Friday, October 28, 2011

Peeping On Polar Bears

I have a friend who referred to himself as a polar bear because he always has the AC on HIGH; I have been calling him “Polar Bear” ever since.

And this is NOT about him at all, okay! I have NOT been peeping on people!

I thought I’d share this because I don’t get enough genuine surprise and laughter in my days, well, I barely get any at all. How sad is that?

I’m taking a grad course this semester. It’s a little informal at times. We meet in a conference room and sit around several tables put together. Out of about 12 of us, only 2 of us are locals and the rest come from the mainland US, one from Palau, Sweden, and such. Half are usually on their laptop computers, taking notes and what-not. [What-not = Facebook]

I was sitting in class this past week and the professor let us have a break late. I came back from break and start talking a little with Naomi next to me. She starts telling me about what she’s been doing on her laptop during class that day. She can barely get through it ‘cuz she’s laughing as she talks. She turns her screen to me…. and it’s a polar bear cam!

She found this site where I guess scientists are tracking the migration or something. We can watch the polar bear [I only saw one on the vid at the time] 24/7. It looked like ground covered with pieces of bark or something in the middle of a field, it was brown. And a white puffy thing in a little burrow. She said it’s the cutest thing and every so often it will put its head up, look around and then go back to sleep!

I tried to see what the website was but then the prof started up class again.

But I thought that was so funny! Of all the things, I thought Naomi was going to show me something maybe her friend posted on Facebook [the guy next to me was on Facebook during class]- NOPE! It’s a sleeping polar bear!

And I still can’t find the website… Hmmm… maybe I’ll ask her next time. I don't know why but I'm fascinated by whatever makes someone light up like that- Naomi was so happy with the polar bear!

Thank you to Naomi for making me laugh! [And that polar bear was cute!]

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