Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How A Young Man Made A Grown Woman Cry

Okay, so the words “grown” and “woman” in the post title are relative. I still have difficulty thinking of myself in those terms. When did that move from “girl” to “woman” happen? Was I there?

I had been away from the church for 5 months when I received a message from the young man. “Hi Jennifer, long time no see! I miss seeing you around Church! Where are you buddy?”

I finally gathered up enough courage and words to respond to him last month. “I apologize for not being such a good friend by this long and silent absence. I miss seeing your genuinely friendly face as well!”

His quick response was that I didn’t need to apologize for anything, he’ll be praying for me, and he knows that I “will continue to live [my] life for Christ!”

How can someone have such faith in me? Or better yet, have so much faith that God is mighty enough and loving enough to draw me back?

THAT makes me cry?!

Oh yeah, each and every time I read that message. It’s far from the dark cynicism I usually meet. Among other things, it’s refreshing.

I got to know the young man from volunteering with the youth department and it had been a privilege to watch him grow his love for Jesus.

One can imagine I had more thoughts to go in this entry? Hmm…

Thank you for reading.

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