Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Listen To This: Tini Grey

My good friend Tini Grey has an album out! Shocker!

Well, not really that much of a shocker.

Start from the beginning? Okay… quickly….

I met Tini my first year of college. Being from Hawai’i, going to a small college, one gets to know whom else is from the islands. We all pretty much dormed it on campus. What’s more is that a lot of us were in the architecture program together. Tini was a Third Year.

It turned out that Tini had a girlfriend back home. And it turned out she graduated from the same high school as I had. AND it turned out that she was an older sister to a classmate of mine, one whom I had known [Tini said Albie had a crush on me but I don't know if that was true]. I loved hearing Tini talk about his girl Angie- I felt like I kind of knew her [I was glad when I had heard news that they did marry- congratulations Tini!].

I remember one night at college, we had a luau? Or some kind of pool party thing. Tini had said that everyone in his family was musically inclined in some way. That night, they were the musical entertainment, and Tini hadn’t lied- they were good.

So now, many years later, Tini and I are Facebook friends. I saw news about his album release party in the feed. The pics were great, wish I could’ve been there.

And you can purchase music by Tini Grey on iTunes. Check it out for yourself!

I already have!

The album is “Better Place” with 5 tracks: “Is It Gonna Be You,” “Broken Arrows,” “What She Needs,” “Like 4 a.m.,” and the title track.

What I think, in my lame amateur critique, is that they’re worth getting. If you knew me, I rarely give idle compliments, even to friends. When I say that I like Tini’s songs, it means that I like Tini’s songs and not just because I know him. Even I was pleasantly surprised to like each of the songs. His personality comes through the songs a bit, a sort of upbeat and relaxed way that is personal and honest. He’s got a good voice, there’s good rhythm to the music, content in the lyrics. What more would I ask for?

I think “What She Needs” might become my favorite of the 5. Just from the title I was pretty certain it would be about Angie. I was thinking, “Is he gonna say her name right there in the song?” It seemed like he would, or maybe he wouldn’t, then there it was- he said her name! I love the story, I think the chorus is great, and the bridge topped it. I think the bridge lyrics aptly paint a portrait of a strong, beautiful woman as the subject of great affection and yet she needs the singer to simply love her.

“Like 4 a.m.” is also a good one. I imagine it’s about being with the one you love, when it’s simply the two persons enjoying each other’s company. 4 a.m. is a time when the world seems peaceful and worry-free.

I told you, I’m not a professional music critic by any means.

Here’s a video [I’m guessing] a friend of Tini’s shot at the album release party. It’s mainly so you can get a listen to his personality as he chats easily with the crowd and performs, and then also to listen to the song of course!

Or listen to Tini’s music here [and then go buy it- seriously!]:
Tini Grey's website

Mahalo for reading!

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