Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sleeping Lush Products

Along with using mostly fresh and natural ingredients, Lushis also a rather eco-friendly company regarding packaging and such.  Whatever product does NOT need formalpackaging is sold loose and given in yellow bags that will disintegrate and canbe used for compost.  Read more about their eco-friendly steps here.

As one can imagine, it becomes a question of how to storeLush unpackaged products while they are not being used for the moment.  The oils from the products will start to leakthrough the yellow bags.  If one leavessomething really natural out, one might find critters around and on one’sproducts [I’m only saying this part because I found a roach hiding inside a bagof lush products, which the products were protected in their individual Ziplocbags; otherwise, I don’t find ants and things crawling around the products].

So, what to do?

I started with putting loose products into Ziplocbaggies.  Even though it kind of defeatsthe purpose of being eco-friendly, the bags were what I had on hand. 

Recently I started to put as many soap chunks as possibleinto the containers that the samples had come in once I had used up thesamples.  Here is a picture of the SexyPeel and the Honey I Washed the Kids soaps in the two sample containers that Ihad.  One can see the bottom label says“Flying Fox”- that was the sample but the picture has Honey I Washed the Kidssoap in there.  Some people on YouTubelabel their containers but I only have a small collection of products and knowwhat they are just by looking.  Still, itcould be fun and decorative to make labels for the containers if one would liketo.

For the solid products that I use currently, I keep them inthe square body butter travel tin.  Icarry the smaller chunks of soaps and solid shampoo in the tin to carry backand forth from my room to the shower. When not in use, I like to keep the tin in my room and opened so thatthe products dry out and stay better.

Also note: the solid shampoo is rather softer and can breakapart easily if left damp.  So I drainexcess water from the travel tin before taking it back to my room, and I makesure to stand up the shampoo on its edge instead of flat.  This way, more of it will dry faster and theshampoo stays mostly as one piece; some smaller pieces might get soft andsettle on the bottom of the tin anyway but not much. 

Related note: I don’t remember if I’ve said this before butI’ll say it here with photos also.  I usethe solid shampoo and the soaps on their thinnest edges and wear them down thatway.  I find that if I use them on theirflattest, broadest surface, as I normally would if I used other brand soapslike Dove or Irish Spring or Melaleuca, etc., then the Lush soap/solid shampootends to break up a lot as it wears thin and I end up with a bunch of little pieces. So to keep the soap/ solid shampoo in one piece longer, I wear it downon its smallest edge and it starts to become like a ball.

The picture shows an unused Godiva solid shampoo to the upper right- it looks like a hockey puck.  Then on the left is what the Godiva looks like as I wear it down on its narrow edge- the bottom of that piece where it looks flat is the edge that I use to lather it into my hair.  The small ball is a piece of Sexy Peel soap- I put it in the middle of my washcloth, cover it up, and sort of rub it into the washcloth, then I can put it in the tin and continue rubbing the washcloth together to lather up more.

I keep an unused fresh Godiva solid shampoo in its tin.  When you buy 2 solid shampoos or body buttersor massage bars, you will get a free tin, a small round one for the shampoos ora medium square tin for the body butters, and some of the massage bars comewith an oval tin. 

And as part of Lush’s recycling program, one can “bring back5 [empty] black pots and get a fresh face mask free.”  Says so on the black pot label.  Nice. So far, I’ve only gotten the R&B that comes in the black pot, soit’ll be a long while before I get to try a mask.  

I also have a storage idea coming up.  I will have to burn up a candle first.  Then when that is done, I'm going to clean out the candle jar and turn it into storage for various Lush products.  I'm going to post soon about the candle itself and then also the storage idea.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. When I've been adding on that Lush products make great gifts, I wasn't hinting about me but just to give anyone an idea for week-before-Christmas gifts for your loved one.  To find a Lush store near you or to shop online, visit

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