Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Diamond in the Rough… Candle?

I think I’m finally getting around to writing about somestuff that have come my way because it’s the giving season of Christmas andall.  So maybe these entries can givesomeone a gift idea in time!

It is getting rainy and sometimes cold over here.  This is when I get out my heating pad for mybed, just in case, and thicker blankets and drink hot tea more often.  Still cozier and more fun than all of that are mycandles! 

When it gets cold I love lighting candles.  It keeps my whole room warm, gives off wonderfulscents, and just helps me feel more at home. I would light candles year round if it didn’t get so hot here most ofthe time.

You can read a previous entry on tricks I’ve used to keepwarm and candles that I like here

I still love the Apple Slice candle from Melaleuca’s SunValley Soy collection.  If you would likesomething from Melaleuca, I can get it for you or you can sign up under me toget things for yourself; it’s one of those companies where you can build yourown business from it and so far Melaleuca is the best one for my family that mymom has had us try.

What was I…? Candles. Yes. 

I have decided that I do not like the Citrus Grove scentedone so much.  Melaleuca used to have aCafé Caramel candle from an old collection that they don’t sell anymore.  I only have one left and I’m kind of sad andsaving it for later.  If you find a goodsmelling caramel candle, please let me know from where?  I’ve looked online but haven’t found one I’mwilling to try and for the price.  Iwould burn the Caramel and the Apple candles at the same time and thecombination smelled OH SO GOOD.

This year I decided to try the Meadow Mist candle, also fromthe Sun Valley Soy collection.  I likeit.  It smells just like meadow mist, orrather just like how I IMAGINE meadow mist might smell.  Overall, it smells like just-washed laundry,something I enjoy very much.

Last year for the Christmas season, I stopped by The BodyShop  for some stocking stuffers. They had a great deal going on [which they probably have every year atthat time, I just don’t go to malls often] and so along with gifts, I alsopicked up some fragrance oils of which I’d been waiting to get more.

I picked up [for myself]: Satsuma, Cranberry Joy, andExotic.  I had a cranberry scent fromthem before and I don’t know if this is the same one, but I liked the first oneso I thought I’d get C-Joy this time and I’m glad. 

I had Exotic before also and had liked it; I don’t know howto describe the scent.  The website says: “Best if you want to: Perk up yourspirits with an energetic and fruity aroma in a scented oil that can be usedseveral ways to fragrance your home and help create your desired atmosphere.”   Not the bestdescription job I’ve seen but it is a fruity scent.  It’s more crisp than creamy.  I don’t know about energetic.  Still, I like it.

And then Satsuma is an orangy citrus scent.  Love it.

Previously I have also had Black Cherry and Mandarin Peel,both of which I liked. I don’t think they have cherry one anymore and theSatsuma is a good replacement of Mandarin.

One of my YouTube subscriptions is to Elle Fowler’sAllThatGlitters21 channel.  It is mostlyabout makeup and such: hair care, nail care, etc.  She did a recent haul video on candles.  Here’s the link to the video: Candles on AllThatGlitters21.

If you’d rather not watch the video, I’ll just tell youabout it.  She reviewed candles from afew companies [listed in her video description] but I thought that DiamondCandles had an extra little fun factor to it. 

Diamond Candles are soy candles that comes with a diamondring inside!  It’s like a CrackerJack boxwith a prize inside!  I used to lovehaving CrackerJacks and I always wanted the fake tattoos or the plastic ringfrom it.

Well, here is the description from Diamond Candles:
Foil with Ring Inside
We are so glad you are here! If you don't know much about us yetwe have real rings worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 in every single earthfriendly, all natural soy candle that we make. 

Thecombination of highly fragrant premium quality soy candles, an exciting and fun'ring reveal' experience (what ring will you find?), and a ring to wear formonths and years to come means making something as boring as burning candles inyour home something to look forward to.”

They have several scents that I think I would enjoy.  So for my first Diamond Candles, I decided Iwould try Strawberry Bliss and White Chocolate. From the day I purchased them to the day they arrived was 7 days, prettygood.  I couldn’t wait and burned themright away!

Like the caramel and apple combination, I had decided on thestrawberry and chocolate candles to maybe make another great combination.  I’m a good strawberry person and usually notmuch of a chocolate person as scents or flavors.  When I burn these two candles together, thewhite chocolate dominates I think.  Ihave a hard time picking out any strawberry hints.  Not a bad thing but at least I tried.

The white chocolate on its own is okay but like I said, I’m notmuch of a chocolate person overall.  Thestrawberry one on its own I like better. Neither is an overwhelming scent. For some reason, I can smell them more in the hallway or the otherbedroom than when they’re close in my own room. I think both have a kind of buttery undertone to them.  There are other scents from the company thatI would like to try eventually but I would get these two again as well.

And the rings in both candles were near the top.  I think I got them out the second day that Iburned the candles, so after about 5 hours of burn time or so?  The rings were in little bags and then wrapped in foil before being put into the candles.

Ring in the Little Zip Bag
Ring in the Foil

I got the pink ring from the strawberry candle and thepurple from the chocolate candle.  I likepink more than purple, actually I was hoping for a blue or a yellow ring.  I think they’re both either $10 or $100 ringsbut definitely not more than that. Anyways, it was still fun to get them like a prize!  Well, fun for someone like me.

And to further the fun, I’m thinking about what I’ll use thejars for after the candles have been burnt. I’ve used the Sun Valley candle glasses as a little vases so far.  I saw this and it has sparked a desire topossibly be a little more creative…  Idea for Candle Jar Second Life.  I think I will also use one of the jars to hold some of my Lush products.

So consider giving away a candle for a gift- and if the persondoesn’t actually like the scent that you chose for them, it makes a great giftfor them to give away!  And so on, and soon, the candle will find a home eventually…

And PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND SAFE ABOUT BURNING YOURCANDLES!  Especially in trimming down thewicks periodically to keep the flame height low- I’m definitely doing thisregularly with my Diamond Candles.

Leave a comment below if you a) find a caramel-scented soy candle, or b) would like me to get you a Melaleuca candle, or c) get/give someone a Diamond Candle please?  You can let me know which candles/scents you use which you think I might like to try!

Thank you for joining Who I Am for this candle-and-diamond-filled funreading.