Monday, May 9, 2011

In Another Reality

For the first time, I looked up the recorded music for the current season of American Idol because of how well James Durbin sings. I looked at the album of AI tops or whatever and listened to the samples. I recognized one of the songs as having been played on Air1 Radio, a Christian station. I had no idea that Kris Allen was an AI winner.

Moving on to… Dancing With the Stars… I should’ve written a little more along the way ‘cuz some of the excitement has gone down for me, since one of my faves has been voted off the show and recently so.

And that was… WWE star and musician Chris Jericho! I’d been excited to see him dance each week ever since he came out on week 2 with a huge improvement from week 1. Like a lot of other athletes who’ve come on to compete, Jericho looks stocky and stiff but he worked hard each week. He’s very entertaining and witty, talks quite fast yet he also took the chance to show his more private side and personality in Personal Story Week [3], dancing as Chris Irvin [Jericho is his stage name] a very tender Rumba in remembrance of his mother.

What I liked about Jericho, besides his good personality, is that he made no excuses for why he couldn’t learn to dance well. Most celebrities at some point, especially the athletes, will make an excuse about why they can’t get their shoulders back for proper posture or whatever. In the clips from his practices with his partner Cheryl Burke, Jericho is not complaining. What little frustration he’s shown has been towards himself. He just came prepared to work hard and did so.

And he was becoming quite a good dancer. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in Week 5 American/ Patriotism Week dancing the Viennese Waltz to “America the Beautiful.” He finally got a score higher than 7 from head judge Len. He looked graceful and leading man dashingly strong on the floor. Sadly [for me at least], Jericho was eliminated in Week 6.

Check out Jericho’s Quickstep from week 2... [I don’t always understand the comments he makes, like the Viking one in this clip but he makes it sound like it should make sense! Lol]

Hines Ward [wide receiver for Pittsburgh Steelers] has also been enjoyable to watch. Like Jericho, he’s muscular and yet can still glide on the dance floor, and doesn’t give his partner Kym any excuse for why he can’t. He’s still in the competition so I guess I’d better start voting to keep him on! I’d like him to win but Romeo is also looking good and will be a tough competitor.

To see Ward’s fun samba from week 3:

Moving on to The Biggest Loser… This has been a pretty interesting season. They added two new trainers and held their identities secret for the first few weeks. They’ve competed as two teams, as pairs, as 4 teams, and for one week all players were as one team.

I really liked Courtney’s story- she lost weight BEFORE coming on the show and reached 100 pound total loss [both before and on the show] while on the ranch. Each week she would stand on the scale looking relaxed because it was about the hard work she put in rather than playing the game. Unfortunately her body started stalling the weight loss and she was sent home.

One of the most interesting things about this season for me has been the competitive and strong females. For a few weeks, the black team had been dominantly females and still won the weigh ins- in the seasons that I’ve watched, that hasn’t really happened like it did this season- against a male-dominated team.

Week 9 was Sarah’s week, in my opinion. The contestants had gone home for two weeks to diet and exercise of their own will. When they came back, they had an individual challenge of running a 5k- the order that they finished in would be the order in which they could choose their trainers- either Bob & Jillian or Brett & Cara. The end came down to Sarah and Arthur. Up until now, Sarah had been willing to sit in the back and let the competition happen to her rather than fight for what she wanted or having to make a choice. She was about to let Arthur finish ahead of her even though she could have finished a while ago- her teammates sensed it and coached her on to finish ahead of Arthur, meaning Arthur definitely wouldn’t have a choice of teams.

The time came to choose teams. One by one, it was no surprise- everyone was choosing the trainers they had started with in week 1. The teams were even… and then came Sarah’s choice. She had started the show with Brett & Cara. Surprisingly, she chose Bob & Jillian. And I think she had the best reason why- she decided for herself that it was time that she stepped out of her comfort zone. It would have been easy and comfortable for her to go with Brett & Cara. She chose the tough thing of going with the black team. Sarah was timid no more- she became a fighter and contender. I love seeing positive changes like that happen in people.

And still, though Sarah’s decision to stick up for something difficult but what she wanted ultimately sent Arthur home, Arthur who was the biggest contestant ever on TBL and had over 100 lbs more to lose, she didn’t regret her decision. Sure, she felt poorly for her decision’s part in making Arthur vulnerable to elimination, but she stood up for herself and didn’t look back. [Basically Arthur was sent home, even having lost 16 lbs that week, because he was the only former black team member now on the red team and he was 2 lbs shy of having immunity, so the red team voted for him to go home.]

Oh, and then the adventure weeks they had in New Zealand was amazing! I want to go rock-climbing and bridge jumping over there! Who’s with me?!

This past week had been Makeover week, always fun to watch. This season’s one was great ‘cuz we got to hear more from Tim Gunn about how honored he is to be a part of this week and he talked to each contestant individually. Also [SPOILER] …

They went through the weigh in like usual. There are 5 people left and two of them are sisters- at this point of the competition, it’s rare for a pair to both still be in it, and least likely when they’re both females but like I said, the ladies have been fighting hard this season. Olivia [of the sisters] was last to weigh in. It was between her and her sister Hannah to be below the yellow line and up for elimination with Jay. Also, Olivia was one pound away from losing a total of 100 on the ranch. She’s an opera singer and promised to sing when she loses that 100.

Well, Olivia lost a good 4 pounds that week. It sent her sister Hannah below the yellow line. And then… Tim Gunn appeared and the theme for makeover week had been A Fairy Tale, with Gunn granting them 3 presents- the makeover, having one of their family members visit, and… NO ELIMINATION!

So, fully-relieved Olivia sang and it was worth waiting to hear her!

My choices to win the season is Olivia, and if not her then Irene.

That’s it, that’s my reality show wrap up. Let me say it’s wonderful yet distracting to be able to watch these shows online. I tend to forget what show is on which night and what time so for a while I was checking in online to find out I’d missed 2 episodes. Ah well, at least I used the show watching time to also clean up my room or whatever else instead of just sitting and watching and doing nothing else.

Summary- my picks for winners, and in order- James Durbin [American Idol]- Gary & Mallory or Flight Time & Big Easy Globetrotters [Amazing Race]- Hines Ward [Dancing with the Stars]- and Olivia or Irene [The Biggest Loser].

Okay bye.

*Shoot, Gary & Mallory came in third- they had a hiccup with getting a good cab. :/ The Globetrotters came in second.

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