Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Strangely Charming Birthday Wish

I just read this today and getting onboard with it as quick as I can though I’m a little late. Put it to “Hawaiian time.”

Happy birthday wishes to Joanne Heim!

Again, I don’t know Joanne personally, which is the "strange" part of this celebration shout out, because we're strangers to each other. I only know her from listening to Grounded with Ryan Dobson and a couple Family Talk programs. I didn’t become aware of her blog until just about a month before her tough ordeal began but her blog has become a good friend that I like hearing from every so often. I'm inspired by her writing, by Toben’s writing about her, by their apparent faith, by just about everything through her blog. My first post about her ordeal is here.

So. Since I don't know her and don't know how to write more about her, here is my small thanks in the form of this post.

So. The theme is charm bracelets. When you read Joanne’s blog, you can instantly tell that she must have a lot of charms and not just on her bracelet. [Did you like that one, huh…? ;) ]

Years ago, I started making my own bracelet. I mean, I MADE it. I learned how to connect links to make the chain, I made it to fit my wrist, I searched out some charms for it.

Bear with me because it’s been a while since I’ve taken out my bracelet. Earrings and rings are my usual jewelry of choice so I don’t think I’ve worn my charm bracelet even once yet.

The charms on it are:
The Japanese symbol for “Happiness”
A pair of slippers [or what you mainlanders call “flip flops”]
An eighth note pair
Soccer ball
Hawaiian turtle design
A quarter moon

Of course, each one has a meaning for me.

As someone who lives with anxiety/ depression, “happiness” seems like a myth at times. I am also part Japanese. The slippers remind me of being home in Hawai’i, even though I wish I could walk barefoot everywhere instead.

I love music, almost all kinds of music. In school and church, I was involved in choir, band, symphonic wind ensemble, and marching band. I love listening to my friends sing and was asked to help write songs at one point- still sad that the song-writing didn’t go through but I’d still like to try one day. It’s on my 40x40 list. I also have a memory of the time that a former boyfriend played the saxophone for me, before we got together- the charm is partly for him too.

The strawberry reminds me of things I like- I like strawberries! That is simple enough. One year, Dad’s coworker went to Hilo for a day, work related, and Girls’ Day had been two days before. Dad arranged for his coworker to pick up a dozen strawberry mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen for Mom and me! Yummmm! I wrote about it here.

Ahem, the soccer ball… yes. I… have a thing… for soccer players it seems. My brother and “brothers” played soccer when we were growing up, my dad coached them one year but I don’t know that it has anything to do with why I like soccer players. I don’t watch pro-soccer, I don’t really care about Beckham except that he has talent I hear. I have liked guys at school whom have played soccer. So this soccer ball charm reminds me of Dean first, and then my other former, Chris. It’s not that I have any attachment to them beyond friendship but that they were a significant part of my past, of who I am today.

The airplane is for all the trips I’ve been on but most specifically for going back and forth from home and first college for three years. I love to travel but I love being home more.

The spider reminds me of my friend and a hilarious moment; at least, it was funny to me. Mom found a huge spider in the house one day. I am okay with pretty much any bug except for roaches- will not go near a roach, even if it’s dead. So I bottled up the spider and took it to the Entomology department at the U to find out more about it. It was a typical cane spider, probably female. I put it in the backseat for the time being and went to pick up friends for an event. B in the backseat picked up the bottle. All we heard was a loud scream! And then big laughter from me and I think it was Julie in the passenger seat? B calmed down after that initial shock and even looked at the spider, as long as it remained securely enclosed. I let the spider outside when I got home again. I dug deep in my photo files for this pic.

The Hawaiian turtle design charm is to remind me of Chulo and his daughter J. When he told me he had a daughter, I think one of the first things I sent for her was a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle [Honu] doll. She’s a bit older now and they live on the mainland so I’m not exactly sure what she’s into these days. I still send a turtle thing when I can.

The moon is for Popo from a part of her name. She died when I was barely two and all I remember about her is her funeral yet I have always sensed a strong connection to her.

There you have it, my bracelet with charms. I need to find more to fill it with- there are so many more things and people that I’d like to carry with me. So don’t feel poorly for not being represented on my bracelet yet ‘cuz I’m not done yet!

Here’s a pick of a bracelet I sometimes wear. I got it from my favorite Jules. I like elephants also and these jingle-jingle!

Once again- Hope you have a jingling good birthday Joanne!

Mahalo for reading.
[Click on an image for a larger view]

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