Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Don’t Like Waking Up

Bad things happen when I wake up.

If that’s a quote from somewhere, let me know.  I think there is something like that…

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying some part of the Christmas season!

Today, I woke up and got ready to go to the post office- one more package to send off.  Everything went fine. 

I was driving back home, approaching my street, when the big black SUV in front of me starts slowing down… we’re approaching my street… I’m thinking the person might be lost and checking out the street name or something so I’m patient… the SUV stops a little before my street… then moves up a little more… Now the SUV is blocking the street.  The lady starts opening her door.... 

What is she doing?!   So I honk.  I can see her in the SUV throwing up her hand.  She pulls up past the street and stops again.  This big dog comes from the area of my house and towards the SUV.  I pull onto the street and into my driveway.

Mom was outside with her dog.  I asked, “What was that lady thinking, stopping and blocking the street?!”  Mom said that I guess she was trying to block her dog from going somewhere else. 

STILL!  You don’t block the street!  I’m still thinking.  I mean, even with a big SUV, blocking the driving part of the road, the dog could still get past and run wherever he wanted to.

*Shaking my head.   I know you can shorten that to “smh” now but I see that and think “smacking my head.”

Sigh.  I hope that lady got her dog safely home and secured.  I get it that things like this will happen, your dog gets out, you’re trying to get it back…  [btw, I did not see a collar on that dog] you’re probably not actually thinking things all the way through… but don’t get upset with me getting annoyed that you’re blocking the street that I live on.  When I had honked at her, I hadn't seen the dog yet, I didn’t know she was trying to get her dog and still… I don’t understand blocking the street. 

Then wait until I do something like that….

And I think I had seen her dog the other day on a sidewalk taking a dump.  Someone was nearby and I guess I had thought it was their dog.  I don’t know.  So I guess the dog might have been lost for more than a day, and maybe the lady had been worried for more than a day.  I’m glad she got him back.

Still, don’t block a street.  I think there’s some kind of law about that….  I don’t know.

Okay, so my responsibility in the frustration is that when I was approaching the SUV and came up behind it, I think she might have waved me to go past, that was when I honked and then I threw on my turn signal.  The street I live on is in a residential neighborhood, off of a street that is off of the main drive.  So when I am approaching the street that I live on, I don’t normally put on the turn signal.  Some people do, some people don’t on that street.  One just expects people to keep driving or to pull over.  One doesn’t expect someone looking for their dog to stop and block the street.  It should have been somewhat logical to think that if I had meant to continue going forward on the street, I would have passed her.  There must have been a reason why I was waiting for her to pass the street. 

So I could have thrown my signal on earlier.  *Big sigh.  

I wasn't that irritated until she got irritated with me for honking.  I know we don't really honk in Hawaii, but if you're blocking the street I live on, I'm going to honk at you.  If she hadn't been in her car at the time that I approached it and she was blocking the street, I would have called the police.

I have no idea why I think runaway dogs are males.  ??

Thank you for reading and please keep your dog safe.

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