Friday, December 30, 2011

I’m on Fire!

My brother’s a genius and I fell for it.

Where were we?  I think we were sitting in the restaurant for Brother’s dinner a few months ago, talking about whatever as usual.  Brother said something like “I’m wondering if I should get the Kindle Fire…” to which I said, “It looks good!”

Brother says, “yes but I also have my [insert tech device here]…”

Guess what Brother got me for Christmas?  Yep, the Kindle Fire!


So I’m happy with it of course!  That's a photo of the Fire in its case, being charged up.

And now I will reveal another neurosis [is that the right word?] I have; I have probably mentioned it before.  I love giving gifts.  I like thinking about people, I like seeing something that makes me think of someone and getting it for them if I can afford it or making it if I can figure it out.  I like surprising people with a gift.  I like putting a lot of thought and/ or effort into a gift. 

Which is why I sometimes don’t give a gift at an expected time- because I tend to give a gift as soon as I have it and I see them, so I end up giving unexpected gifts at unexpected times, otherwise I might forget that I have the gift or forget where I stored the gift.  Then it comes to a birthday or Christmas, expected gift times, and I’m out of ideas. 

And I get stumped when it comes to Brother because some of the things he’s into are rather unfamiliar for me, like anime or he sometimes gets Japanese movies to watch- the only Japanese thing I can understand is sushi.  Add to it that, while he isn’t rich, Brother makes good money, enough to afford to get what he likes for himself. 

One year I saw a Monty Python book at the store and got that for Brother.  I figured he likes British humor, and Monty Python, and books.  A thoughtful gift, right?

This year, I wanted to get him a blender or a mixer- Brother’s a good cook and I didn’t think he had a blender yet.  However, the thought of a blender threw me into this thinking-too-much thing because I don’t know what would be a good brand for a blender, if he would get more use out of a regular one or a single-ready-to-serve one, or about blender speeds, etc.

I looked at blenders.  I didn’t get him a blender.  I didn't get him a mixer either.  Dad said Bro already has a slow cooker.  I wanted to get him something useful.  And his cats are already spoiled.

Hmmm… what to do…

So I ran out of time and I gave him a CD of Hawaiian Christmas music, one that I like, and thought that he could play it in the background whenever his friends make their holiday party at his place.  Not as great as a Kindle Fire, not even close. 

I know it’s not about money and things but I just don’t know how to show my brother how much I think he’s a good brother.

One year I got a multi-photo frame and put together family photos in it for Brother.  I thought about making one with photos of his cats but I don’t know that I have a lot of pics of them. 

Another crazy thing I do is that I think too much about such gifts… for example, when Bro got me an iPod, I don’t think I touched it for months- well, I think I used it some at home.  I didn’t want it to get stolen, I didn’t want to break it, I didn’t have iTunes yet so I put thought into setting up that account, etc.  Then I finally got a protective sleeve for it, and finally put songs from CDs onto iTunes, and after thinking too much about which songs to put on the iPod, I finally started to use the iPod a lot and actually took it outside the house… mostly to the gym with me. 

Nowadays, I take it almost everywhere with me.  Though, I still am protective of it.  I don’t like using it at bus stops while I wait because I don’t want people to know I have something that might be of value to them.  I will use it on the bus, and then put it away before I reach my destination so that when I get off the bus, people don’t know that I have it. 

My thinking is that if someone gives me a gift, even if it’s a stuffed animal or something, I want to take good care of it.  If someone gives me a gift card, I want to use it wisely.  I think it was last year that Bro got me a gift card for iTunes, and while I love music and there are a lot of it that I would want, I have yet to use up the gift card [I’m close] because I want to make sure I get only THE songs I really want. 

So now with the Kindle Fire, I am putting a lot of thought into which book will be the first on it!  I’m having fun just thinking about it and reading all these book descriptions and such.

I have put forth the request for book suggestions to my friends on Facebook.  I’ve gotten suggestions so far.  I feel like it needs to be a classic or something, like… Jane Eyre!  It probably won’t be a classic though.  I am already close to making the pick, and it’s not one of the suggestions, though one of the suggestions is in the running.  I’m going to give the thought a little more time.

Oh, but at least as far as protecting the Fire goes, Bro also got me a cover for it.  I’m going to look for a good screen protector for it but I’m not so worried about hurting the Fire right now.  I just make sure I put it on a safe surface [where the cats won’t walk on it or have it fall off the table or something] when I go to sleep.

So far, I have downloaded the YouVersion Bible app- check it out- and a sports app so that I can find out game scores and such.  That’s about it so far.

What have you learned about me from all of this?  I think a lot.  Too much at times.  Too too much. 

So much so that, believe it or not, I actually do some things without much thought at all because I’m too busy thinking about everything else to force one more thought in there. 

Like my laundry.  What?  What’s a “delicate?”  Just throw it all in.  Where’s the “normal” setting on this thing?  I need a “normal” setting!  It’s enough that I separate whites and colors….

You also learned that I love giving gifts.  I once saw a quarter machine- one of those old ones where you put quarters in to get candy or a toy- this one had temp tattoos; I had enough quarters to get a tattoo each for the ladies at Bible study later that night, and I got a bag of chocolates for the guys- it was something like that. 

Thank you Brother for the Fire!

And thank you for reading this post.  Leave a comment below if there is a book you would like to suggest for me- doesn’t matter what genre- I love to read- or if there is a screen protector you would suggest.

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