Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whatever and Ever Always

Well, I haven’t written in a while. No, more correctly, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve written several entries. The entries for Rachel’s wedding I had written very soon after the event was over but I didn’t post till recently.

I don’t know that I have anything to say.

I’m in Bittersweet Heartbreak Mode. For many reasons. I’ve been trying to get myself to answer Apple’s text and I can’t even do that at the moment. I’m sorry. I’m all out of sorts; when am I not. I don’t know what to say.


So. It’s the little things.

So. The other day I had to pay a bill. I also ran a few errands. I finally picked up a small stack of drawers! Why should that rate? It will sit on my small shelf and not permit me to knock things over any more. It also provides more organization and space.

I couldn’t help myself. I picked up a couple of cacti along the way.

A few years ago, I wanted always something living in my room. With my feisty cats, that ruled out more fighting fish until I build and install the fish shelf. I’ve killed flowery stuff before. Cacti, sounds easy enough! Nope, they died too. Don’t ask.

So. I got two new cacti!

I don’t give up easily.

I watched a few Hitchcock classics. Great! Great.

So. I’ve been making friends online. I’d rather have local friends but that seems to end with me and not well at that. I’m trying a different avenue. I’m already in love with a few.

I’m taking more small steps towards taking better care of my health. I’ve been eating oatmeal again and this time I’m enjoying it better. I calculated that one serving of the spinach and mushroom salad that I make is 178 calories. I’m still working on phasing in more water. I don’t give up easily.

The only part that is hard with the oatmeal is that it doesn’t keep me full. In an hour, my stomach is growling like it’s gotten nothing at all. I’m doing my best to push through that and pretend I didn’t hear that, or feel it.

I’ve been too lazy to drive all the way to K to get the granola that I love. So. Someone had recommended a certain granola that they find at their Walmart. I searched up and down all the food aisles at the nearest W. Nothing. I’ll try again another time or another W.

Yet I really wanted granola. I checked out S and picked up a package. The ingredients looked good enough. I checked out L anyway but the granola they sold had more calories per smaller serving size, so looks like I made an okay choice in the S granola, for now.

The S granola is a little soft and not as crunchy as I like granola to be but it’s alright. I’m mostly using it in the Greek yogurt anyway. It’ll do until I make the trip out to K and get the one I love.

I spent Valentine’s Day with myself. No, it’s not sad for me so no pity here. I’ll write about it later- we’ll see if it gets posted.

So. I’ve been doing the dishes. I’ve been cleaning other stuff too. I’m slowly getting my desk more and more organized. I still need to fold my shirts.

I’ve fallen behind in my writing about reading journal. I call it my “Writing About Reading” journal. And just now I realized that it spells out WAR. 6 books are awaiting memory entry. It’s soon to be 7.

I love the smell of the caramel candle.

I am caught up on reading Joanne’s blog!

Ministry is on my mind. It hasn’t stopped being on my mind and in my scribbling since the day I heard the call. God has been sending things my way. I’m just… I can’t talk about it more than that at the moment. I don’t give up easily yet this….

A quarter of my right toenail has come off. I mean- OFF. I don’t know where it went or when it up and left. I just hope it doesn’t grow back worse like my other toe had.

I’m starting to use the AC again. I was worried that it wasn’t working anymore but it is.

I haven’t decided yet if I will grow my hair out for donation right away again. I’m still considering changing the color, and then I wouldn’t be able to donate again until that grew out though. Or I might have them touch up the short cut. It’s grown on me and I love it. Or I might try some other daring style.

I read some completely unexpected thing recently.

I am glancing at my phone more frequently now.

Ever since I first had a phone I’ve been considering doing without one. Yet it’s so handy when I get a flat tire. Or I fall down walking on the sidewalk and jam my knee. And then fall again a few days later and jam the other knee.

I saw a spider wrapping up a future meal and tried to get a pic of it but I moved something to get closer and it hid from me.

[at this point, this entry too is several days old. Maybe I’ve already written about V-Day but still to see if it gets posted].

I-i-i-i-i-i’m just gonna post this already. My finest work yet, no?

Mahalo for reading.

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