Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update [November 1, 2011]

Welcome to November 2011! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween/ Harvest festivities!

I’ve had another costume buddy move away this year. I need to meet another maybe. I could not much get into the spirit this year. A part of me each year wonders if I’ll ever have anything as good as when I was WonderWoman for Halloween. Ahh, that was a good Halloween, wasn’t it, Jules? "I'm NOT Bat-girl! I'm Cat-woman! Get it RIGHT!"

So I am enjoying all the costume-ness through Facebook this year.

I saw something I liked and thought I’d mention it: I went to the bank yesterday and they were all in the Halloween spirit! Well, I mean that they were decked out at least. I’m guessing the theme was “the NFL.” They were wearing NFL jerseys of different teams, some with eye-black on, some wearing NFL team caps, etc. One was in referee stripes- I wonder if she was the boss or if her personality is neutral or…. Their leisure screen was tuned to ESPN- which I enjoy generally- instead of the bank’s ads. And they are mostly if not all female employees.

I also had to go to another bank and they had candy bowls at the teller stations. No costumes. No other decorations.

I just thought it was great to see a bank get with the spirit of the day! I’m sorry that I didn’t get a photo as I normally would, but you understand- I didn’t think it wise to take a camara out inside the bank and photo it.

Also, I really enjoyed DWTS last night. Another reason I enjoy the show is the wonderful HW band for live music, the fantastic costuming, and the unbelievable set designs! And of course they went all out for Halloween! I would love to work on that show- most likely with set design.

Anyways, I might take too long on that and I want to get moving this time.

If you get to YouTubing one of the dances, I would suggest Rob Kardashian’s tango to “The Addam’s Family” theme song, Ricki Lake’s paso doble, or Team Paso’s paso to “Bring Me to Life.” Sometimes I am simply amazed with how the pros choreograph certain dances they get to the songs they get. THAT is a GIFT!

The Paso Doble is one of my favorite dances that the show features. It’s strong, powerful, aggressive, it’s got controlled passion, …. And Ricki Lake got the high scores of the night to the paso choreographed by her partner Derek Hough. It was a delight!

Rob looked great and strong in the tango. The dance was a treat- such a rather somber and controlled dance to a kooky, well-recognized Halloween favorite of a song! The tone of the dance was wonderfully blended with the character of the song.

And I greatly like “Bring Me…” Hey, it’s the main ringer on my phone! Haha- the ringer starts at the “Wake me up!” part of the song. But also, the team danced the paso well!

Finally, among the FB posts, I really enjoyed one from my friend David. The photo has him in a banana suit, carrying his happy happy child in monkey outfit. The caption says, “When you have kids, its all about them. I’m just an accessory now. Happy Halloween”. Aww David, we still love you as well! [I’d show the pic if I could but didn’t get around to asking permission first].

Thank you for reading! If you’d like, share a Halloween moment in the comments below- I’d enjoy it! I'll read them while I stuff my face with chocolates...


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  1. That was a Halloween to remember Jenn...thanks for the memories! Halloween has a special place in my heart. I know that sounds strange coming from a Christian but it reminds me that sometimes you gotta cut loose and have fun!

    Although Crys and I live relatively close to each other we rarely see each other. I think the last time we went out together (like dress up on a night in town) was last Halloween. I don't think I will ever stop dressing up. Next Halloween I'm thinking cowgirl. :)


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