Monday, April 25, 2011

About Face

Somehow I feel like I’m past that age when it’s too late to be taking care of my skin but of course I’m going to try anyway. A little while back I had ordered these facial masques from Sei Bella under my Melaleuca account and only recently have I started to use them regularly. I’m very happy with them all and wanted to share about it.

The masques are:
Radiance Exfoliating Treatment
Refine Purifying Mud Masque
Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque

[Okay, in the photo you’ll see that the bottles say “Nicole Miller.” That’s because I ordered them just before they changed the brand name to “Sei Bella.” If you would order them now they would be “SB” but they’re the same product. Sorry for the confusion!]

The first thing I did was to label the bottles with the day I should use them. This was to help me keep in mind to actually use the masques and to help keep track of when I’ve used which ones. I placed tape on the bottle, wrote the day on the tape, then put another layer of tape over it- I do it this way so that I can easily switch the schedule around and so that the labels are protected from any possible wetness or oils from my hands.

The way I thought about the schedule was that on Wednesday I would give myself a midweek boost with the Mud Masque. On Friday, the week would end with a good Fruit Masque. Sunday would give me a refreshed outlook on the coming new week with an Exfoliation. I’ve been doing this for about a month or more now [with missing a day or so but I’m becoming more consistent].

Now for the individual reviews.

Refine Purifying Mud Masque [My Wednesday]

The catalog says: “Our exclusive Irish seaweed complex and kaolin clay draw out impurities in the skin and absorb excess oil. After just one use, you’ll notice smaller pores and an instant reduction in oil and shine.”

Well, due to abuse my face has huge pores beyond help so I’ll excuse the mud masque for that! My skin is normal-dry but I can tell that the few spots that do get oily feel clean after using the masque. It is thick but soft, very much as one would expect mud clay to be. It does dry very well, so I am definitely careful to keep it away from the delicate eye areas. I am also careful to leave it on for the recommended 10-15 minutes till it is dry because my face will start to feel a little itchy tingle due to the tightness if I leave it on longer than that.

The only minor drawback is the smell. It smells alright like seaweed when it’s freshly put on. When it dries though, it’s almost like the scent dries out as well. It’s only slightly unpleasant but again, a very minor thing. I use the mud masque before I shower so that I can know that all of it has washed off.

Otherwise, I enjoy using this masque, even if it makes me the green-faced monster as seen in movies! The benefits are worth it.

Replenish Hydrating Fruit Masque [My Friday]

“The natural moisture of real fruit drenches your skin in softness. Our unique Hydrating Fruit Complex counters dehydration while antioxidants, Shea butter, and sea salts fortify delicate skin.”

This smells good, almost like a fruit smoothie. Well, it pretty much is a smoothie for the face. The consistency is smoothie-like, quite fluid; the first few times I would forget this and some of it would spill into my hand [and a little got on the floor once]. I use this before or after a shower.

I enjoy this masque also but since it is spring going into summer, the face creams that I use seem to be enough to keep my skin moisturized even though I have dry skin. I think after I use this bottle up I’ll probably purchase this to use during the drier, colder winter months. Or I will simply skip the night cream whenever I’ve used the fruit masque.

Radiance Exfoliating Treatment [My Sunday]

“Buff away winter dryness with natural exfoliants. Algae, glycerin, and aloe condition skin, leaving it glowing, hydrated, and radiant.”

For me, there is nothing like saving the best things for Sunday and now my Sundays include the Exfoliating Treatment! Of the masques, this one is my favorite and I will definitely be purchasing more after every emptied bottle!

The treatment is very thick and has some grit to it [the exfoliating part of it and again, keeping it away from the eye areas]. It smells sort of like being at the beach which is eh, okay with me, nothing wow about it but that’s not the main purpose of the treatment. I mostly use it before showering, like with the mud masque, just to make sure all of it gets washed off. Sometimes I’ll forget and use it after showering instead- I like it too much to skip it despite what my face in the photo is saying- I wanted a fun photo!

I dab a thick layer all over my face and neck [no eye areas] and then massage my face in small circular movements. As I move it around, the treatment makes my face feel fresh and cool!

Besides being normal-dry, my skin can also be sensitive but these products have not irritated my skin at all [as long as I wash off the mud masque in a timely manner that is]. My eyes are also very sensitive to chemicals, especially to perfumes that are often added to beauty products, when anything is near my eyes but these products do not irritate my eyes either.

Again, I enjoy all three treatments though the Exfoliating treatment is by far my favorite. I’d say that they are worth the price for giving one a spa treatment at home!

The masques can be purchased individually through any Melaleuca representative, of which I am one. If you would like to try one of the masques, please contact me and I’ll get one to you!

Mahalo for reading and go pamper yourself!