Monday, June 13, 2011

Walk Like A... Something.

Recently I had a frightening realization of how old I am becoming.

It had been storming earlier but the weather had calmed for a bit. I was on my way to lunch with a couple people when my left foot decided to go another way from the rest of my body. I had slipped on the wet sidewalk. My right hand grabbed something and was able to stop me from completely falling. Everything felt fine.

We went on to lunch.

The next morning we were woken up unexpectedly. I got out of bed to look for where the noise was coming from. Then I went back to bed.

When I got out of bed the second time, I felt a kind of pop in my left knee. My knee felt strange for a few seconds and then the feeling subsided. The rest of the day I walked just fine. I felt some ache when we went swimming in the cool water but otherwise everything seemed fine again.

Later that night, I just kept off of my left leg as much as possible.

On Sunday, a lump had swelled just under my knee. Still no major pain.

Then the swelling spread out a bit in the general area. Still, no major pain and I could somewhat walk normally. I had some pain in my knee when I would turn a certain way at bed time so I just laid out on my back.

By Monday night, I started to freak out more. I looked down at my foot and it had blown up like a balloon. I could barely wiggle my toes. My foot looked oddly fat and smooth. That’s when I went for Dad’s crutches.

I adjusted the crutches to my height and went to bed.

For the rest of the week, I stayed off of my foot as much as possible. I kept it raised. I had some pain sometimes in the afternoon and then again at night, but still nothing very tough. I slept a lot. I have muscle twitches from my foot to my hip. I looked up knee anatomy and injury- it might be a meniscal tear.

More than a week later, I have gone to see the doctor. He tested the range of motion, sense of touch, blood circulation, and reflexes. Everything seems to be fine except for not being able to move my leg on my own and my leg muscles seem weak. Doctor said that he’s going to look up some conditions and call later this week and that I may have to see an orthopedic doctor. He thinks I might have nerve damage- is that very bad?

The least I am hoping for is no surgery necessary.

So, back to my frightening realization: I realize that if I had fallen all the way through the slip on the sidewalk, I could have come down hard and broken my hip. There it is. I am officially old.

And my toenails are THE LONGEST they have ever been. I normally keep my toenails clipped tight and more so after having the nails on both of my big toes badly bruised, fallen off, and grown back. Right now, it is just gross to me. Blech.

Here are some photos to gross you out… ermmm… I mean, to illustrate the injury.

That is the initial swelling under the knee. Then... look at those sausage toes! Nothing wrong if you've got them, just that I don't usually have them.

Accompanying status: "So...... if it walks like a duck but doesn't sound like a duck... it might just be me. Quack quack. Oops..."

Thank you for reading and hope you are walking well.

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