Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sidekick

My favorite kitty is SEVEN years old!

Okay, well her birthday is actually sometime in June… I think… I know, I’m terrible with dates.

So, on a Sunday in 2004, Mom and I went to the Hawaiian Humane Society after church. Bad decision.

We went to the cathouse, my favorite area. Second bad decision.

I played with the kittens. Guess what? Third strike.

Charis came home with us.

We already had a cat, whom we had taken in when the owner, a friend of a friend, moved and couldn’t take Sweet Pea with her. I wasn’t supposed to bring any more four-legged animals home [I can always bring home fish- I’m partial to fighting fish].

Dad gave us the silent treatment for a day or so. Sorry Mom. It was completely my fault.

But Dad’s a softee so he warmed up to Charis quickly.

Charis has a very pungent scent when she gasses, which she used to do more often when she was new and thank goodness, not so much these days! [Because I’m sure you all wanted to know that part]. She paws the food bowl until something drops out and then eats it off the floor. She paws the water bowl also, as if she’s not sure there really is water there. When I have food to share, I ask her to “sit nicely, please” and she will sit down and wait for her little bit; otherwise she will beg and stare and try to get to the food herself.

The other year, Charis watched Eight Below with me. It was the first time seeing it for me. When the dogs chased the birds for food, Charis jumped onto my desk and followed the birds closely!

Anyways, what made me think of writing this are two pictures taken exactly 7 years apart.

This is Charis two days after we brought her home.

She fit in one hand and the mouse pad became a kitten pad. Look how her ears and paws are waiting for the rest of her to catch up!

Here she is 7 years later.

Doesn’t fit the mouse pad anymore but very often wants to be by my side. If she can’t get on my lap or on the chair with me, she will sit on the stool next to me. Sometimes, when the desk has a clear space, she will lie down there, still watching what I’m doing.

I had picked her out from among the other kitties at the Humane Society because of how the black markings of her face looks like a pulse indicator between her eyes- do you see it? It bottom part of the black goes across her cheek, then dips down and drives up high on her nose, then dips down above her left eye.... I thought it was an interesting look. And when I was very young I thought calicos looked pretty.

If she wasn’t such a scaredy-cat, I’d take her everywhere with me!

And I still love going to the HHS Cathouse, though it will be a long while before any kitties may come home with me again. If you are able to, please volunteer some time, adopt a pet, or make a donation to the Hawaiian Humane Society or the HS in your area so that these little ones and big ones can find care and a good home?

Thank you for reading.

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