’ll need verylittle of the product and so you should be able to get more uses out of it thanfrom other cheaper, common products. 

If you've tried a Lush product, leave a comment below and let me know how you liked it.  Also leave a comment if you have an opinion on the blog layout- I changed to it only a few days ago.

Thank you forreading and check out Lush products [they also make nice gifts *wink wink*].